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CanJam Singapore 2016 Impressions (February 20-21, 2016)

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  1. SMBuscemi

    Anyway if I pay for shipping I can get one sent to Las Vegas?!
  2. earfonia
    Went to CanJam yesterday, it was really cool event! Thanks to Head-Fi and CanJam team!
    I was blown away by Hifiman Shangri-la, awesome 3D holographic presentation I never heard before from other headphone. Very natural and realistic presentation. And oh, the bass, goes really deep. Amazing!
    Tried DUNU 2002, 3001, and 4001. 2002 sounds best for my personal preference. It has balanced tonality, very good and realistic bass, smooth and natural vocal and treble. DUNU 2002 was really nice!
    Attended 2 seminars, the CIEM and Chord seminars. I asked the 4 experts, John, Jerry, Piotr, and Emil, about what would be the measurable sonic differences of the same IEM in universal and custom fit. And they said, as long as similar fitting and isolation, with similar distance from the drivers to the ear drum, universal fit and custom fit will sound at least 95% the same. So theoretically almost no difference between universal and custom fit when fitting condition is similar. I've been curious about it, now I'm glad I got the answer from the experts [​IMG]
    One day is not enough for CanJam. It was real fun and great event!
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  3. audio123

    for me, 3001 is better. [​IMG]
  4. audio123
  5. Kiats
    It was good to meet Jude yesterday.

    But the icing on the cake was to meet Warren. And have a quick chat about Cavalli amps. I look forward to the new amps Alex and Warren will be rolling out in the coming year. :)
  6. audio123
    be sure to check radius hp-hzd11 out! [​IMG]
  7. crashtest33
    I can't imagine the SR-009 or the HE1000 are too far behind?!
    Want to hear the Orpheus! :disappointed_relieved:
  8. Kiats

    Let's not forget the Abyss... :wink:
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  9. audio123

    Ether C and Sonorous X also [​IMG]
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  10. crashtest33
    Tee hee! Ok, ok!!
    The SR-009, HE1000, Sonorous X, Abyss, the Ether C, the LCD-4 AND,.. The Hifiman Shangri-La,... Can't be too far behind!! Phewww!

    But this is the place! So please peeps, anyone who listened to any of the above AND the Orpheus, give us your thoughts and comparisons, pretty please!
  11. mejoshua
    The legendary Orpheus
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  12. tassardar
    I listened to abyss, Orpheus, Shangri la and sr009 (star amp and blue Hawaii)

    I rate sr009(blue Hawaii) > shangri la> Orpheus > sr009(default) > abyss

    That said this is all in a can jam noisy condition so maybe in a optimal situation they will shift
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  13. audio123

    where is ether c [​IMG]
  14. tassardar
    I don't like ether to start with so rating it makes me feel bad :/ and I slot he1000 before abyss lol.
  15. audio123

    haha fair enough. Sonorous X is also in contention, easy to drive [​IMG]
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