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CanJam NYC 2019 (February 16-17, 2019)

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  1. Miru
    Oh wow that's really helpful I thought they might have had an RCA or coax cable readily available to use with my smartphone? I think after demoing some headphones yesterday I really am into the idea of going to this now. I think I'll definitely go now. Now to just wonder if I'll go on one day or both. RCA to 3.5mm and coax to 3.5mm will pretty much cover everything there right? Thanks for the help again!
  2. Zachik
    If you've never been to one before - definitely both days!
    In fact, even if you did go before - do both days :)
  3. Hotelfire
    There's actually a John's Pizza located in Times Square. http://www.johnspizzerianyc.com/

    As an ex-NYC Pizza snob, I can verify that the pizza at both John's Bleeker St. and John's Times SQ is similar. I'm not a huge fan of John's, as the crust is nice and charred due to the use of a coal oven, but the pies made are inconsistent. Most Times Square pizza places are tourist traps and I'd recommend venturing to at least 23rd St or up to 72nd St. for better pizza.

    I prefer Joe's Pizza on Carmine St, there's also a location on Broadway btwn 40th and 41st St. And my favorite NY Slice is at Sal and Carmine's on Broadway between 101st and 102nd St.

    These are the top 27 Pizzerias in NYC: https://www.seriouseats.com/2018/10/best-ny-pizza-slices-2018.html

    For further NY Pizza recon and intel please visit: https://slice.seriouseats.com/
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2019
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  4. Miru
    I would love to but it's mostly that I just might not be able to afford it or make it on both days. I just demoed like 5 headphones, and those took a while that makes me a little nervous to see if I'll be able to demo a lot of them. Does anyone know if the booths setup have an amp+dac setup and something to plug in your own smartphone with? And do the booths have a short time limit for each headphone you can demo?
  5. Zachik
    Each company / booth is a little different...
    They all have DAC + Amp. Some would allow for easily connecting your source (smartphone) and for some it is more of a hassle.
    My suggestion: bring a cable from 3.5mm (I assume your smartphone has headphone out) to 2 x RCA. That would dramatically increase your chances of being able to plug to the Amp at the booth.
    Others may have more / better suggestions :wink:
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  6. third_eye Moderator
    oBravo added to exhibitor list!
  7. Watagump

    My last video I watched about pizza the 2 guys did give Joe's their #1 rating, John's on Bleeker St they gave 2nd. I have been thinking of hitting up john's Times square for my Friday night meal, but I wasn't set on going there. Its just right around the corner from the hotel and has decent reviews. The pizza game you get 20 people, 20 different opinions.
  8. Miru
    Thanks I definitely have one ready then for the convention!
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  9. Frankie D
    It will be my first time attending and I will look for you at the Noble table. Tks.
  10. Watagump

    Awesome, come say hello.
  11. Niyologist
    That's a good deal. Thanks for showing me this. I'm keeping an eye on the weather progression through February. I'll post on the Head-Fi FB Page if anything comes up.
  12. Watagump

    I bought one before Xmas and took it back, I cant be 100% sure but it looked like the same coat but it was $49.99, when I went back shortly after Xmas, they had almost nothing in stock at multiple stores. The very next day I went back and they had new stock.
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  13. Watagump
    Just a heads up for anyone interested in the coat I showed. I was never able to fin it on their website, so if you want one, go to the store. Their website is terrible, you never really know whats in stock.
  14. third_eye Moderator
    Redscape Audio added to exhibitor list!
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  15. Miru
    Interesting I did want to try their products... I'll definitely go to their booth then.
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