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CanJam London 2016 Impressions Thread (August 13-14, 2016)

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  1. piercer
    Has a great time - really good venue.
    Two things stood out for me.
    Sennheiser Orpheus 2: Had an audition - perfect sound, no faults - want one!
    FLC IEMs - never heard of these guys before but was instantly smitten by their sweet sounding IEMs. The FLC8s sounded amazing for the price, and the Celeste prototype were even better. I would never normally think about getting an IEM with so many adjustments, but they sounded so good. The celeste were better than my Laylas and the Noble Katanas that I tested, and will probably (hopefully) be considerably cheaper. At the moment the celeste are in line to be my next IEMs - Thank you @Flcforrestwei 
  2. smial1966
    Has anyone listened to the RME ADI-2 Pro? As it's very well featured and powerful for a compact unit. Photo above in post #73. Thanks. :)
  3. AndrewH13
    Three excellent demo's this year. This was my final one, the incredibly open sounding Sennheiser HE1. Thanks for the opportunity to hear these products.

    Also big thanks to Jude, Ethan, Maurice and all the other organisers and traders who make this happen. And the excellent volunteers. Such a great event, Barbara and myself thoroughly enjoyed it. Cost me my savings though!

  4. griff2
    A few images from Saturday:
    The Venue
    Neve and their fabulous amp - yes, I'm most certainly buying one.
    MSB Technology Room
    The Smyth Realiser Room
    Mr Speaker
    Sennheiser HE1
    An altogether excellent show, which my wallet will regret.  
    Also enjoyed the seminar on headphone drive unit design.
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  5. HiFiGuy528
    Shootout to AudioQuest for using our WA7 Fireflies amplifier with the NightHawk headphones. Let us know your listening impressions.
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  6. pbui44
    So what's the official name: Sennheiser HE-1 or Sennheiser Orpheus 2?
  7. aRRR
    Sennheiser HE-1
  8. moedawg140 Contributor

    The CanJam London 2016 Ping Pong Showdown will be tonight at Bounce!

    If you would like to join us for food and games, meet at the Park Plaza hotel lobby at 7:30. We will be at Bounce a little over 8, but feel free to come by a little later (not too much later) as we will be playing.

    Here's the info and location:



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  9. Rowethren
    I have seen 3 pictures of me so far and 2 of them show the bald patch I am trying to ignore! Curse you guys! :tongue:
  10. CasperBxl
    Hi all,
    CanJam London was great. Took train from Brussels with a work colleague. How easy to get around.
    Took with me:
        - AK 100 II, filled with tunes
        - Centrance M8 XLR - with optical connection to AK 100 II (so XLR, 3.5mm, 6mm jacks on the M8, super for testing)
        - Shure 535
        - BIG Battery bank
    My first stop right out the taxi was @mrspeakers, Dan, to ask him if I could buy a Ether Flow C at the stand. Unfortunately, and not due to lack of trying, no!! [​IMG]
    I have the Alpha Prime (link to review i did) and so was very happy to listen to the new Ether Flow and Flow C. Dan did suggest to check the Flow as I already have the Alpha Prime (and that is closed as the Flow C).
    So, I'll be keeping a close eye on the availability of the Ether Flow C and contact the UK importer as he did not pre-order them.
    The Flow C was great on the Centrance M8! Hmmmmm
    I'm still looking for closed sets as I live in center of Brussels and open headsets let me enjoy ambulances, police, yelling, screaming, taxi fights.
    Closed is the message in city center! :)
    Next stop: Consideration for update of more mobile set.
    I had searched the forum, watched Tyll (like everybody i suppose; Thank you Tyll!!)  a bit and found that the Noble K10UA should be very good.
    So, over to Noble (Brannan Mason was there) where I tested the K10U with my AK100 II. And ..... What a sound!!! Great!! Simply great!
    I prefer universal fit over custom, so i can let others try them as well. At work we now have colleagues with 4x Shure 535, 1x Shure846, 4x Fiio X1, 1x Fiio X7, OPPO HA2, and growing! Sharing is good for people and good for business!  :)
    Then, off to JH Audio with the Universal fits (sold with AK branding), also great sets. Super with the tuning dials on the cable. Sound drastically changes with the tuning dial. Base and the "open" feel are greatly impacted by those dials.
    Had lunch, nice burger with fries in the restaurant of the Hotel .... still pity I could not buy a Ether Flow C on site ....
    Back to thinking what I would buy, back to Noble with my colleague, "try these ... what do you think?"
    In the mean time my colleague had ran from the Taxi to FIIO (@JamesFiiO), to see and try the X7.... He tested with his Shure 535's and was very happy with the result.
    There where only a few on-site available, so he bought one on the spot.
    Back to considering the IEM's, pfff, stop! Decision, go get the Noble K10UA; so I did!! [​IMG]
    I have to say, the Noble Kaiser K10UA is a super great pice of kit. I LOVE them!
    To complete the set i stopped by with LabKable to get balanced cables for my new K10UA.
    LabKable was there with a big selection of custom cables, very nicely made! From 'simple', 150-180$ all the way up to 1250$ for the most fantastic cable.
    They helped me find a nice set for the new K10UA, I even had to unbox my K10UA at the spot to test!  lol
    Before leaving I stopped at @mrspeakers again. For 2 reasons:
         1. Dan is a super guy making a fantastic product. Started from nothing. Great products, great person, great team!
             To congratulate him with the new products. I'm happy to see MrSpeakers grow!!
         2. To ask when the Ether Flow C would arrive on the old continent or UK. (Contact the importer he said, so he orders some! All in EU => mail UK importer to get Flow's!!)
    So ..... CanJam London 2016  ...... utterly satisfying!!
    Super happy!!   (...pity about the ether flow C   :)  I'll have to wait a bit!!  ...)
    Thank you to all who organized and participated as makers, creators!!
    PS: Noble Kaiser K10UA ..... Superb!
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  11. canali
    hope you and others who've tried the soon to be released FLC Celeste (and the FLC 8S) will share your comments on the FlC thread
    as we're all eagerly awating more details: release date, specs, pricing, sound sig (how it differs from the fls 8s etc)
  12. KeithG

    Really amazed by the Smyth Research Realiser A16 - I had a slot booked to audition the system this afternoon. It was all explained but I'm still thinking there must have been some pixies in the Sennheiser cans I was listening to, with sounds clearly coming from the centre speaker, left and right front, side, rear and up above! It's a brilliant bit of kit that really works - I can see it transforming movie nights at home.
  13. KeithG
    Mr Speakers Ether C Flow powered by the Cavalli Audio prototype putting out 5v was outstanding. Closed back cans that sound anything but. The cans go on my must have list, the amp joins my dream lottery win set up.
  14. EddieE
    Thanks to the organisers of this, was a good day.
    Succeeded in finding a new set of IEMs, which was my principle mission for the day. Listened to pretty much everything in my price range and in the end went for a Noble Savant, which I found I preferred slightly to the more expensive Django that was also very good. Those two seemed a clear notch over anything in the same price range on show in the IEM category.
    Special mention has to go to Flare's as yet unavailable prototype IEM, that really blew me away as well. Incredibly smooth, impactful and with plenty of body and bass. Very small and light as well and hence very comfortable. Will definitely be getting a pair when they release proper. And no, I'm not biased because I won a set of their ear plugs in the raffle!
    In terms of other listening experiences that left an impression on me, the new Focals were astonishingly good. The Elear at £800 is an incredible bargain when compared to a lot of more expensive headphone with a higher asking price. Can definitely see a pair in my future. The Utopia added an extra measure of fine detail and resolution, but didn't find it in a different class to the Elear—more of a 0.5 improvement for triple the price. I guess that is the cost of chasing small improvements when already about as good as it gets. Both sets were beautifully built and very comfortable. Excellent showing for Focal.
    Mr Speakers closed Ether Flow were quite a revelation as well. I've never heard a closed back full sized set of cans with so few compromises, if any. I actually preferred it to the open Flow, which was a surprise.
    A bit late to the party, but I finally got a listen to the HD800S and confirmed I much prefer it to the original. Much more natural and still the king of soundstage, but seems a bit left behind when compared to the new Focals. 
    Over all a great day, thanks again to all involved. 
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  15. proedros
    do we have a price ?
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