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CanJam London 2016 Impressions Thread (August 13-14, 2016)

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  1. ostewart
    Great shots and show so far, had a great time, everyone is friendly as usual and see you all tomorrow.
  2. stefzulj
    Not going to get into details about sound and all that, but I'll mention some of the things that stood out to me.

    Echobox explorer sounds great. Once they iron out the UI and release this DAP plenty of people will love its sound. Aesthetics will bring polarising opinions but it feels great in the hand and is an extremely well crafted piece of gear.

    Opus#2 was nice, quite cumbersome compared to number #1 but I believe I could hear a slight sound improvement over it. Whether or not the new form factor is worth it is questionable.

    Trinity Audio PM6 really impressed. Bob said it was 98% complete and only needed to tweak it a little further but I was a happy camper having these on preorder. Had to go back for another listen on the way out.

    Atomic Floyd IEMs are amazing and deserve recognition on here, particularly the Super Darts. They bring great value to the table. Really glad I decided to try them out and I'll be keeping a keen eye on them as should anyone looking in this price range.

    Flare Audio Flare HDs were surprisingly good. They were prototypes and were rushed to be ready for the event, so I wasn't expecting much and although I couldn't get a good fit with their foam tips the sound was really nice.

    MrSpeakers Ether Flow with the Chord Hugo as DAC and Cavalli amp was probably my favourite full size setup of the meet, falling short only of the Sennheiser HE1.

    Sennheiser HE1 was... breathtakingly good. I really can't say anymore about it.

    Fantastically well organised event all up and one I thoroughly enjoyed myself throughout. Thanks to all the vendors and volunteers who were extremely friendly and helpful. So glad I got to be a part of it all.
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  3. Rowethren
    Has to be said I felt exactly the same about the HE-1000 with the EF6, it was horrible; had way too much power for the HE-1000, the channel balance was ridiculous and you couldn't change volume without the risk of exploding your ears by having to turn so hard it turns the volume more than you wanted!
    Please don't quote like that, it just fills the thread up with re-posts and makes it a pain for people to scroll through.
  4. leaky74

    Apologies; now edited
  5. Jawed
    This was my first CanJam. I liked the atmosphere and it was a great learning experience. I enjoyed meeting moedawg140 at the end of the day but was pretty antisocial the rest of the time. I basically just got stuck in, listening to stuff. Highlights of the show for me:

    • Ether Flow off Cavalli something or other and the Tungsten prototype at the Mr Speakers stand - It was the first thing I listened to today and instead of a quick listen, I spent 60 or 90 minutes there, lost track of time. Ether Flow C was very good too and I could have spent another hour or two switching between the two headphones, but was feeling quite guilty by then. C seemed a bit more dynamic. Honestly, I know nothing about closed headphones, but I didn't sit there thinking "this sounds different, that must be because it's closed". Thanks to Dan and the Cavalli guys for their patience. I think Tyll might be naming a new greatest headphone in the world...
    • Focal Utopia off Dragon Inspire amplifier and Cary server at Moon Audio - I have to admit I could have spent another hour or two there, but decided not to be so greedy. Did very briefly compare to HD 800 S (which I own) and was surprised there was less difference than I was expecting. The amount of ambient noise isn't conducive to much in the way of a comparison, but the Utopia dynamics did shine through. HD 800 S did seem more transparent though.
    • Focal Elear off Naim DAC-V1 at the Focal stand. I dare say the Elear has the best sound for a show! It just drags you into its way of making music: powerful, ballsy, feisty. Like you've got teenage hormones racing round your aged body. Utopia, also off DAC-V1, was a bit too mild mannered to conquer the clamour of the surroundings.
    • Patti Smith's album Horses - Live!!! on Chord DAVE. I'm confused, this is a studio album. Is DAVE so amazingly revealing that it added an audience that I've never heard before? What. Apparently Patti Smith is touring. So, erm. What :blink: To be frank I don't think I get on with the LCD-4 that Chord was using with DAVE. Never listened to LCD-4 before (nor DAVE). The side aisles seem to concentrate the noise and I could barely hear what's going on. So, I may be blaming the LCD-4 unfairly. In the end, nothing special from Chord.
    • Beyer 1990 Pro driven by a Beyer amplifier - Show friendly sound: cut through the noise and I enjoyed a lot of Led Zeppelin on them. I found them less compressed sounding than the T1, but I didn't dwell on a comparison, preferring to just listen to the 1990.

    I didn't listen to much else, to be honest. I got a dem pair of Comply sound isolation tips which definitely do what they say on the tin for my Final Heaven VIIIs and listened to the Final Audio Piano Forte X. These, erm, I dunno what you call them, were very comfy and surprisingly secure, but I couldn't get past the amazingly convincing sound of listening to a pair of gramophone horns playing in a room. Mahler 5 sounded like I was listening to a 78 RPM played the original way and Melissa Menago sounded a bit too shouty for my liking.

    My main motivation for going was to hear if I fell in love with either Utopia or DAVE. I think Ether Flow might have stolen my heart. Overall I don't feel like I must replace my desktop rig, nothing actually blew me away. But, this coming winter, I might get restless for a three-way with DAVE, Utopia and Flow...
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  6. MayorDomino
    Had a great time,
    both versions of Mr Speakers and the Hifi Man HE1000 blew me away, best sounding closed cans ever?
    Chord Mojo and Rupert Neve were impressive even from my crappy Nexus 5 phone.
    Smyth Realiser was amazing with the only difference i could hear was the slight difference in treble from the HD800.
    The Fostex TH500 seems a bit underrated on here(anyone know what it was amped by?) and i preffered it to the TH610 next to it.
    Best Looking award has to go to these thing though
  7. pbui44
    nc8000 BTW, wonderful pictures.:)
  8. bmichels
    Very good sounding combination ! Best Amp of the show for me...after the BHSE :)

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  9. krismusic Contributor
    Maybe check out the AR players. Apparently they will be on the Sennheiser stand.
  10. Wailing Fungus
    Can confirm the AR players are on the Sennheiser stand.
    While there isn't a dedicated A&K stand, their players can be found at various booths (e.g. Mr. Speakers / Cavalli Audio and Moon Audio).
    Fiio have a stand with their full range of players including the X7 (they did have some for sale at a discount, but only a few).
    Shanling and Audio-OPUS are there with their DAPs as well.
    And forgot to add that Echobox also have their new DAP there to demo.
    Also Questyle have the QP1/R DAPs at their stand, so plenty of DAPs to consider.
    Unfortunatley I did not see the Onkyo player there, but as i'm not in the market for a new DAP I wasn't looking too hard.
  11. PeterJensen
    Just got home after a very good CanJam experience. Thank you to the volunteers and those arranging this event.
    Highlights were obviously listening to HE1 and the MSB DAC and Stax system.... While the Stax are fantastic, I am going to be dreaming of hearing the HE1 headphone on the MSB DAC for quiet some time.... I really appreciate them opening this up for the general public. Even with the obvious reservation requirement, that's just fantastic. Someone should start a thread on those systems to send some appreciation back their way.
    The main event were great too. There weren't a massive amount of people, but I didn't see empty booths either, so it worked out well as it meant it wasn't a long wait to try stuff. I especially enjoyed the Custom Arts Harmony 8.2, watching ears being 3D scanned at Snugs and Mr. Speakers Ether Flow. Noble K10, JH Roxanne, Mojo and the Centrance Mini M8 were great too, along with practically everything else I tried.
  12. Duncan Moderator
    Courtesy of Canjam I got a replacement Layla cable - didn't realise that I missed them until I used them again...

    Zero impressions from me today, was catching up with various people - tomorrow will be listening day :D
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  13. Bart147
    Early in the morning , just before the start of my first canjam :
    Thankyfully the event wasn't too crowded , never had to wait longer than a couple of minutes to sit down at the desired table.
    Trinity audio  ( PM6 & hunter ) and Bob  confirmed the good things i've read about them .
    I have no need for streaming yet in a DAP but Echobox explorer would be at the top of my list if i did , great sound .
    Impressive closed back headhones : Focal listen (best value for money !) & ultrasone signature pro .
    I enjoyed myself that much that i had no time left to go shopping for cd's ! [​IMG]
  14. Sceptre
    See you there on Sunday. I'll be carrying very little of my kit and spending more time with friends and new kit.


  15. third_eye Moderator
    Thanks to everyone who made Day 1 of CanJam London 2016 such a fun time! Look forward to tomorrow!
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