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CanJam Global 2018 Event Thread (NYC, Singapore, SoCal, London, RMAF, Shanghai)

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  1. moedawg140 Contributor
    Maybe if you make it a vacation (and have the money), you can go!
  2. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    It's a bit late but... :p
    Joe Bloggs-Black-XL-1-Singapore
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  3. third_eye Moderator
    Got you covered! If anyone else wants to preorder a T-Shirt for Singapore please let me know by tomorrow!
  4. foshow
    foshow-Black-XL-1-Singapore.. thanks.
  5. audio123
    audio123-Black-M-1-Singapore. Thanks!
  6. jeffri

    Hope I can still make it... :)
  7. adorable
    "Bring money. Bring lots of money."

    What was it in 2016? $1000~ for the Audieze LCD-X headphones, $5000 for the Cavali tube amp, $10000 for the USB DAC ,)

    At least it's cheaper than downtown LA parking =D ha ha! Luckily, a few blocks east or west will usually get you something for <$10 / day.
  8. moedawg140 Contributor
    What I plan on doing instead of driving and parking, possibly paying high parking prices - additionally risking damage to my car as well, is requesting an Uber most everywhere I go. You can alternatively use a ridesharing app such as Lyft.
  9. noobandroid
    just to reconfirm you got my order in place?
  10. jude Administrator

    NOTE: If you can't see the embedded video above, please CLICK HERE to see the video.​

    Schiit Audio's new Lyr 3 and Jotunheim Multibit (launching today) kick this Preview Video off, with many more new products to follow by FiiO, Alpha & Delta, Jomo Audio, 64 Audio, Vision Ears, Sennheiser, Effect Audio, MrSpeakers, Empire Ears, and more.

    CanJam Singapore 2018 takes place March 24th and 25th, 2018, at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Marina Square (Singapore).

    CanJam Singapore 2018 Previews & Sneak Peeks - Head-Fi TV - produced by Brian Murphy, Joe Cwik, and Jude Mansilla
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  11. Kristy Song
    CJ_2018_Zepptalks_BANNER.jpg Brand Updates for Exhibit Room #Ocean 9, don't forget to drop by!
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  12. Wyd4
    Jot MB and Lyr 3....

    Just when I had curbed my addiction.
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2018
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  13. third_eye Moderator
    Flight to Singapore leaves in a few hours, can't wait to see everyone this weekend! For all those coming in from out of town for CanJam Singapore 2018, safe travels and see you soon! If you are attending and don't have your tickets yet, click here. Tickets can be purchased at the door with cash or via Eventbrite with credit card. :L3000::L3000::L3000:

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  14. Kristy Song
    New Audio-Technica Flagship ADX-5000 will be in our room #Ocean9 for audition.
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  15. audionewbi
    I'm looking forward to meze audio RAI penta.
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