canjam singapore 2018
  1. MrOTL

    The first time visiting CanJam Singapore 2018: ETC (B cuts)

    Noble Audio Klipsch Sennheiser Colorfly There were many requests for revealing even failed photos. Here are them. Hope these help you guys a little bit! Please enjoy! Thank you :)
  2. MrOTL

    The first time visiting CanJam Singapore 2018: Day 2 (END)

    Mr.Speakers Final audio design Echobox audio Jomo Audio K2Craft Rhapsodio Acoustune Acoustic Research ZMF headphone Questyle Opus Audio 64Audio ADV sound Brainwavz Auris audio Brise Audio Chord Electronics...
  3. MrOTL

    The first time visiting CanJam Singapore 2018: Day 1

    I was very excited to join CanJam event because of the first time visiting in my whole life. Here are the photos what I took on the first day of CanJam Singapore 2018 event. Please enjoy. Dita Audio & K2Craft Dita Audio AAW Astell&Kern Blue Hawaii Clear Tune...
  4. joe

    CanJam Singapore 2018 Impressions Thread! (March 24-25, 2018)

    Here's the impressions thread for CanJam Singapore 2018! If you're attending, post your pictures, impressions, and thoughts on the event, and if you're not attending, follow along with all of the impressions and see why you need to attend the next CanJam!
  5. third_eye

    CanJam Global 2018 Event Thread (NYC, Singapore, SoCal, London, RMAF, Shanghai)

    In 2017, CanJam Global hosted thousands of enthusiasts, music-lovers, and mobile technology consumers at our headphone audio shows in North America, Asia, and Europe. And today, we’re very pleased to announce our 2018 schedule which sees the return to all of our 2017 event venues along with the...