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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. ExpatinJapan
    Try the Symbio with the foam taken out
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  2. tworooks
    Spiral Dots working fine with mine :\
  3. virt
    I second removing the foam on the Symbio Ws. Although I've been using AET07's on them and are loving them.

    Or you could try putting foam inside the spiral dots...?
  4. Mlaihk
    Ditto. I am using AET07 on my Gold as well. They are great with the Gold!
  5. shadow_shooter
    I am noticing GEs love ref8 cable. The stock cable sounded kind of closed and ref8 gave them the detail I know Andromeda’s for and plus the bass now. Sub response is pretty impressive but not at Atlas level however it will rumble when called for. GE is incredibly sensitive to source, cable, tips and even dap/dac configuration. The digital filter settings on my iBasso dx200 didn’t make any difference for me till I now tried them with Andromeda golds. It’s amazing how one filter is great for instruments and the other would pull vocals forward for different songs.

    I’m currently using amp8 with 2.5 to 4.4 balanced converter. Balanced does sound fuller and more detailed and there is zero hiss on high gain. I didn’t like amp3 when I tried.

    The sound is 360 and impressively detailed with new emphasis on sub however not holographic, probably due to slight change in upper mid freq of GE or source/cable configuration. I remember green andromedas could reach farther back in space and travel around with ref8. This is not to say GE is lesser of two, I feel like it is just the dark brother of OG Andromedas.

    I also feel like these earbuds are made for songs by Infected Mushroom :) Drums sound amazing and all the audio witchcraft they are pulling sound very detailed and expansive in 360. So far these are my first impressions. experiencing the difference in sound after replacing the cables made me wonder what else these handsome buds can do with other cables or tips. I didn’t like foam tips as they made subs sound muffled? Anyhow I will be enjoying them throughly this long weekend. I will try to update back if I find a better configuration.
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2019
  6. hellfire8888
    There is a lawsuit going on.. Is campfire using fake Knowles drivers(bellsing) in andromeda?
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  7. robulation
    How did you hear about this?... just out of interest. And what’s the deal with what you’ve heard?
  8. melons
  9. NewEve
    Well… I imagine that @KB / Campfire Audio will soon release a form of statement unless their lawyers explicitly told them not to.

    In the meantime, it doesn't change the slightest that my Andromeda SEG are bomb (not that we have any information that they're concerned).

    Moreover, CA Cascades are assembled in China (as most Beryllium-based drivers ear/headphone) and they've been my all-round favourites until the Andromeda SEG landed.

    We'll see what CA says—or doesn't.
  10. robulation
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  11. hellfire8888
    Cause i just ordered a Andromeda black gold..
  12. zombywoof
    Exactly...no evidence that Bellsing is marketing their product under the Knowles brand...that would be a fake.

    Does CA claim that they use Knowles BA's exclusively? I don't think so.
    Knowles may be the most recognized name in BA drivers, but that is no assurance that they manufacture the best BA's.

    No question that Knowles has a beef with these clowns if they stole proprietary technology and took it elsewhere. This type of industrial espionage happens everywhere in the world but appears to be more common in China at the moment. The simple fact is that this legal action by Knowles provides not evidence, or even a hint, that there is a nefarious plot afoot at CA.
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  13. BeerNuts
    That lawsuit has nothing to do with CA and its headphones. CA does not say that every driver they sell is a Knowles driver, they just say Custom BA. So they worked with Bellsing to make the BA driver that they wanted. Clearly not everything Bellsing's makes is total crap or CA and the other companies named wouldn't use it. What the lawsuit does say is that Bellsing has stolen Knowles trade secrets and is making copies of BA drivers. So Knowles is trying to block the sale of ANY IEM in the USA that contains a driver that Knowles feels is their stolen design.
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  14. AutumnCrown
    I think the idea of a "nefarious plot" is a bit of a red herring. Whether or not what happened was "nefarious" or constitutes a "plot" by CA, I can only point out, as others have, that Polaris, the CA IEM which is alleged to have been made with stolen IP at discounted prices, was roundly criticized for perceived unit-to-unit variation and CA's unwillingness to release Polaris FR data. If this variation is a result of the inferiority of the discount supplier with stolen IP, whether CA's actions were nefarious or not, they do erode trust in CA's judgement and integrity, at least for me. It seems like they may have gotten greedy, and may have only just begun to pay the price.
  15. zombywoof
    No "red herring" in my post.
    "red herring" = something, especially a clue, that is or is intended to be misleading or distracting
    I was not attempting to mislead anyone. I was simply pointing out that the legal action by Knowles does not provide evidence of (or even imply) any deception on the part of CA.
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