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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. hiflofi
    I find it interesting how the Solaris staging can be so immense for some people, yet others like myself might still the Andromeda's staging to be more holographic. Must be how each IEM interacts with our unique ears.
  2. virt
    After somewhat frequent and reluctant a/b-ing between my 4.4mm cable and my Gold 16 3.5mm on the Andromeda Golds, I’ve decided to settle with my 4.4mm cable with them.

    Although there is some part of the warmth and overall musicality that the cable brings, I still think that the 4.4mm makes the presentation of the Andro Golds clearer and cleans up the sort of bloated / muffled bass that I occasionally hear on some of my songs.

    Besides, I’m still loving my Solaris + Gold 16 combo.
  3. Mirimar
    This made me laugh man, nice post. I tried the ZX 300 with a 3.5mm cable and wasn’t really that impressed but maybe I should revisit it with the 4.4mm (I have the Green V3 Andromeda and they definitely lack bass IMO).
  4. theveterans
    Definitely try it with Chord Mojo and if the bass is still not enough, I don’t know what would make your ears satisfied with bass then
  5. Bones13 Contributor
    I have a Triton Audio OCC 8 silver cable in the mail. (4.4, and 3.5 adapter) in the mail. (I will get after the holiday). I’m currently listening with the “Smokey” grey 3.5 cablewith very good results.

    Incoming cable, and adapter look great, thank you David C. of Triton cables. Quick service, and easy to email with. Recommended, I’ll post some impressions after I get a listen.

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  6. AutumnCrown
    So I asked this a while back but no one answered. Is there any screen to keep debris out of the bore holes in OG Andro? If not, why not, and how is this not a problem?
  7. kdphan
    Of all the IEMs I've owned, the only ones that uses a screen are dynamic drivers.

    BA's don't have moving parts.
  8. McMadface
    BAs have diaphragms that vibrate, just like DDs. DD diaphragms have a larger surface area, so may be more susceptible to debris. BA most often have a tuning tube of varying lengths that port the sound to the nozzle, which pretty much serves as a debris filter. DDs often have nothing in between the driver and nozzle, which necessitates the use of a screen or dust filter.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2019
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  9. kdphan
    sorry i meant to say BAs don't have exposed moving parts within the IEM shell, like how it is with the DD.
    your description is spot on.
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  10. Mlaihk
    Some BAs have knowles dampers in the nozzle and without a mesh at the nozzle, may get clogged.
  11. kdphan
    doing A/B testing on the andromeda vs tia fourte.
    I finally found a track where the tia fourte has weird vocal tonality.

    Lana Del Rey - Ride

    andromeda sounds much more natural, whereas the fourte sounded bright.

    The whisper in the background sounds much clearer on the fourte though.
  12. NewEve
    Not that I ever considered the Solaris but that settles any potential doubts I might have had.

    Too bad you're sending a pair back (you are sending back the Andromeda SEG, right?), I would have been curious to get your longer term experience as, to me, more natural and balanced isn't the same thing as not fun — but again personal preferences play a lot there.

    This is precisely why I don't really want to consider the 4.4 Balanced despite what has been said. My experience with 4.4 Balanced is that it isn't representative of my music. The level of clarity, separation, etc. is a bit too much in my face. I'd be interested if at some point you get tired and switch back to SE.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2019
  13. BeerNuts
    Yeah i had to mail back the Gold Andros today so they would avoid the hurricane in Florida coming on Monday. Had to make the return window.

    I don't know what the 3.5 was like, just that it was anemic compared to the 4.4. It was all around weaker in everything and sounded flat. So i dont know if removing that energy from the music was supposed to be its natural form or not.

    I think you are over thinking the detail gained from the 4.4 output. It does not make it sound analytical or fake and overly detailed. It just adds a ton of energy, to bass, to details, the sound is dramatically better. Since you have the exact same setup i really recommend you at least try the 4.4 just for peace of mind. I don't think there is any major differences between cables, you don't need to go for a $200 cable to test this. There are quite a few on amazon $30-$50 that would be good enough for you to tell if you like it or not. I will link to 2 cables below that have "Free Returns" so you can return it totally for free for any reason at all. It's worth a shot. Id get one, use it for a few days, then return it.

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  14. NewEve
    Thanks I'll think about it.

    That being said, I'm not in the US and returning item is a pain…
  15. M3NTAL
    Anyone had a chance to compare the included Final silicone tips to other aftermarket tips with the SE: Gold? I do not like the way my Spiral Dot fit on the extended nozzle. (tip of choice on my Snow Whites) I found the Symbio W's fit pretty well, but can be a little uncomfortable with the entire core having stem inside where the OG Andro only has the short bit inside the tip. I saw someone using the CP145 from Spin Fit and they looked like the fit pretty well, but not sure if those are the best choice of Spin Fits. I personally have had mixed results with the CP100 on the OG Andro and it has left me a little cold on the Spin Fit idea in general.
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