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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. smok88
    I have had the SXC for just over a week and have burned the cable in with over 100 hours non-stop music playing before I had a critical listen. To my ears, the soundstage is very similar in size as the stock cable. SXC adds "meat" to the bones so to speak when compared to the stock cable. The stock cable is very good as it is but the SXC gives it more bass (not overpowering the rest of the mid or treble frequencies) and the sound is "fuller" and more musical experience, With the SXC, the experience is closer to my HD800 but the soundstage of the HD800 is still wider and the best - HD800 is also alot deeper with voices further back than the Andromeda.

    I did say earlier that I ditched the iEMatch with the SXC but I now use it again as I like it better with the iEMatch - even though hiss is reduced with the SXC, I can still hear it and it is annoying to my ears.

    Is the SXC better than a DAP upgrade, I can't say. It depends on a lot of things, like is the DAC chip and headphone amp on the new DAP better than the old DAP DAC and headphone amp etc. I use the SXC with Andromeda with my iphone 8 Plus and the Dragonfly Red and the iEMatch and it sounds very much a premium hi-fi IEM experience. The only downside is the SXC is a thick cable (and stiff) and quite microphonic to movement noises - so if you can ignore the downside, it is a very good cable that enhances the Andromeda sound signature.
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  2. twiceboss
    Thanks for the reply. After having some readings, i dont think im gonna do any investment on cable. Most of them happens due to different resistance. Yes, it will change the sound due to different resistance making different total of OI. So it makes sense that it changes sound.

    I perhaps will do tip rolling. Cheaper and the sound is obviously different for each of the tips!

    edit: except buying cables for their aesthetics or functionality eg. short cable for es100 pairing
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  3. Mirimar
    Anyone tried the Spiral Dot ++ with the Andros?
  4. twiceboss
    Im using it right now. Listening to is ffkingg awesome. Sound separation and soundstage is unbelievable!!!!!!!

    Spiral dot is my main tips with any iems
  5. Peter P.
    Yes they are the best with the andros. Tried the symbios etc the spiral dots sound really smooth without any sibilance as well.
  6. Mirimar
    You guys referring to the original Spiral Dots or the new Spiral Dot ++ that have just been announced?
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2019
  7. ExpatinJapan
    A2F286C5-02B9-4385-85C2-9572AFBA4A4D.jpeg 6B693DBD-7FEB-47DE-8B48-A063B11BCB7C.png

    I have the new Spiral Dots ++ and are using them on my Andromedas

    (I also have the original)
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  8. mattiav
    What's the big difference? From what I can tell, the original spiral dots have a wide bore, which (based on my experience with the Final E tips, i.e. comfortable but don't do it for me sound-wise) would seem better than a narrower bore on the ++ model. Am I missing something? May try some out once the prices come down to something non-absurd, and I figure out what size I need...
  9. ExpatinJapan

    Physical differences are the inner core/stem is color coded on the ++.
    It also seems to be slightly firmer and and have a better lip to grip the IEM nozzle for a better seal.

    The ++ outer is more a smoother matt and soft feeling (but still firm) finish, whilst the original has a more shiny harder surface.

    The original has good body when a correct seal is achieved with a slight V.

    The ++ has more mids.

    @audio123 care to weigh in?



    As can be seen above the size is generally the same. The bore opening is generally the same if not identical.


    Above a comparison to the (original) Andromeda Silicone tips - not sure if they have changed. And the original JVC spiral Dots.
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  10. Mirimar
    Think I’ll order some of the ++ and give them a try... as well as a copper cable :p
  11. audio123
    Comparing Spiral Dot++ to Spiral Dot, in brief, bass is more clinical, midrange more energetic, airier treble and bigger stage. :)

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  12. marcus2704
    Anyone know where I can buy Spiral Dot++ tips for my Andromedas? I am in the UK and I cant seem to find them anywhere.
  13. phiemon
    I have the same problem here in Berlin.
    I think, we can just buy on eBay for about 50$ which is very... too much for me!
  14. theveterans
    Got me curious to try it since Symbio W currently is the most transparent tips I’ve tried but I do agree that while it does not tame sibilance in the recording, it sounds very smooth, wide and spacious when it’s deeply inserted
  15. twiceboss
    More soundstage and airier? damn take my money. I dont find it on amazon though....
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