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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. Peter P.
    Yes the symbios sound transparent too but they dont tame the highs on some tracks with the andros. The spiral dots sound a bit warmer and smoother compared to the symbios without sacrificing detail. I just ordered the spiral dot++. Cant wait to try them also.
  2. Mirimar
    Just received these from Comply. Hoping that the wax guard will help with the slight sibilance that I get with a lot of the more recently / poorly recorded / compressed music that I listen to. The Andromeda’s sound great with Spiral Dots but they really punish badly recorded music. Also have a copper cable on the way :p

  3. Mlaihk
    I have both the Andromeda and the Andromeda S and trying to decide on which one I will keep. However, I noticed that my S is way more sensitive than my Green andro. With the green Andro, my normal listening volume levels are around 50% on my S10+. With the S, I reach the same sound volume level with the volume only at slightly below 30% volume level on my phone.

    Is the Andro S that much more sensitive than a regular green Andro?

    The obvious problem is that my Andro S hiss like crazy with my phone. But with a good source (usb dac), the Andro S is as quiet as can be.

    Just baffles me.....

    PS. It turns out to be an Android Audio Driver issue. In the UAPP, when using the device HiRes Direct Driver output, audio was hiss free and great sound. So not a problem with Andro S specifically.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2019
  4. phiemon
    Then just buy the IEMatch for the hiss problem that you have.
  5. candlejack
    Cheaper yet, just get the UAPP. Completely fixed the noise of my S8.

    I've had both Andromeda and there was no noticeable difference in sensitivity. The slightly more forward mids of the S might lead you to turn the volume down a bit, but not much.
  6. Mirimar
    My two cents on the iEMatch... if you have a source with power it sounds really good but if your source doesn’t have power the iEMatch can make the Andromeda’s sound thin. For example I don’t like the iEMatch with my iPhone but with the nano iDSD BL it sounds really good. It would be a good idea to demo it before you buy :)
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  7. Mlaihk
    Thanks guys, I have a full arsenal of usb-dac dongles including Magix DB AC3, Musiland MU2 Plus, and the Spectre. Both Andro S and Andro are quiet with them, so I may just use those until my IEMatch arrives...

    Also maybe the Fiio BTR3 and ES100 is the way to go.....
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2019
  8. SilverEars
    I got a new iem measurement rig and conducted some measurements of Andro with various tips. This should convince tip rolling is real.

    tips 1.jpg

    This is the tip that I considered sounds most right. It's the stock Kanas Pro tips with pretty good bore size

    KP tips.jpg

    The more interesting part is how the response changes with various tip types such as bore size and material (foam for example).

    Stock foam. You see how the foam dampens the treble peaks?

    Foam tips.jpg

    Stock silicone with large bore (comparatively to Kanas pro tips above and Symbio W). You see how the large bore size raises the treble area?

    Large bore.jpg
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2019
  9. twiceboss
    There is no placebo regarding tips rolling. It is too obvious.

    The problem i got right now is the only tips that sounds good to me is spiral dot as i love soundstage and separation.

    What other tips that can give the same feeling? Really eager to try other tips that has wide sounstage and separtion.

    What about symbio w? It is on mail. Looking forward to it.
  10. twiceboss
    Is there anyone here try to raise the tips by putting some small ring on the nozzle before putting the tips? I just tried and it improves the seal A LOT and the bass is improved without sacrificing mids and sound separation. Give it a try. Just cut tips that u dont want. It needs to be really small since the andro nozzle is so shallow already.
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  11. Mlaihk
    Can you post some pictures on how you did it?
  12. twiceboss
    Jearly410 likes this.
  13. Mlaihk
    Interesting. Presumably that's a soft ring?
  14. iMongui
    OMG man, I tried with an old tip that I had on a desk and I can certify that the isolation improved like 200%, the bass was improved too but definitely the quality remains the same in terms of mid/highs. For everyone who can try, give it an opportunity :)
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  15. candlejack
    Better than foam?
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