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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. Hanesu
    Well, I think the general rule to get more stage with IEMs through tip rolling is: More distance from the eardrum and slightly looser fit. In other words: Tipps with long stem or foam tipps, for example. Downside is that you might loose a bit of the crispness. I personally have used spiral dots because I simply got the best fit and seal with it. Since they are very short you loose a bit of the wide stage (vocals get closer).... but very clear and crisp on the other side...
  2. Wheel Hoss
    Was trying to understand why the Andromeda’s blew my mind so much. I think this is why (from Headfonia):

    “Midrange space extends furthest along the z-axis. That space pushes out to just beyond the shoulders and both up and down by a head. You’ll find wider, and taller spatial representations out there. But you’ll be hard pressed to find as much depth. It’s a depth that pushes you into the music: guitar things, electronic piano things, and brass things clicking or strumming or hemming and hawing around and above you like you’re part of the stage. If you’re into two channel audio, you might not be prepared for this level of immersion. In fact, if you’re not typically a stage performer, you may not be prepared for this level of immersion.”

    I am a stage performer. This is so right.
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  3. Mlaihk
    Try the Final Audio type E tips. They came with the new Andro. If not, should be able to buy from ebay or amazon. Does wonder for my andro. V good bass (not boomy but great presence) with next to zero loss of up side details......

  4. iMongui
    Good morning guys, I have an offer for a brand new Andro S with the bill for about 550$, I mostly play some electronic music but I have everything in my dap, it’s a worth?
  5. candlejack
    Unless that's an offer from your parents it sounds too good to be true.
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  6. iMongui
    Well, I have the bill, the serial number and everything and of course, they are legit and are quite new (just few months). He doesn’t use them anymore so basically he wants to sell, that’s all, but I want to know that this is a good offer for me as I’m not the best audiophile guy in the world
  7. candlejack
    The Andro S is a great, great IEM. I love mine. But my main genres are metal and rock, with the occasional vocal, jazz, classical thrown in there. No EDM for me. The Andro BA bass is excellent (fast and tight), but for EDM you might want the impact of the traditional DD bass. I'll let others who listen to electronic answer this.
  8. dakchi
    That's an amazing price. If you decide to not take them, please let me know. I'm looking for Andro S since a long time ago
  9. twiceboss
    So, i can confirm that iematch brings the vocals to shine. One thing to concern is it has less bass. So diminishing return is real. I do eq bass a lil bump for certain tracks.
  10. twiceboss
    To anyone who loves details and okay with super fast lows. Also, listening at low volume. Get the iematch, andromeda will provide you millions of details without even cranking up the volume. Wow.. again wow!
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  11. theveterans
    That's why when you hit the right chain synergy with Andromeda, it sounds like it's an endgame IEM, which for me it is
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  12. twiceboss
    Just listen to IU and oh my. The most beautiful IU song ive ever heard. Just a different approach compares to hd800. The details is just crazy. The separation is perfect. With all the details and separation, all of them are their own space which brings a lively soundstage. Again, i listen to kinda low volume, it sounds better with low volume :D
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  13. theveterans
    Glad you found the right chain synergy! IU's voice is just so mesmerizing with Andromeda. I especially love her voice from the flower bookmark album 1 & 2!
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  14. twiceboss
    Most of IUs songs are spot on especially the vocal centric songs. Her voice alone is enough to make you close your eyes and lost into her soul
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  15. Peter68
    This has been my experience with the iematch too. Really opened up the soundstage on the Andromedas for me and took details to a whole new level, especially at lower volumes.
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