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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. Toom
    Wow these Andro S are superb. They even make my own albums kinda listenable! Lol.
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  2. candlejack
    Now I'm curious, can you post one of your albums?
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  3. Toom
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  4. ddmt
    So, I just received my Ref 8 cable. Wow wow wow, I didn't expect this good. I bought it because I want a 4.4mm connector so I don't have to use a converter (from a 2.5mm litz cable). Soundstage sounds a bit larger, some hardness piercing sound is gone. The most impressive thing is the detail, can't believe I can get more detail from the Andro S.

    The only bad thing is the microphonic, easy enough to fix, I just use a clip to my shirt so the cable won't move around.
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  5. phiemon
    Which portable dacs are the best to pair with Andromeda? What about the Sony NW-WM1A? Or are A&K better?

    iPhone + Camera Connection Kit + DAC + IEMatch is just too bulky!
  6. theveterans
    I just pair mine with iPod Touch 6G. Sounds superb for me with zero electrical noise and zero hiss as well
  7. KEV G
    I’ve done it to a few of my cables including the SXC-8 and find the the cable does sit better over my ears and my Andromeda S fits better with the SXC-8 now as a result.
    It’s pretty easy to do, I can’t remember who posted pics and guidelines how to do it but you should be able to find it at Headpie https://www.headpie.net/2018/06/alo-audio-sxc-8-mod-like-surgeon.html?m=1
    I was able to pull the wire free from the mmcx on the SXC-8 but the supplied litz cable I snipped it off just above the mmcx and was able to use a small file to smooth off the the tip of the remaining wire. I snipped it of as it felt that if I pulled it free it would have damaged the mmcx.
    I have one Campfire litz cable left with the wire in that I may keep as it is as it’s unused and may prove to come in handy.
    Overall it definitely fits better for me, if you have more than one Campfire cable then maybe try one to see if you prefer it that way and if you only have one then you could always meet up and try one of mine as I’m in London also so alls good either way fella :smile_phones:
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  8. tamleo
    Thank you guys!
    omg, I didn't think my ex1000 was that good. Maybe i should cancel selling my ex1000 to fund for an Andromeda and be happy with what I have now.:ksc75smile:
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2019
  9. duaned
    I wouldn't say superb, there is plenty better IEM's out there! Sony's M9 for one!
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  10. phiemon
    I would like to say again that it is for me just incredible (!) how the sounds of the Andromeda changes with the IEMatch und iPhone.

    It is really so that the the audio with IEMatch doesn't not lost quality as some details etc.…?
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2019
  11. Toom
    I would say superb.
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  12. Caruryn
    You rating Fiio FH5 higher than Andro ,Atlas,SE846 tells me all i need to know.
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  13. theveterans
    One user here rated both EX1000 and Andromeda as equal in ranking. I think you're just going for a different sound signature at this point rather than an actual upgrade. I would still get a chance to demo if I were you so you know if you like Andromeda's sound signature or not
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  14. Blotto80
    So would I. The Andro S redefined what an IEM can accomplish to me. With my Jupiter’s, I loved them but I always thought there were trade-offs compared to my desktop setup but I was willing to make those trade-offs for the sake of portability.

    With the Andro S, I feel that it’s a zero compromise portable setup. I’m sitting at my daughter’s gymnastics class listening to music with better quality than if I were home kicking back with my LCD2.

    I don’t doubt there are better IEMs out there but I do doubt that I could buy them for within $1000 of what these cost me.
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  15. Toom
    Exciting times eh?
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