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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. Insidious Meme
    Sweet, I get a chance to listen to the new stuff in a few weeks.
  2. mscott58

    Here you go. Good thing I happened to get a haircut today!


  3. waxiboy
    I'm so Happy for Campfire.....They are becoming Bigger and Bigger! I'm still waiting for their First DAP!
  4. raychak
    Haha, but honestly I'm happy with my Andro.. But still eager to try the Vega once available, hopefully it sound in different sound signature then I have "reason" to own both. [​IMG]
  5. tangents
    Thanks! The size and fit look great [​IMG]
    But that gold colour is killing me. The CF models I'm not interested in come in colours that appeal to me, and vice-versa [​IMG] 
  6. Subhakar
    I do love all the near neutral colours from Campfire Audio (except for the champagne gold of Dorado) and beautifully distinct green of Andromeda.  But, surely, the most universal all-black colour would make the most sense for universal IEMs in terms of acceptability and give minimum hesitation for buyers at the buying time. 64Audio universals and Unique Melody universals and InEar StageDrivers did adapt the idea and successfully enough.
  7. Rin1990
    I really would like it if there's anyone that can give some initial impressions for the Lyra II, Dorado and especially the Vega...
    They might be the turning keypoint of DD IEMs being innovative again in a world filled with BA drivers now.
    There's just something special about dynamic drivers that BA drivers couldn't replicate.
    Interesting. I feel the opposite... I'm waiting for the next BA from CA before I consider buying new IEMs.
  9. mscott58
    Greetings! Jude's video gives impressions on the Vega (and they'll be more impressions soon as some Vega's are in transit for delivery tomorrow for the very first customers in line. Also I've posted my impressions of the Dorado's in the second post in this thread. Cheers
  10. jeffri

    Woah, they are small! Seems to fit really good on the ear too, looks almost invisible from the front.
  11. Rin1990

    Thanks a lot for the impressions.

    Now to only wait for someone to do Lyra II. Hopefully someonencan do an A/B with the older Lyra and see how different they sound.
  12. omastic
    My mind is freaking blown away by how good the Andromeda's treble sounds. I have tried plenty of high end stuffs but none has sounded so deliciously smooth and realistic as the Andromeda.
    CA knows what they are doing. This TAEC stuff definitely works.
  13. somanydynamos
    Xmas came super duper early


  14. esm87
    geeeeee how these sounding buddy? Congrats dude! What is your source?
  15. KB Contributor
    Sorry, shameful plug here.
    We just finalized and released our IEM upgrade cable. I had been working on consolidating our IEM cable line up for a while and with the new Reference 8 cable it comes in MMCX as well as 2 pin, balanced and unbalanced. Its supple, light, feels and sounds wonderful. All of these we cryo treate, the full finished cable for that extra effort. Its a blend of OCC copper and SP copper, our in house BE copper MMCX parts. 
    Thank you!
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