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Discussion in 'Brooko' started by Brooko, Aug 23, 2017.
  1. Brooko Contributor
    It's actually really hard to find full lists - I had to create a page so I've got all of mine in one place. I don't know how the showcase thing works - If I relied on that, 1/2 of mine are missing. Now I just have a full list of everything here:
  2. peter123

    Yeah, I've also got a list in my review thread but last time I checked not a single one of the review links were working. To me it's hard to put the effort into reviews knowing most likely no one will read it unless it's featured on the FP....
  3. RedJohn456
    Fantastic review Paul, I think this is is your finest work yet! The fact that you enjoy it to this degree makes me lust for this headphone even more! Really nice to see LZ rise to the occasion and doing well with their first really expensive iem.
  4. Brooko Contributor
    Honeymoon period hasn't worn off either. Still the earphone I reach for more often than not if I have spare time. Have to admit I found it funny that it didn't make the front page. They were aware of it too (the review). This earphone needs more exposure
  5. RedJohn456
    Perhaps the fact that the site sponsor's iems didn't compare too favourably with the Big Dipper might have something to do that, but thats just the paranoia in me haha.

    Would you say the base model, that is to say no switches, would still be a great choice? I usually don't mess with filters or tunings and prefer to stick with one tuning (And its a bit cheaper as well). I would be lying if I said the thought of buying the base model didn't cross my mind a few times. Or a hundred.
  6. Sam20
    I dont know if headfi rewards their community members for excellent write ups but if they do then u r definitely at the top of the list....awesome keep it up
  7. Brooko Contributor
    I'm a bit puzzled by it - but I wouldn't think that has anything to do with featuring it. Maybe they just think I get too much front-page time (although that doesn't make sense either with multiple reviews from the current crop of reviewers dominating sometimes). If its a business model thing - then I'll leave Head-Fi (I solely review here, and have turned down other offers, simply because they have always previously been impartial). If the rules have been changed, then I'd rather know about it and move on. I doubt thats the case though. Perhaps my reviews are simply too long :)

    Re the switches - you'll probably end up using one combo most of the time anyway - but its getting the right combo for you which is the question. I wonder if LZ could make a demo version of bass+, mids and treble- and get that around the community in a tour. Even just getting a version with the one bass switch might be a good idea (it has most influence sonically).

    Thanks Sam - appreciate it.
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  8. RedJohn456
    I was just pulling your legs Paul, but it does seem rather odd that the Big Dipper is not getting any front page love, especially in light of the work put into the review itself. You don't exactly slack off on your other reviews but with this one, I could tell a lot of time was put into it. The big dipper definitely deserves more recognition, based on your assessments, and having a smaller brand play at the big boys table is never a bad thing in my eyes. Competition is always a good thing and what spurns the industry forward.

    I agree, the three switch version would let me see which of the combinations work for me. As a compromise, I might opt for the one switch version since you are saying that the bass switch produces the most noticeable difference. On that note, I do hope LZ will consider tweaking the baseline treble, or atleast give an option to lower it (I am sensitive to strident or grating treble or even treble spiles), based on reading your review anyway.

    I have a funny request (don't think less of me because of my music preference :p) but can you tell me how the new Taylor Swift song sounds through the big dipper? I have been listening to it since morning and its stuck in my head!
  9. castleofargh Contributor
    confirmed! ^_^
  10. phthora
    I will be pulling the trigger on either the LZ Big Dipper (no switches) or the Dunu DK-3001 in the next few days. I know that this has been touched upon in the above review (and believe me, I've been scouring the DK-3001 reviews as well), how do these two compare when it comes to resolution and micro-details? It seems like there is some disagreement regarding resolution in the Dunu. Anyway, thanks.
  11. Brooko Contributor
    Pretty much on par - both are sonically fantastic. For comfort though - I'd take the Dipper. If Dunu can ever get their ergonomics right, they will be right up there with the best. They produce marvellous sounding IEMs and build quality is impeccable. They just make some questionable design decisions (hard angles) which don't work with soft ears.

    And I'd suggest going for either 1 or 2 switches. Definitely take the bass switch as it has the most effect. And if you can afford it, adding the treble switch gives you best of both worlds and better control over IEM as a whole.
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  12. phthora
    I am considering the bass switch, but it's an unusual boost. I mean, it adds db all the way to 1.5k, whereas I am used to dealing with bass boost ending a 100 or 200 hz. I'm going to make an EQ preset to recreate the boost and play around with it on some 'phones I have, see how it does. Seems like it would intrude on the mids too much for my taste, but we'll see. I am loathe to spend $80 a switch if they are just going to remain off all the time.
  13. Brooko Contributor
    If you're comfortable with EQ - then no need to bother :) A lot aren't, and thats where the switches help. I use them with a variety of sources - so the switches are good in those sorts of situations.
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  14. peter123
    Ok, so I've spent a couple of days with the BD now and found my preferences with the switches and tips for them so here's some initial impressions and pictures:

    First thing first: the switches.
    Bass: Putting the bass switch to ON gives great subbass but unfortunately also too much midbass for my liking. A side effect of this is that soundstage width is seriously compromised and goes from a very wide and airy presentation to a intimate, more focused presentation. I definitely prefer the first alternative so this in itself is kind of a deal breaker for me when it comes to using the bass switch. I do also feel that the midrange becomes to distant when turning the bass on.

    Midrange: Being a midrange lover I definitely prefer the presentation with the midrange switch set to ON. The midrange quality of the BD is crazy good with exceptional detail and clarity and I most definitely like to get it in focus.

    Treble: Putting the treble switch to ON gives a really airy top end but to my ears it's just too much if a good thing and makes the sound less coherent, maybe even unnatural.

    So in sum so far the only switch I'm using is the the midrange one.

    To start with I found the BD to be really bass light and this sounding an I was honestly quite puzzled and a bit disappointed. Eventually I realized that I wasn't getting a perfect seal although I was sure that I did. Now, with some double flange tips, I get great bass impact and a full midrange with very little (if any) bass bleeding into the midrange. As a matter of fact I've never heard such a a full and rich midrange on any IEM's without feeling that they've got too much upper bass intervene with the mids. I'm also totally amazed that a pair of IEM's can offer such high resolution and clarity without ever sound fatiguing. I've also never heard so many perfect "s" in any IEM's before. Yes, if the recoding is sibilant the BD will show it but less so than many other IEM's I've heard. For me personally I tend to not enjoy IEM's or headphones that doesn't show sibilance if it's there in the recording as it is a sign that they're not detailed enough or roll off too early for me to enjoy them.

    I'm comparison to the BD the Super Audio 6 (one of my all time favorite IEM's) sounds really mushy and the bass on the Magosi K3 HD (which has one of my favorite bass presentations) sound really boomy.

    Lately I've pretty much been listening to full sized headphones as I've acquired both the HE560 and HD800S the last couple of months and the BD is the only IEM's that I can move directly to from either of these two excellent headphones without feeling initially (until my brain adapt) underwhelmed.

    Unfortunately I have only heard a couple of other IEM's in this price range but the BD is undoubtedly the best IEM's I've ever heard. They're just so totally natural sounding, much more so than any other IEM's I've heard.

    Isolation is also top notch and both build quality and comfort seems great so far.

    20170914_175628.jpg 20170914_175641.jpg 20170914_175659.jpg 20170914_203923.jpg
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2017
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  15. Howlin Fester
    Very nice review sir. Your presentation and Brooko's makes this a shortlist future iem for me to look into. Unfortunately, I take months/years to pull the trigger. So don't look for a review from me soon.

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