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Discussion in 'Brooko' started by Brooko, Aug 23, 2017.
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  1. Ahmad313
    Excellent a short review/impressions
  2. peter123
    My review was just published here:


    I'm going to post it here as well but it needs some adjustments first so it'll probably not be until tomorrow.
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  3. Brooko Contributor
    Great review Peter - you just need to make one small change. The body isn't plastic - its made (by hand) using UC Curable Resin.

    Same sort of stuff they use in customs.
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  4. dilpal
    @Brooko I am looking to buy my end game IEM but confused between Andromeda and Big Dipper. I am tired of trying mid tier IEMs which is consuming too much money and my time. For the sound signature, I love my FLC8S with red subbass filter and grey bass filter and golden nozzle. I love the bass and especially mid range on flc8s Treble is also fine on flc8s. Don't want any more sparkle. I just want better imaging seperation and resolution. I am also confused between different switches on BD as I don't want to spend unnecessarily. I like my mid range most of all. So what you recommend Brooko. I value your opinions highly.
  5. peter123
    Thanks for the heads up Paul, I'll make sure to change it.
  6. Brooko Contributor
    Hopefully you don't mind the rather large post. I find it easier to show graphs to tell a story. I don't quite have the accuracy I need at 9-10 kHz on the graph, but all will show comparatively the same so it shouldn't be an issue.

    Lets start with the first one - all compared to your preferred FLC8S red/grey/gold

    Vs Andromeda - and unfortunately I don't have the Andro here to directly compare (mine was only ever a loaner)
    I can't directly compare - but the Andro is pretty close - won't have the mid-range bump you like, but is tonally more accurate, and it does have the sub-bass you like

    flc8s vs andro.png

    Vs Dipper - in this case with bass off, mids on and treble off
    Similar bass (FCL8S has more sub), but you can always increase the bass with the dipper. A lot more mid-range emphasis with the Dipper - it is coloured in thsi regard, but one of the rasons I love it. Turning the mid switch off changes the shape of the curve but not the amplitude. Personally I prefer the Dipper - but I like emphasised mids. I usually use the Dipper with bass and mids on and treble off. In that config - they are quite balanced, but with lower mid-range a bit recessed

    flc8s vs dipper.png

    One you haven't considered is the Alclair Curve - here in two configs (one with Comply foam and the other with Shure Olives)
    Curve has less bass and is quite a bit flatter - but the mid-range is really good. Might no have the vividness you are after though

    flc8s vs curve 1.png flc8s vs curve 2.png

    Next up is the Earsonics ES3 - flat lower mids and mid-bass, elevated sub-bass, really nice mid-rang and a bit of bump at 7 kHz (Cymbals)
    Nothing offensive and a really nice signature which isn't too far away from what you like. personally I like the mid-range a little better on the ES3 (more natural in its tonality)

    flc8s vs ES3.png

    And last but not least - a really good IEM but on the expensive side of things
    64 Audio U10 +G1 module. You can see how close they are. With the U10 you get a very wide stage and extremely good clarity. I've revised my original review score up a notch as tme has gone on, and I am seriously considering asking 64Audio if I can buy the review sample I have .....

    flc8s vs 64 audio u10.png

    Not sure if all of this will confuse matters more or help :wink:
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  7. dilpal
    Thanks for your time and elaborated response. I think the U10 will fit me perfectly, but they are above my budget. Dipper has problem with male vocals. Andromeda lacks the mid focus but looks much more balanced. Choices choices....
  8. Brooko Contributor
    I think you'd probably quite like the ES3. I'll see if there is anything else I can think of.
  9. dilpal
    Would you consider ES3 an upgrade to flc8s?
  10. Brooko Contributor
    For me personally - yes, but if you love the FLC8S already, then you may see it as a side-grade.
  11. Ahmad313
    Excellent review Peter specially the comparison with Super Audio 6 is really helpful ,
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  12. Ahmad313
    very nice Brooko, you really deserve for 22K+ likes ,
  13. peter123
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  14. Brooko Contributor
    Great review Peter - they and the Curve are my two favourites. Nice reading some other comparisons with gear I don't have too :)
  15. peter123
    Thanks Paul!

    I'm really super impressed of how large a step up they represent compared to all of my other favorite IEM's.
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