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Bravo Audio - funny looking little tube amps

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ear8dmg, Sep 9, 2009.
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  1. XipeTotec
    Well I'm finally trying my little new V2 amp.
    I almost immediately changeg the stock tube. I think it sounds decent overall but on stoner rock songs the instruments are blurred and I can't appreciate the voice. Even if basses and highs are defined, mid ranges are totally killed.
    I am trying these new tubes now, a Philips:
    And a jugoslavian International Servicemaster Electron Tube
    I can say they improve greatly the amplifier though I prefer the second one. I think it can manage better the whole amplifier.
    I would like to try an RCA clear top.
  2. UmustBKidn
    Sorry bro, was offline for a few weeks.
    12AU7 and 12AU7A is basically the same tube. You will not hear a difference. I think the "A" model is just something that came out later.
    ECC82 is the European marking for a 12AU7. That's all.
    As for the others: there are numerous similar tubes for this particular family. The best reference I've seen to easily/quickly explain those is Brent Jesse's website here.
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  3. ArnieG
    My first post! New to the tube amp scene. My V2 should be delivered tomorrow. Excited to try some different tubes in it☺
  4. 396629
    Just bought a second hand Bravo Ocean. However it was dead on arrival. Tested it and it does seem to the valve. Any suggestions for a suitable replacement ?  12AU7 I believe.  
    Edit: working fine, looking forward to trying my first taste of valve amp with my phones.
  5. 396629
    Great little amp but I wish they'd put a gain control. Pretty useless connected to my CD Player/ CD receiver as volume is ear shatteringly loud at 1/16 to 1/8 volume.A bit uncontrollable to say the least. I cant imagine what the rest of the volume range is for when attached to a 'proper' HiFi output; the Ocean can surely drive any headphone out there !
    Decided to use it as a bedside unit fed by by iPod Classic or Sony A15 (which has a particularly feeble line out) and it seems great for this purpose whilst looking pretty cool.
  6. Armillary
    I got one of these a few months back and ended up doing the most recommended mods (crosstalk and replaced the fets). Lately I've been having a bit of a strange issue. I've been hearing a bit of noise when the amp is on, which happens pretty often when I have my phone around it but now its just about all the time. I've also noticed that the audio doesn't cut entirely when I switch it off, a bit of quiet but audible sound seems to still come through for a bit. 
  7. Didhefocus

    It's normal to hear some interference from nearby noisy devices like cell phones since the circuit board isn't designed with an integrated ground plane or a metal enclosure. A drawback of the cool-looking open design. Extra efficient headphones and/or a very loud input device could cause low level signals to get through even when the power is off. Your issues as described seem to be quite normal.
  8. Didhefocus

    Welcome and good luck with your new hobby!
    Just remember, this isn't really a tube amp, it's a hybrid. It has a tube input stage and MOSFET transistor output stage. Still, you should be able to experience some great sound (with the proper mods)!
  9. Armillary
    Good to hear, I'd thought I may have messed up the mods at some point or something. 
  10. Soundsgoodtome
    Can someone please list the tube models compatible on the bravo ocean besides the known 12au7?
  11. Faber65

    Maybe some good directions can be found here.
    But surfing in internet can result in even more specific directions.
  12. Peeble
    Hey all, so my V3 seems to be having some issue. It's un-modded, had it for a few years now, and suddenly I came home and turned it on and I only get sound out of my left ear. I've confirmed it's an issue with the amp (tried other headphones/sources). Did a bit of googling but I couldn't find anyone who has had something similar. Anyone have any ideas what could be the cause of this? 
  13. rwpritchett
    It could be the tube. Did you try another?
  14. Peeble
    Unfortunately I don't have any others to test with. 
  15. Peeble
    To give an update in case anyone else has the problem, changing the tube fixed it. 
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