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Bravo Audio - funny looking little tube amps

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ear8dmg, Sep 9, 2009.
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  1. UmustBKidn
    Best reference I know of is here: http://www.audiotubes.com/12au7.htm
    Just a list of equivalent tube numbers without descriptions:
    12AU7 / 12AU7A
    I have several of these (underlined) and have tried them at least once in the amp (with varying results).
    Mullards, Telefunkens, and old American black plate tubes sound best to me.
    The recent remade Russian and Chinese tubes sound noticeably worse, even in this amp.
    I think if I couldn't get any vintage tubes, I'd probably not bother to use this amp at all.
  2. Blarzor
    Hey guys,
    I'm wondering if anyone tried using Bravo Audio Ocean AMP with AKG K712,is it strong enough to fully power those headphones? Also, does it color the sound much or is it more of a neutral?
  3. interface95
    It will definitely drive the k712 but if you are looking for an uncolored sound, I wouldn't go for a tube amp.
  4. ch96066
    Hi to all,
    Joined the Bravo tribe with the V2, mostly influenced by the good reviews here and on CNET.
    Short history first. Had the Fulla (very happy), but managed to burn it with wrong connection on the USB hub it was powered from. So upgradeitis kicked in and I went for a DAC-AMP desktop budget solution.
    Ended up getting the Bravo V2 to get into tubes. As I was happy with Schiit I went for their Modi 2 Uber DAC (liked the extra inputs).
    Broke in the V2 for about 24 hours (on the stock tube) and gave it a listen on my M4U1 (through the DAC using spotify and F2K with Asio). Plenty of power, nothing spectacularly musical on the performance (better than fiio E11 for sure, on par with the Fulla). So I swapped the stock tube with the first of the 3 NOS tubes I ordered (I mentioned upgradeitis rigth :)?). RCA cleartop, GE JAN 5814 triple mica and a generic made from mullard tube. So the RCA went in first.
    Even with a few hours of breaking in (3-4 perhaps), all I can say is that tube rolling does make a difference. I will not make any judgments if it is for the best or not before I break it in even more and I do my standard tracks' test. Then of course there are the other 2 NOSs to compare :).
    I was actually afraid of listening to any differences, because it probably means spending money to find the tube that works for me.
    A few things on the V2. Nice aesthetics (high WAF!). It does get hot on the sinks, not so much on the tube. inputs and outputs seem sturdy enough. Overall a promising amp.
    After more testing I will revert. Take care and enjoy the music!
  5. Dirtnap
    Hi Guys, first post on the forum. My daughter has a bravo 2 and the blue led is not working. Can anyone give me an idea where I can buy one? Think I'll replace the tube while Im at it.

    Any help is appreciated and thanks for your time.

  6. Didhefocus

    My blue LED stopped working once also on a V3 but the power circuit should be the same. I had a USB mouse that was worn out. I removed the blue LED from that and the amp works perfectly again.
    Almost any LED should work for that application. If the blue LED isn't working I would think your amp would be completely dead. Is that the case?
    You can buy one at many places on line for pennies but buying just one wouldn't be practical because of shipping. A local supplier like Fry's should have them in a bag of 5 for a dollar or so!
  7. Didhefocus

    I forgot to welcome you to the forum!
  8. sureshot1234
    looking at purchasing a bravo audio ocean tube amp and was wondering if there is a guide on choosing tubes to roll based on their effects on the sound and how it changes?
  9. amigomatt
    I picked up an old Mullard valve that sounds best. I have aTelefunken that sounds very fast and detailed but it has some channel imbalance going on..
  10. sureshot1234
    where is a good place to buy them?
  11. sureshot1234
    also it looks like there are many different types of mullards which ones are good or does it not matter
  12. jangofett
    Hi guys, 
    I bought the Bravo V2 + RFT ECC82 Tube. I got the Master & Dynamic MH40, Blue Lola and a couple of IEM.
    I don't have a open-back high impedance headphone, so I hope this is the right place to get a recommendation.
    So please, If you have some open back headphones with a budget of about 200$ I would like to know.
    and I was wondering which of these headphones would sound best with the Bravo: 
    Beyerdynamic DT 990 Premium 600 ohm 
    Beyerdynamic DT 990 Premium 250 ohm 
    Beyerdynamic DT 880 Premium 600 ohm 
    Beyerdynamic DT 880 Premium 250 ohm 
    -another question I got a Sherwood RD-6405R Receiver, can it drive 600ohm? (I didn't find answer online)
  13. amigomatt
    Depends on what sound signature you like. The 880s are neutral with a lean bass and brightish treble, the 990s are V shaped, more bass impact and noticeably bright - to bright for some. The 990s are not as neutral as the 880s but are more exciting to listen to.

    Regarding the impedance, I can only say that my Bravo Audio Ocean struggles somewhat to drive my 600ohm AKG K240 DF to loud levels without distorting. It drives my 250ohm 990 PRO very well though, so maybe stick with the 250ohm versions.
  14. jangofett
    1) I tried the 990 and 880 and the 990 were a bit harsh on the highs, the 880 less so. So I think I need warmer sound.
    2) What other good open back headphones with high impedance would sound good with the Bravo v2?
    3) The consensus is that the Bravo V2 cant handle 600ohm? 
    4) Will Bravo V2 handle well 300ohm headphones like the HD600?
  15. interface95
    If you can find a used HD580, go for it.
    Cheaper than than the HD600, not as good looking, and not as clear but man these sound great overall.
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