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Bravo Audio - funny looking little tube amps

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ear8dmg, Sep 9, 2009.
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  1. Cirric
    It is always a good idea to turn off your amp BravoV3.jpg
  2. 3ternalDr4gon
    My V2 just came in today, and when pairing it with my totl CIEMs I'm a little underwhelmed when it's paired with my X5 as it seems to lack clarity in some of the micro details.
    Thinking about purchasing this, should it help things a little?
    Also, is there a special procedure to pull out the tube, or do we just yank it out? 
  3. Cirric
    Hi Dr4gan, You could try putting on some surgical gloves to keep oil off the glass surface and increase fiction.
  4. RFtech53
    Thanks for your post. My wife gave me a V2 for Christmas today along with AudioTechnica ATH-M50's. I love the little amp, but I was also getting the intermittent ticking noise. My cell phone has only been about 10 inches away. I'll have to try what you said to see if it goes away.
    My background has been over 40 years in electronic repair and engineering. I spent 20+ years repairing electronic musical instruments and was authorized by companies such as Fender, Marshall, Peavey and others. In all those years, I've heard tube amps do some crazy things ... but never rhythmic ticking.  :)   
    I'm hoping getting the cell phone away takes care of things. I'm even a licensed FCC General Class RadioTelephone Operator, but don't know if cell phone interference ever would have occurred to me. 
  5. Cirric
    @RFetch53, I am an extra  class radio operator for over 15 years. As you know, cell phones adjust their power output depending on what it needs to get a strong enough signal to the cell antenna.
     They often operate with only a few milliwatts of effective radiated power.Hard to see how that would allow for any significant power to get past the shield on the input wire. Of course if any signal  DID get in then it would be at the earliest stage of the amp. Worth a try to move the phone or try turning it off and see if it has any effect. (That is what keeps us interested in the hobby, no?)
  6. RFtech53
    You are so right about exploring effects in the hobby. And in keeping with that tradition, the first thing I did today was to put my phone right next to the amp. The weird pops,hisses, and ticks came through strong ... listening without any input. Then as I moved my phone away, you could hear the noises go into remission. It took getting my cell phone (a Galaxy S4) about 3 foot away before the noises became totally incoherent.
    I work as an electronics engineering technician in a factory that produces avionics and military equipment. You'd think I would have thought of my cell phone causing the noise especially since the V2's circuitry  is in an open,  totally un-shielded enclosure. Just goes to show that you can still teach an old dog of 61 years, new tricks.
    Thanks to this forum, I'm still learning. 
    Robert / N0ZNJ
  7. Cirric
    Hi my friend, 61 looks like a spring chicken to me (62 here). I'm glad the amp problem has been solved! Mine is a Bravo V3 with the 3 band eq. I really like it.
    Ric N1YLE
  8. BGRoberts
    glad to see some other 60somethings on this forum!
  9. natra084
    Hi this anybody know how much power the bravo ocean puts out.
  10. natra084
    Hi do you guys have any recommendations for some tubes for the bravo ocean.
    My curiosity got the best of me so I ordered a used Bravo Ocean amp.  I wondered if a cheap dac and this amp could keep up or outperform my E17/E09k set up.  Along with the Bravo Ocean, I ordered the Behringer UCA202 (dac) for 30$.  In comparison, I paid about 140$ for my E17. 
    I've only listened to this combo for one day, but I'm really impressed with how much power and control the Bravo Ocean exhibits.  Setup with the Behringer was easy with no hiccups.  I'm using the DT 770/80 and the sub bass is unreal.  There's something about the decay and the way drums hit that's just satisfying.  My worries about loud hissing were put to rest.   I particularly enjoyed Fleetwood Mac's Dreams.  I'm glad I took the chance on a tube amp because I already like what I'm hearing.  Now, I have a cheaper alternative to my previous setup with no perceived loss in quality.  
  12. pezhore
    I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask, but I prior to performing the crosstalk mod on my newly arrived Bravo V2, I was getting significant distortion sounds in the right side when panned to the left, and distortion/music in the left side when panned all the way to the right. After the crosstalk mod, the distortion in the right has gone completely, but I'm still not getting complete isolation of my left channel when panning to the right.
    Any ideas what this could be attributed to? Suggestions for addressing it?
  13. amigomatt
    Hi guys,
    I posted earlier in this thread that my Bravo reaches clipping/distortion level before my preferred volume on a couple of my harder to drive cans and I was wondering if replacing the tube with a 12ax7 variant would increase my volume range as I read that the 12ax7 tubes exhibit more gain than the 12au7.  I also read that they perform different duties as well but haven't quite got to the bottom of that mystery yet being a noob where valves are concerned.  Can anyone help me?
  14. Mhumbach
    What would anyone recommended for the Bravo Ocean. I was thinking between the AKG K702 or the Beyerdynamic DT 880
  15. amigomatt
    Between those two, I would recommend the Beyerdynamic as the 32ohm or 250ohm would be much easier to drive than the K702.  I found the K702 really picky in terms of amping.  I only kept them for a couple of weeks.
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