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Bravo Audio - funny looking little tube amps

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ear8dmg, Sep 9, 2009.
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  1. eyal1983
    What's the difference between the Shu Guang 12AU7 TUBE , and the  Electro Harmonix 6922 TUBE ?
  2. Twinster
    Well I did the swap to irl510 on my Bravo Ocean and took great precaution for static and it's install on the proper side and when I powered it on I heard loud static kid of sound but no music was playing so for now I kind of gave up on it since I received my ALO Pan Am.

    I'm somewhat pits off cause I have all the other upgrade parts for it.
  3. geetarman49

    if you can post some hi-res pix, it'll be easier to sort this out otherwise you'll probably have to get someone experienced to have a look at it.
  4. UmustBKidn
    Two things...
    The other day, while I was foolin around with my Bravo V2 and ipod nano setup, after reading something in another thread, I tried maxing out the volume control on the ipod nano, and turning down the volume on the Bravo. I swear it sounded a little bit better this way. Bass seemed punchier, and it all sounded a bit more dynamic to me. I wonder if I'm imagining this. Or not.
    This also brought me to wonder, if anyone has tried using an ipod DAC unit and plumbing it into their Bravo amp? Something like the Pure I-20, or the Nuforce Icon Ido?
    I would be greatly interested in any review of either of these items used with an ipod, and a Bravo amp. Thanks!
  5. DefQon
    Haven't tried those docks but have tried the Onkyo ND-S1000.
  6. Mshenay
    ... chop off your finger and flue it to your amp <3 [just kidding lol]
    Still though I really do not know! I would also try the Max your DAP volume and reduce the volume on the amp [also I LOVE using line outs when I can for that exact reason, You want the STRONGEST single you can get into the amp, that should give u the best chance to reduce noise from the amp] Like my Zune was always at max volume when I had it plugged into my e11, it DID sound better that way becuase there was a bigger single going in, less noise and bloating coming out. Some one might have the science for it some  where...
    Ethier way, I sold my Indeed G3, so I'm not in the club any moar but I still promote these little sub $100 amps ^^ [although my MIllet Hybrid amp is better than my G3... gain switch and a better build construction, and I paid the same for it. $100 for my millet and $100 for my G3)
    SO I recommend you guys keep ur ears open on the For Sale thread. If some one's selling one them little beauties I'd JUMP on it! 
  7. jaywillin

    i've got your g3 up for sale, i got a little dot 1+ its on the for sale forum, just lowered the price by 20
  8. Mshenay
    sheesh that was fast, But congrats on the upgrade XD
  9. jaywillin

    yeah, i happened upon a used little dot on the for sale forum, couldn't pass it up, came with 4 pairs of tubes for 100 bucks
    so far no one has bitten on the g3, and i got it priced to move, if it doesn't sale, i'll practice my soldering skills on it !
  10. darkarn
    Hi guys, I was doing the MOSFET mod on my Bravo Audio V2 12AU7 amp when I somehow burnt off the copper tracks for the left MOSFET, now no current is going through the left MOSFET and thus I cannot hear anything from the left channel (right channel is working fine)
    I urgently need a good picture of the PCB to be able to see how should I replace the copper track accordingly (I tried but the left MOSFET is still not working, I took some pictures but they did not show the connections that I need to know)

    Please help ASAP, thanks!
  11. jaywillin

    well, i took the g3 off the for sale, i wasn't getting any interest in it, so i decided i was gonna keep it, work on my soldering skills on it instead of starting with a kit
    in taking down off the shelf where i had it, i noticed the volume control seemed out of alignment , pointing up, i gently straighten it, the imbalance that i was noticing is all but gone
    only at very low levels, there some, but its much better now, it may have gotten jostled in shipping, or i did something to it
    any, it would have been a pretty good deal for the 50 bucks i was asking, but i'm keeping it now, it sounds real good with those rca clear tops !!
    Judge Buff likes this.
  12. UmustBKidn
    I found it kind of hard to get a good shot. I tried to keep the power switch visible, for the sake of orientation.
    I hope these help. Click for larger versions.
  13. DefQon
    Even if you burnt off the trace for one of the solder pads for the FET leg, you should be able to still tell where it leads to. Solder/bridge a wire to the nearest point where the broken trace connects up to.
  14. UmustBKidn
    So... I bought a Pure i-20 ipod DAC, to hook up with my Bravo V2. This immediately made the stock Chinese tube sound tinny, harsh, bright, and irritating. Yikes.
    The old TS tube I bought, the one with the hum, wasn't going to help. So I started shopping for tubes on eBay. I kind of went nuts buying tubes, LOL. I decided to stop before I hit 20. Yeah. Really. Yabba Dabba Doo.
    On the other hand, I'm having some serious family issues at the moment, so this little distraction is helping me cope with the insanity of other family members. That, and a bottle of rum. But I did buy a lot of tubes lol. I guess I can go back and sell some when I'm done with my rolling adventure.
    Side note: the Pure i-20 is about the same money as a Schiit Modi. If it weren't for the need to hook up an iPod (thus bypassing the iPod's DAC), I'd really prefer the Modi. It is a curious setup. There are probably better DAC's, but I went the cheap route. Then I bought 19 12AU7 tubes LOL. So maybe it wasn't so cheap.
    I am finding some good tubes though, that quiet down the bright DAC chip in the i-20. The majority of the tubes are still being shipped, but the best ones I've found so far are some NOS GE tubes. I do have a Mullard or two coming, and a Telefunken or two coming, so I am curious how those will work out. I am definitely impressed on how swapping out some old tubes make the Bravo V2 completely change sonic character. I guess that's another reason I kind of went nuts buying tubes ... I wanted to see what they all sounded like.
    I shall be making some notes as I proceed, and posting them in this thread. Stay tuned...
  15. DefQon
    Get yourself some 1950's diamond etched base Telefunken ECC82's and call it the perfect setup for the Bravo. [​IMG]
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