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Bravo Audio - funny looking little tube amps

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ear8dmg, Sep 9, 2009.
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  1. draconothese
    how can I go about figure out what one of those is causing it I have other tubes I can try out so I can handle that part what about testing the pot and jack is there a easy way other then disordering and adding a new one
  2. DefQon
    Only method I know of to see if the pot is the culprit is by replacing it. Tube replacements are cheap, drop in a cheap < $10 RCA, GE, Sylvania 12AU7 from ebay to see if the tube could be a problem, or better yet use the supplied 12AU7 tube in another amp that takes it. Other than that I don't know any other method.
  3. draconothese
    ok I will play around and see what I can do should have some jacks in a box somewhere the pot on the other hand will have to get a new one do you know of a model that works with this amp that's good
  4. draconothese
    ok I have a problem I thought grounding the irl 510 fixed it but when I turned it off and tried turning it back on it would not turn on removed the wire from the heat sink on the irl510 to the ground and it turned on figured what the hell so I touched the wire back to the ground while it was on and got a nasty spark whats going on with this thing
  5. DefQon
    Did you solder the 510 properly? Like the correct facing orientation? Did you use thermal pad/compound in between the metal backside of the fet to the heatsink?
  6. draconothese
    im pretty sure I did I put the flat side against the  heatsink  and put thermal paste on the flat side so the heat would transfer also the solder joints are perfect tested them and theres good contact
  7. geetarman49

    did you use the isolating kit between the fet and heatsink?
  8. DefQon
    That's what I asked.
  9. geetarman49
    sorry, i must have missed it then ... saw that you asked him about thermal pad ... but what about the insulating washer?  did he install that?
  10. DefQon
    Probably, otherwise the fet wouldn't stick to the heatsink/thermal pad.
  11. UmustBKidn
    Received my old US made Tung Sol from eBay last week, and plugged it in to the amp. I noticed two things almost immediately:
    1) The sound is "meatier" - easiest one word description I could think of. I can see why older tubes are preferred! The sound changed character a bit during the first few minutes of play. I'm guessing that was some crap burning off a surface that had been sitting for years.
    2) I now have a low level hum during quiet passages. This hum goes away if I put the original tube back in, or if I touch certain metal parts of the amp while its on.
    So I now have a curious dilemma. The hum isn't so loud as to be annoying. But I can hear it between songs. And I wonder if the old tube is affecting anything in the circuit (or vice versa). This setup is not the most hi fi setup, so maybe I should just live with it.
    Any opinions as to what this hum is? Am I safe to ignore it? Or should I put the original tube back in?
    Thank you kindly for your thoughts.
  12. DefQon
    If subbing the TS for the original removes the hum than it means the TS tube is the culprit for humming. Quite common for tubes, let it play for few more days and see if the hum completely goes away.
  13. geetarman49

    perhaps you could post a couple of hi-res pix?  much easier to troubleshoot if we could see what's done ... topside/underside.
  14. Mshenay
    agree clear tops sound awesome 
  15. Soilworker
    I am getting static noise from my bravo audio ocean...help!

    It goes away when I touch the tube guard...

    What should I do?
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