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Bravo Audio - funny looking little tube amps

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ear8dmg, Sep 9, 2009.
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  1. DefQon
    I'm going to say it again get yourself some IRL510 from mouser or ebay (on ebay they are then $5 excl shipping). The IRF line is inferior to the IRL both by technical specs and in sound difference. IRL510,520 or 530 will all do if one is not available.
  2. stupidmop
    I can back up what DefQon says(not that he needs me too) But while modding my bravo I had some 510 irfs laying around so I put em in while waiting on my irl 510 by fairchild(ordered 4 of these off the bay for around $20). Ididn't notice a whole lotta diff. So when the fairchilds came in swapped em out and all I can say is WOW, just wow.
    They have hexfet irl 510s for around same price, ordered a bunch of those too DefQon knows his stuff! He ain't lyin
  3. Judge Buff
    I thought I'd throw a rock into the pond and watch the ripples... Since no one answered jkilla in the G3 thread, I did. This is the essence of my reply:
    Making both triodes the same voltage only works if the emissions are perfectly balanced. I've been fooling around with these little amps for 4 years and unless you have an O-scope, you must balance by ear after you've found the voltage range that gives you a strong, clear sound out of each channel. If anyone, including a headphoneus sanctimoneus, tells you to make the voltage 13.5V on both triodes to bias balance the tube, they don't know what they are doing. I've seen tubes that needed 16V+ on a side to "balance" with ~13V on the other side.
    (The following was advice for jkilla from the G3 thread.) If the left side is weak, increase the voltage on that side until the level sounds approximately as strong as the right side. This should also "center" the sound, if what you are listening to was recorded as having such. You could also just have lowered the right side's voltage, but that would probably degrade the sound as well as lower the signal level.
    Old radios that used tubes of this nature had to be "tweaked" by their operator to get a decent sound. One of the things they would check was the glow from the tube and how bright it was. They didn't have voltmeters, but they had their eyes and ears. If it sounds right, good or proper to your ears, leave it alone. If it doesn't, keep tweaking. (EDITED for CONTENT)
    The stated voltage for a tube is a reference point not an absolute value... 
  4. viveksaikia22
    Is there any difference between the IRL510PBF and IRL510 in terms of sound quality?
  5. stupidmop
    I don't think so but I don't have personal experience with pbf
  6. Mshenay
    that's good to know, I've never had a big issue with una;nced sound unless the bias was not 13.5 on each side. For me 13.5 has always been the best sound and volume and when one side is higher or lower I can hear it. Non the less exceptions exist so I'm happy to hear that! 
  7. Dannygillis
    Don't totally enclose the sides.    It needs to breathe naturally to stay cool.     Only running minimum voltage, 24vdc and won't hurt you.     If you want to enclose it be sure to leave plenty of vent holes.     Believe it or not, these little dudes sound great.     They are not the most powerful in the world but do produce the smooth tube sound you are looking for.     The first ones sold were sometimes called buffer amps because of their low power output, but they are designed to be used solely on headphones and tend to power even the toughest very well.
  8. DefQon
    No, they are all the same.
  9. viveksaikia22
    Thanks for confirming. I have ordered the IRL510PBF and should be here with me within 2-3 weeks (shipped from Thailand)
  10. DefQon
    Did you order from an ebay seller?
  11. viveksaikia22
    Yes, I bought it from here -
  12. DefQon
  13. nanaud
    Sure, IRL 510 are close to the best we can have (not for $$$$$), but keep care to Electromagnetic discharges (don't touch the pins).
  14. Mshenay
    Ugh so guys I have an issue with my Indeed G3, the Rca In's are getting flaky. I'm noticing a drop in one the left channel. I've tested my cables my odac ect... ect... and it's not that
    so any tips for well replacing the Rca ins? A buddy of mine is pretty knowledgeable with eletronics and works for an electronics company, so I'm thinking of just removing and soddering some new ones into it... any other mods I should do! I'm already going to have to replace one thing might as well replace and upgrade a few others 
  15. DefQon
    Sounds like a fracture joint in the soldered pads. You could get your buddy to reflow the solder pads before spending money on New rca chassis mounts.
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