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Brainwavz R1 or M5 or M2 or VSonic GR99 or GR02 or GR02 bass edit or Soundmagic E10 or Yamaha EMP-30

  1. SSly
    My cx400 sennheiser broke a few weeks ago, and I want a worthy replacement. I listen to calssics, rock, metal, pop-rnb, and elektric too. I think the cx400 was great for me, and I want an IEM on the same level of sound and build quality.
    What do you offer for $30?
    I have find some, but I dont know how good they are compare to the cx400.
    Brainwavz R1 $30
    Brainwavz M5 $31
    Brainwavz M2 $35
    VSonic GR99 $27
    VSonic GR02 $32
    VSonic GR02 bass edit $34
    Soundmagic E10 $31
    Yamaha EPH-30 $32
    I have searched amazon-ebay-mp4Nation. Can you suggest any other shop to buy?
    Thank you!
    Sorry for my english!
  2. ZARIM
    The Sony EX310, JVC FXC50 are pretty good for the price and EX310 offers dynamic punchy bass, clear soundqulty and fairly wide soundstage.
  3. SSly
    The sony costs twice as the jvc. But I will search for the jvc. It is as good as the cx400?
  4. soundstige
    Sony MH1C
  5. atomikn00b
    someone somewhere mentioned owning a cx400 and the transforming experience they had moving to the sony mh1c.
    i base my recommendation on that.
    they can be had for less than $30 on ebay
  6. SSly
    Does the sony have a simetric cable version? My cx300 was assimetric, and I didnt really like it :frowning2:
  7. SSly
  8. soundstige
  9. kova4a
    Let's don't jump to conclusions. I find the gr04 flagship with the mh1c's tips [​IMG] better. Yeah, it is slightly mid-forward and because of that the sounstage is smaller but it does have similar note presentation and   the bass is faster and tighter. The mids are also slightly less warm and more resolving. They both have one thing in common - they are very easy to listen too and not fatiguing at high volume. I would put them on par depending on the signature you like - slightly laid back mids or a little forward mids if it wasn't for the low end. For instance, drums - for every song with a lot of drums the gr04 flagship just destroys the mh1c - it's not even funny. I'm also in the process of forming my opinion on the brainwavz R1 and for some genres it is a lot more enjoyable than the mh1c particularly dubstep, pop,rnb, rap - I'm still undecided on the stuff like rock and metal as for instance distortion guitars can be a little piercing at higher volume levels. Yeah, the mh1c is pretty good for its price but its sound is a little bit too safe for some genres - it handles every genre and is very versatile but is never amazing. It's great for just peacefully enjoying music and relaxing but you won't see me airdrumming with it - not just because drums in particular sound sub-par with it compared to the gr04 flagship.
    edit: and let's not forget that the VC02 is out - I should be receiving it next week (hopefully) and it might put up a fight
  10. soundstige
    GR04 Flagship is the exact model I was trying to exclude with the $75-ish price point category.
  11. kova4a
    Well, my point is that people here are relying too much on clieos' and joker's opinion and start quoting stuff like "this is better than all of those" without even having heard all of those. So what happens when neither joker or clieos have heard the gr04 flagship or another iem? It's like with all the people with tf10 asking joker for a review and a score as if they have no opinion and are not sure if they like it but if joker gives it a 9 they'll start enjoying it and brag how good it is and how better it is than everything else with a lower score. For me it's not and I have my own opinion that won't change even if joker gives it a very high score (which I doubt [​IMG]). I'm pretty sure that probably more than half of the people saying how good the mh1c is would say it's nothing special if they heard it before clieos made his review based solely on the 20-30 bucks price and not brag how it's better than $150 iems with most of them not even having heard those more expensive iems. Also just because something has a high score in someone's list doesn't make it good for everyone or for every genre. For instance someone may like a lot more the colder and cleaner mids of a gr02 bass edition or the more upfront and lush mids of the gr06. 
  12. SSly
    Yepp, It wold be the best to listen my favorite sogns with many IEM, but I don't have the opportunity to do that. :frowning2: That's why I asked you. :)

    I really liked the MH1C (on the basis of tests), until i found out it have an assimetric cable. I prefer the normal simetric cable to the assimetric. So it is out of the list :frowning2:
    Haveyou any advise for me? Or can you offer any IEM? THX!
  13. atomikn00b
    If you really like the mh1c, you can easily modify it into a symmetric cable with tape.
  14. SSly
    I went today to a sony center and asked for the hm1c earphone. And they said, this is for only new sony phones, and with other phone or other stuff it does not work. It has a new type of jack 3.5, and its compatible with only new sony phones. No ipods or other stuff will work with that. Is this true? Or the saleman go insane? This costs at us (in the sony center) 65 usd, so its not cheap (for me). So I think he would rather be happy to sell one of these things.
    What do you say about this?
  15. kaixax555
    I have heard the M2 and Soundmagic E10, and own the GR99.
    To me GR99 and E10 are pretty well built with metal shells, though E10's strain reliefs seem to be shorter...
    To me... both E10 and GR99 are solid choices, with a slightly different sound signature..

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