1. naveenanandp

    IEMs with Mic <$60

    Hi All,   I am very new to this forum, but i have been going through many post here to find out the best IEM for my I-phone 4 & Samsung galaxy s. I wanted someone to suggest me the best IEM with Mic which would be lesser than $60.   Good sound quality, Good looks, Good comfort are my...
  2. TheTempest7

    $50 IEM's for Rap and Rock

    I want good amounts of bass and that can also play Rock/Metal very well. I listen to Ska which contains guitar and also bass in a perfect flow. I also like Rap a lot. Any suggestions? Also $50 but maybe can be $60.
  3. boweldi

    Questions about S4i or Sub $40 In-Ears

    Sorry for making another s4i thread but after reading many threads, I am still confused about the quality/value of these phones.   I currently own a pair of Audio Technica M50s and Thermaltake Isurus and i think they both sound great. The isurus are amazing at the $10 i got it for. i LOVE...
  4. AmberOzL

    Most Flat and Analytical Universal and Custom IEMS

    Budget is not a problem but I prefer not to go the top level. Something like 1000 euro can make me think again while there are rivals around 400 500 euros. Give me the best flat iems like UE Reference Monitors. What are the other options?   1 little thing, I prefer U-IEMs with over the ear...
  5. BeauRoger

    UE600 for 73 $ or Soundmagic 30 for 58$?

    So i have been looking around this site and some other review sites and have found these two canditates.. Logitech UE60 and Soundmagic E30. I dont know much about headphones, but id rather not go over 80$ and i live in sweden, so many of the popular headphones around here are not available to...
  6. torrenteg

    Please help...Need advice on bass earphones!

    Hi there,   I'm trying to buy a set of new earphones and I really need your advice.   Currently, I own pair of brainwavz m4 but the left side of the earphone stopped working recently. I believe it's caused by the cable that bends around the jack so I'm thinking to get one with straight...
  7. tannerbnd

    My wife thinks I have a problem! Lol

  8. jamiek123

    Good Looking Budget Cans !!! Appreciate Advice!!!

    Hi, I am looking for new headphones, my budget is not very big 70$, or 40 euros i could probably stretch it a bit if needs be. The qualities im looking for are  Good bass, on songs that are bassy songs i love the feel of the thump of the bass, but i also like the music to be clear not muddy...
  9. calvin lin

    Recommendation for headphones <150usd. Will dt990 pro work for me?

    I have a koss ur40. While I really like the wide and open feel, I am always finding that it is lacking something.   Firstly, it lacks bass and the sound is not full, as if there isn't much weight. When the volume is increased, it simply get loud, without the weight. The sound also feels very...
  10. KingAlex06

    Brainwavz M4 or R1? (cable issues)

    I want to buy the R1 but I am skeptical about its cable. Everytime I break a headphone is because the cable becomes brittle and then breaks easily. I see that the M4 has a higher quality cable. I don't have a lot of money to spare because I don't have a job yet. So how do you think? Will the...
  11. dautolover

    Brainwavz R1 Ear tips

    I didn't think it would be very difficult trying to find replacement ear tips for the R1, but it unfortunately it has. Does any one know where to find them? Tried their website, with no luck. There's a bunch of sellers in Amazon, but I don't know if they'll fit the R1. I think it would be easy...
  12. TommyNavara

    Recable a BrainwavzR1

    Ok most of you will reply to this thread like: "are you serious?" or that kind of stuff, i know. But i know that DIY is something like experimenting with everything you come accross and... i came accross a pair of brainwavz R1 with a faulty cable, the audio blinks on the left phone when you...
  13. keanex

    [Review] Brainwavz R1, an entry level dual driver IEM

        Pros: Lightweight, good fit with provided tips, rather clean sound which should respond well to EQ. Cons: Rather cheap feeling due to the plastic construction, mid-bass is boomy. Preferred Genres: Trance and some Jazz. Amp: Not necessary, though the bass has better control through...
  14. feeblely

    need help. sony mh1c vs vsonic gr02 vs brainwavz r1

    Hi. I need 2 earphones. One for me and one for my bro.   i listen to pop/kpop.   he listens to dubstep, hardstyle, vocal trance etc(stuff with lots of bass?)   I have been reading through the forums for the past week and have come up with the following eaRphones:   for me...
  15. ash32911

    brainwavz r1 review.

    I ordered the brainwavz r1 after reading reviews on head fi. It was worth the purchase. I am a bass head so I needed something that suited me. I listen to rock ,metal , punk-rock and very select rap and hip hop. I rooted my phone and then put an app called viper4android on my HTC one x plus...
  16. AndyM39

    SoundMAGIC e10 vs Klipsch IMAGE S4 vs Brainwavz R1

    Hello all. I asked a similar question to this one on Yahoo Answers and was recommended to cut my losses and purchase the stock apple earphones..... So now I am here. After losing my earphones, I have been in search for the best earphones for a reasonably cheap price. After a week, I have...
  17. pursuant

    PK3 IEMs

    I use PK3 and have had good luck with them. The price is right but they won't stay in my ears. I am looking for an IEm with similar sound qualities. I have a high frequency hearing loss so something that will compensate for this is a necessity , crisp, and clear. Bass not a big deal for me. I...
  18. intersonic

    [Review] Brainwavz R1 vs M5

    Hi, this is my first review in Head-Fi and also for my first dual speakers earphone    After I used my Denon C360 for 2 years, as I knew the brand of Brainwavz in some ways, I decided to try some new things for entry-level earphone.   First, I bought M5 for its "clear and detailed" sound...
  19. pro1137

    IEM tips

    Hey Head-Fi. I've recently gone tip-crazy, looking for, and buying tons of tips for my IEMs. I've got my eyes on a set of Shure tips (clear single, bi flange, orange foam, and soft flex). Would those tips fit something like the VSonic VC02 (short 4mm nozzle, great for deep insertion with stock...
  20. cpetrillo

    Lots of LCD2 r1 for sale used

    I have noticed a lot LCD r1's for sale used. Are they worth it or should I wait for a pair of r2's? What are the differences?
  21. pro1137

    What tips work best for Brainwavz R1?

    Hey, Head-Fi'ers.   I have a pair of Brainwavz R1, which I am pretty content with, but I would like to know what tips work best with these. I've been looking at the ER38-14F foam tips, but I don't know if they will work with the R1..  I've also wanted to get some triple-flange tips, but...
  22. talelxpx

    [Help]Vsonic Gr06/BrainWavz R1/SoundMagic E30

    hello guys i really need to decide which earphone to buy im going to use the earphones also for running  atm im using samsung earphones that came with my galaxy and theyre pretty ok in runnin so i guess any of these earphones will stay in...   i want to know which one is better in...
  23. lihka555

    Brainwavz R1 vs Vsonic GR99 - Which is a better buy for 32-35$?

    I want to buy an IEM and these two fit well under my budget. I am really confused about which one of these I should go with. I want to focus on sound quality. I listen to all kinds of music, so an overall balanced IEM would be best. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  24. madmarty

    50$ every day in ears - Brainwavz R1 - Soundmagic E10 - Vsonic GR02 - Klipsch S4 or others????

    I'm looking for cheap in-ears for to carry in my pant-pockets which are base-accented. I want to use it on my smartphone. I like Metall, Hard-Rock, especially e-guitars and sometimes Elektro.   I found that the Brainwavz R1, Soundmagic E10, Vsonic GR02, Klipsch S4 could match my desires but...
  25. penelope94

    Brainwavz R1 Dual Dynamic Speaker In-Ear Earphones VS Logitech Ultimate Ears 500 Noise-Isolating Earphones

    I need you help im between these too as two members suggested me. My priority is the noise isolation ,so whitch one has better isolation ??  ...