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Brainwavz Audio B400 4-Way Quad Driver 3D Printed IEM

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  1. Podster
    THX Moe Daddy, just when I was getting a handle on that card balance:scream: So it looks like B400's w/Candy Cane for the Opus and Frosty for all the rest:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    By the way the red is nice but this just looks like a Zillion $$$$:yum:
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2017
    B9Scrambler likes this.
  2. moedawg140 Contributor
    Anytime, my dear friend!

    And...YOLO - get that big-buck B400 you like!
  3. Podster
    LOL, you know I will and those two sweet cables:wink:

    Cheers and Sweet Cheery Lemonade in my glass:yum:
    moedawg140 likes this.
  4. moedawg140 Contributor
    I wish I could have something sweet like Cherry Lemonade to drink - I’m currently losing weight for my weigh in a few days after RMAF. Hopefully they have scrumptious food in Bulgaria!
  5. Podster
    Man, have not heard RMAF since I was stationed in Germany! They better have some good beer and Bulgarian brats!
  6. moedawg140 Contributor
    CanJam at RMAF I mean. :)

    I won’t have either since I don’t drink or eat pork...but if there are some yummy restaurants I’ll be a happy camper!
  7. Podster
    LOL, leave it to Pod to mixup a military acronym with an Audio one! Enjoy the Rocky Mountain:thumbsup:
    moedawg140 likes this.
  8. Podster
    My suggestion is try Acorn:wink:
  9. moedawg140 Contributor
    Thanks! I’ll only be there on Friday, then on Saturday I go back to LAX and then Bulgaria the same day.
    Pardon me, what’s Acorn? The nut that’s put in squirrel’s mouths? :chipmunk:
  10. Podster
    My long time friends in Boulder say it an excellent place to eat in Denver:wink:
    moedawg140 likes this.
  11. moedawg140 Contributor
    Ooooh, thanks for the recommendation!

    I’ll definitely have to try it out next year when I can eat more than my current regimen!


    I am bringing the B400 Premium Crimson Red with Candy Cane balanced cable to CanJam @ RMAF next Friday if anyone wants to demo!
  12. kova4a
    Hey, I'm in Bulgaria. Happy to help with recommendations
  13. moedawg140 Contributor
  14. razzer001 Contributor
    First post on this thread has been updated.
    Brooko and Ahmad313 like this.
  15. Brooko Contributor
    Raz - when can we go ahead with the reviews?
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