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Brainwavz Audio B400 4-Way Quad Driver 3D Printed IEM

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  1. DecentLevi
    @razzer001, a few things myself and others too may be curious about:
    Are both die-cast metal and plastic versions of the B400? The Star Frosty finish looks transparent.
    Is the Candy Cane balanced 2.5mm cable the same wire type as the base version balanced cable?

    Thanks! :dt880smile:
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2017
  2. DecentLevi
  3. jant71
  4. rantng
    So the Premium comes with Colored OR Frosty + upgraded cables. @razzer001 I believe you have the "or" & "+" switched around.
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2017
  5. DecentLevi
    Yes I read the updated first page carefully and still had those questions for Brainwavz since it's not clear yet. Some look like they could be die cast metal, and I wonder if the two balanced cables have only a different color or not
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2017
  6. razzer001 Contributor
    The B400 will only be made through 3D printing and we don't have plans to make it in metal. Based on the shape, it's really not suitable for die cast, at least not at A cost effectI've price.

    Our Candy Cane cable is made with 4 core high grade copper litz wire that is silver plated. This cable has better quality materials than the standard cable. All of the premium cables we have help to push the B400 to their full sound potential.

    Yes, thank you for Ponting out the mistake. It is meant to be for both cables. First posted updated to reflect this.
    DecentLevi likes this.
  7. moedawg140
    Some funny ones in there so far! Haha

    If I posted something it would probably be along the lines of something no one can relate to, such as bringing my electric scooter to London so it’s easier to travel around to make a custom moedawg140 Arsenal jersey! ......see? :sweat_smile: :neutral_face: :disappointed_relieved:

    Anywho, hope to see you again at the next SF meet and/or CanJam SoCal!
    DecentLevi likes this.
  8. wuwhere Contributor
    $189.50 is good enough for me. :ksc75smile:
  9. playininjapan
    @razzer001 If ordered from the main store, will you offer overseas shipping for the B400? Thanks.
  10. razzer001 Contributor
    Yes we do. All our products sold on our direct store have free worldwide shipping, this option normally takes a parcel about 7-14 days to atrive. There is also the option to upgrade the shipping to FedEx and get it in fewer days.
  11. playininjapan
    Great, thanks for the quick reply!
  12. ncristia
    So What are you waiting for? Take our money!
    playininjapan and Ahmad313 like this.
  13. Ahmad313
    When it will be available and can we purchase only from your direct store or you also distribute these to Aliexpress sellers ,???
  14. AllenWalker
    Can't wait :)
  15. razzer001 Contributor
    I'll be in touch shortly through pm about that.
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