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Brainwavz Audio B400 4-Way Quad Driver 3D Printed IEM

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  1. euge
    How do these compare to the 1more quads?
  2. Ahmad313
    wooow, unbelievable , very very affordable prices , i will buy one sure .
  3. DcPlusOne
    I hope the price stays the same as per announced. It's too good to be true looking at how much the other 4 drivers earphones cost. Less those chi-fi earphones. Looking forward to more impressions and comparisons against similarly priced earphones!
    Ahmad313 likes this.
  4. B9Scrambler
    That's it for cost? I was completely expecting 350-400. This is awesome!
  5. moedawg140
    Blissful listening comes to those who wait:

    6AE838E6-A8C4-4255-9159-BCEA5C20A169.jpeg 7A7A7B39-4BD7-41F8-925B-83CEB46EBD40.jpeg

    I waited out for the Crimson Red, and it’s a sight to behold in person.

    This B400 is just as lovely sounding as I listened to it at CanJam SoCal earlier this year.

    Clear, balanced sounding, and a nice, smooth energetic sound with just a hint of laid-backness as well.

    The gorgeous and supple-in-hand Candy Cane 2.5mm Balanced Cable will be paired with the Questyle Audio QP2R and will be one of my go-to MMCX Balanced cables.

    I can go on and on about the 3D-printed build, creamy clear sound, incredible fit in my ears, but then that would be less time that you would have to ultimately listen to the B400 on your own.

    Simply put, for the asking price, get them!
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2017
    Ahmad313 and HiFiChris like this.
  6. jant71
    Cool! I just saw the Candy Cane and Frosty Premium cables up on the Brainwavz site yesterday for $45 each and thought that was very fair. $250 with all the options would be a sweet price and sure to sell well.
    Ahmad313 likes this.
  7. GearMe
    Would be interested in this comparison as well...
  8. DecentLevi
    This is an amazing value!! I have a question: So for the two different deals it seems the IEM internals are the same except the exterior color, but what about the cables, is there any upgrade in cable material, or is it just a color difference too? Also would you mind to tell us what cable material is used with the balanced cable?

    I'm looking forward to more reviews / comparisons here, like to the Alcalir Curve and Simgot
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2017
  9. razzer001 Contributor
    The upgrade cables are all made using 4 core silver plated, high grade OFC copper litz wires, they are also made by two very well respected makers of earphone cables, the 3.5mm stereo cables are actually made in USA and the 2.5mm cable from Taiwan.

    The external material of the cable is PU.

    More on the 3 premium cables here on our site:
  10. DecentLevi
    @razzer001 thanks for the insight! I'll just nag you once more on this... Which balanced cable type is used on the base version, just a standard copper cable? Finally, does the upgraded balanced silver cable make it substantially brighter, or just more transparent / neutral (in your opinion)
  11. crabdog
    That metal B400 shell looks really sweet. Nice to see the same form factor as the B100/150 which are ridiculously comfortable to wear.
  12. Ahmad313
    Eagerly waiting for your full review and please ( if it is possible) make sure a comparison with LZ A4 and Big Dipper , thanks .
  13. HiFiChris Contributor
    Brainwavz switched to industrial 3D-printing because their shell design wasn't possible with metal injection moulding.
  14. crabdog
    Yeah I see that now. It's all good, the Frosty's look dope!
  15. ostewart
    If I get a pair in to review I'll put them up against the slightly cheaper Simgot EN700 Pro which I've just received :)
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