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Brainwavz Audio B400 4-Way Quad Driver 3D Printed IEM

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  1. peter123
    My B400 arrived yesterday and these are a very good sounding pair of IEM's for their price and should definitely be considered in the sub $200 price bracket.

    After a few hours with them these are my very early impression:

    Balanced sound
    Great comfort
    Very good isolation

    Finishing on the housing are far from premium.
    I'd have wished for some double and/or triple flanges included since the stem is unusually thin.

    Will share more impressions later but do far so good :)
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  2. razzer001 Contributor
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  3. Ynot1
    Unless I'm mistaken B400 uses a 3d printer to make the shell. Does that mean going forward earphone shells can be modified using a 3d printer and maybe a custom stand for the earphone? The stand can suspend the earphone by the cable and allow the 3d printer to work around the earphone freely.

    I wonder if custom molding impressions can be put into a 3d printer software.
    Better yet an app to scan the ear and canal using iphone x face scanner and create an impression profile.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2017
  4. xblackdemonx
  5. vrln
    Just something I´ve been wondering: do Shure tips fit the B400 nozzle perfectly?
  6. Brooko Contributor
    Yes - you need to force a little the first time - but that is what I’m using
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  7. thejoker13
    Very nice! I preordered the B400 from the upcoming 3rd batch and the wait is killing me, lol. I'm glad you're happy with yours.
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  8. harry501501
    The INAIRS V3 are a great mix with the B200 and B150 which are equally thin. They really improved the sound of my B150, although i prefer the silicon provided with b200.
  9. thejoker13
    I'm curious what you may be comparing the b200 to, to classify them as thin sounding. The only BA based earphones I have that I can compare the B200 to is the klipsch x11 and x12 and the nuforce hem4 and primo8. Compared to my limited selections, the B200 sound full and warmer than my previously mentioned earphones. I also really enjoy the tennmak cello (single dynamic driver) and I would classify them as thinner sounding to me versus the B200. I normally hear earphones the same way as you have described previously, but I definitely hear the B200 differently.
    Also just out of curiosity, what do you generally use as your main source?
    I tried tip rolling with my B200's and found the small silicone sounded the best of all the different brands and sizes, which is funny to me. I generally need a medium or large tip to seal properly on most phones.
  10. GearMe
    Yeah...I went this route. Although I have several Brainwavz products, can't beat the value on the UE900S and have been wanting to upgrade from my Triple-Fi 10's. Besides, that'll allow the production kinks to be worked out on the B400's. Probably pick them up next spring/summer.
  11. peter123
    Thanks for the suggestion but those seems to be foam tips, if so I don't like using them for several reasons: expensive, hard to insert, doesn't last long and doesn't feel very hygienic.

    I'm looking for double or triple flanges since I usually prefer that with the design that the B400 has.
  12. peter123
    I believe he's talking about the thin nozzles :wink:
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  13. moedawg140 Contributor
    The SpinFit TwinBlade should take care of the Dual flange if you (or anyone) is in search for silicone dual flange universal eartips:
  14. thejoker13
    Thanks Peter, that makes way more sense reading it from that perspective, lol. I thought he meant the foams were a good mix because of the thin tonality of the B200. That really had me scratching my head. Reading comprehension fail, ha.
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  15. peter123
    Thanks for the suggestion, I'll check them out!
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