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Brainwavz Audio B400 4-Way Quad Driver 3D Printed IEM

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  1. metabaron
    The way I do it is by wrapping the cable at the connection with a small piece of cloth and pulling.
  2. airbooster
    Guys/Gals, if i do a double blind test for these IEMs you would surely place it beyond 1K.

    I ordered these thinking i would use it for general purpose and am delighted that it can do some heavy lifting.

    One have to ask what exactly what they want with their setup.

    Do you want a TOTL camera with TOTL lens having to lug around tons of equipment or just a point and shoot that does most things great!

    To my ears, these sounds fabulous out of ANYTHING! I can’t say the same about some of my IEM.

    To sum it up, when i spend more than 1K, i will dissect and be extremely critical about my analysis. At 200, i just put them on, sit back, relax and enjoy the music! Does it make me dance? They sure

    Thanks Brainwavz for this amazing peice of lovelyness
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  3. razzer001 Contributor
    Not sure if I would have the most impartial view, but I use a S7 and have used the B400 plenty with them and can say the S7 can easily drive them and they sound good with them.

    The premium cables are made with higher grade litz wire that has also been silver plated.

    MMCX connectors probably seem harder to remove than they actually are. Don't use a knife or anything else to wedge between the connectors, this will damage mmcx connector.

    The trick is to not squeeze your earphone housing very tight, this will put pressure on the female connector and tighten it's grip on the male portion, rather grip the earphone firmly, pull on the earphone cable from the mmcx strain relief and do a slight pivot action. The cable will detach.

    With the earphone rotating round, there isn't need to be concerned, with mmcx connectors they either hold or don't, if it was actually loose the earphone would just fall off.
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  4. HiFiChris Contributor
  5. Brooko Contributor
    Sorry for the delays with these

    P1 has slightly more bass volume, but because its a dynamic vs BA has more bass impact. B400 is quicker though. P1 more V shaped, and more upper end energy. B400 more balanced and (IMO) a better and more coherent mid-range. B400 a lot easier to drive.

    b400 vs p1.png

    The problem with comparing the two is that the FLC8S has so many different signatures - so which one do you pick? Here's the B400 vs FLC8S black/grey/gold.

    FLC8S has more sub-bass impact, but B400 has richer mid-bass and lower mid-range. FLC8S has more forward vocal area (I can find it fatiguing after a while) - personally I think the B400 has more overall coherency in its mid-range and lower treble. But you an change some of this with the FLC8S filters - so its really a moot point.

    I've never tried the SE215 but owned Shure's SE315,425 and 535. Body shape and size is similar, and fit is fantastic for me. If you struggled with the Shures, then you may do with the B400 as well.

    b400 vs flc8s.png
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  6. jkjk123

    Big fan of your reviews! Super detailed, clear, and with nice measurements and pictures.

    I am looking forward to trying out the B400 (placed a pre-order). Do you have any recommendations in the $200-300 for a dynamic or hybrid (I listen to a lot of electronic music and prefer the dynamic bass) that has very good isolation? From my research it seems that the Pinnacle P1, Oriveti New Primacy, Sony XBA N3 are potential options, but not sure if their isolation matches up (or is close to) sealed BAs. Thanks
  7. leobigfield
    Does anyone has the B400 and LZ-A3 for comparison? It's my current IEM so would be nice to hear how the two compare.
  8. razzer001 Contributor
    Oh and one more thing when removing the cable from the mmcx poet, never try to detach it by yanking on the cord, always grip the strain relief on the male mmcx connector on the cable. Yanking hard on the cable will probably damage the cable and even the mmcx port on the earphone.
  9. ahmonge
    Thanks Brooko. Your reply is very helpful as I have the P1 and I'm looking for an IEM more suitable for classical.
  10. Katun
    Couple notes from me. I've been comparing the B200 v1, B200 v2, and B400 for the past hour swapping between standard and upgraded frosty cable.
    • Regardless of cable, the v1 is quite a bit louder than the v2 at the same volume. Using my clip+ I have to go about 5db lower with the v1 to match volume.
    • Upgraded cable sounds brighter, maybe a bit cleaner. v1 vs v2 with frosty definitely sounds different, where as its nearly indistinguishable if v2 is on stock.
    • My upgraded cable is loose on one side on v2 and B400, creating easier earpiece swivel and has extra wiggle in the socket. Another user has also reported this. Stock cable rock solid.
    • B400 with frosty nearly too bright for me when compared directly to stock cable. Although, frosty on the v2 sounds absolutely lovely! Better than stock v2 or v1.
    • Cinch on upgraded cable is very, very loose and slides down the cable. This makes getting rid of the somewhat severe microphonics an issue if cable is routed down back.
    • Housing on v1 a bit smaller and smoother than v2 due to non-removable cable. Comfort is better on v1 due to smaller strain reliefs for easier cable routing and much better cinch.
    • Overall, I cannot recommend v2 over v1 unless using the upgraded cable for better sound, but that also brings some issues of its own so its a trade off (loose cinch, very microphonic, YMMV with memory wire).
    Regardless, the B200 and B400 are spectacular sounding earphones and for a great price!
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
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  11. Ahmad313
    +1 , nice work ,
  12. Slusho
    It's weird, the left one hurts more than the right one. No one else has experienced discomfort with these? I'm 6' tall so not a small person.
  13. Radec
    Can anyone compare the B400 to the Noble X Massdrop or Oriveti New Primacy IEMs? I'm really tired of harsh treble in IEMs and I've narrowed my search to these IEMs.
  14. dweaver
    This probably means your ears are slightly different in shape. Try using a different size tip in that ear going one size smaller. I use a smaller tips size in my right ear for example.
  15. Slusho
    I'm using the Comply so that shouldn't be an issue. The discomfort isn't in my canal but on the back most area (fathest away from my face) where it presses a bit against my ear. Like I feel like if it was a millimeter shorter it wouldn't be a problem.
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