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Brainwavz Audio B400 4-Way Quad Driver 3D Printed IEM

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  1. foreverzer0
    Since people say this is flagship quality, any comparisons to real flagships such as the Campfire Andromeda/Vega or UE 18+?
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  2. Jerda
    Look brooko's review for the comparison with the andromeda
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2017
  3. Brooko Contributor
    I didn't compare with the Andromeda, and I can't because I don't have one to side-by-side with. You'd need to ask someone who has access to both.
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  4. Ahmad313
    It is a flagship model ot Brainwavz with some excellent reference/audiophiles level sound qualities but it is definitely far from TOTAL LEAGUE , Brooko even avoid to compare them with his Big Dipper ,
  5. Brooko Contributor
    To be fair - I couldn't see the point. Its in a totally different price point, the Dipper has the ability to be tuned, and the way the drivers have been configured, there does seem to be more separation of instruments. Its strengths should not detract from the B400 which is an absolutely excellent IEM for the money being asked. I guess the way I'd put it is that I believe it equals or beats the likes of the Shure SE535 in overall performance. And that to me is a pretty impressive effort.
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  6. TympanicLiam
    Just ordered a pair of the frosted models, picked up for ~162 shipped from Brainwavz with code headfi. So pumped!
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  7. Badder
    @razzer001, will the B2 Phoenix have colour options too? Would love to see that cosmic black on it :L3000: .
  8. CucumberSlice
    @razzer001, is the berry purple color no longer available? If it is, are there any better representations of it's color?
  9. razzer001 Contributor
    We won't have berry purple available for ordering anymore.
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  10. jant71
    Ooooh, rare limited edition :)

    B400 is BW current "flagship" and perform great within it's realm esp. with a few tweaks but people running to $1000 earphones are taking the talk a bit much. Dipper if it was a name brand like Campfire would be well over $1K.

    Perhaps with a improved cable and around $300 total cost, the B400 it will make a nice showing and be enough for many people. At or above the ER4, TF10, UE900, SE535, and many of the old flagships and even a bunch of flagships today in the $300 - $500 range. DUNU stuff, PA Beryllium($300), SONY XBA and N3 around $300, FLC8, AT LS 300/400, AKG N series, and stuff like that. Let's stay grounded and stay fair to the B400.
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  11. harry501501
    How do these compare with the excellent B200?
  12. metabaron
    I need to know that as well. How do the B200 compare to the B400?
  13. harry501501
    Just heard from good source that the B400 is more transparent, cleaner, less congested and basically just better in every way by sounds of it. Does it for me in all fairness.
  14. Slusho
    I'm hoping Brainwavz can get the mic + remote cable out soon for not too much. It's surprising how few good MMCX cables there are out there. As far as I can find, if you want memory wire and mic + remote, you've got the UE 900 cable that's $50 directly from Logitech (really expensive imo), the Shure cable that's got tons of quality complaints, or random no name cables on AliExpress, etc.
  15. HiFiChris Contributor
    I'll have the full review and comparison ready on Thursday.
    The most noticeable difference, in terms of tuning, is that the B200 is more laid-back in the 3 to 5 kHz area and that the B400 is more laid-back around 11 kHz. Therefore the B400 has got the more intimate vocals in comparison while it also sounds softer in the treble at the same time. I'm sure some people would refer to its sound as "analogue".
    Performance-wise, the two are closer than you might think. There are a few areas where the B400 has got an edge over the (as you justifiably say, excellent) B200, but it's definitely not like it's on another level or anything like that. Objectivity aside, my very personal, subjective preference tends slightly towards the B200 even though I love the B400's colours and despite its somewhat more open presentation with some slight technical advantage here and there. Why? Because as I mentioned, the B400's treble response appears rather soft and smooth. While the B200 actually has a bit less level in the upper highs and is a tad more laid-back, its highs are "snappier" and not soft, despite not being emphasised, wherefore my very personal preference tends towards it.
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