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Brainwavz Audio B400 4-Way Quad Driver 3D Printed IEM

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  1. dweaver
    Here is my review. I will be adding some pictures to it tomorrow but thought I would post it "naked" for now :ksc75smile:.
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  2. peter123
    Great read, thanks!
  3. Slusho
    So I realized that there's a ridge in my ear that is way more prominent in my left ear than my right, which is why it pushes against the left earbud but not the right. So all I have to do is get cosmetic surgery based on the shape of my earbuds.
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  4. Selenium
    Or you could pick a fight with Mike Tyson and hope for the best. Or would it be the worst?
  5. dweaver
    Sucks to have something like that affect your enjoyment of an IEM. Any chance you can adjust how it sits in your ear to make it more comfortable?

    BTW my review is no longer "naked" as I have added a few pictures. :)
  6. Ahmad313
    Nice review , i like the way you rate every field individually, it is very helpful ,
  7. Ted1703
    Hello, long time lurker here.
    Im interested to find out how do these compare to the Dunu DN-2000j. Are they comparable? Or do they sound very different?
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  8. razzer001 Contributor
    I would also recommend trying to position it slightly different or even use a larger tip to make it sit a bit further out from your ear.
  9. DecentLevi
    I would barely compare them, as they are complete 180' opposite sound signatures in every sense - myself a former owner of the DUNU DN-2000J and having recently relistened. The DUNU are clear as a whistle, sweet and detailed sounding, yet to me very fatiguing with a sort of hyper analytical treble and bass response with a quite unnatural sounding stereo width (IMO), whereas the B400's are far more laid back, maybe not quite as extended, slightly darker, yet give much better isolation than the shallow insertion of the DUNU's.

    I would recommending posting your preferred sound signature or an example of which head/earphones you like to get recommendations on which one would be good for your tastes.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2017
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  10. HiFiChris Contributor
    Quite different - the DUNU is quite the opposite in the treble and tuned for a bright, vivid, clear (however at times also somewhat edgy and even a bit sharp) upper end presentation.
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  11. Ted1703
    Many thanks for both of your reply. Was considering to get a pair of B400s to replace the DN-2000J (cables damaged at the Y-splitter), but wasn't sure if it would be suitable, since they're still not out in the stores around my area, and I have no way of trying them out.

    I started out with a pair of MEElectronics A151 and moved to the Shure SE215 SPE, and eventually got the DN-2000J as a blind buy. Still kind of new to this, so I can't really describe/ tell what my preferred sound signature is, but I like the clarity of the DUNU (controlled the sharp trebles with the comply tips). I also felt that the SE215 SPE is a little muddy for my tastes and would prefer a bit more trebles with it. On the other hand, the A151 was a little lacking in bass.

    I also listen to a wide range of music, like pop, EDM, rock and acoustic covers, and I like it when I'm able to hear the different instruments in the music/song.

    Not sure if these info will be helpful, but hopefully it'll be enough to know if the B400s would be suitable, or if I should look at other IEMs.:ksc75smile:
  12. Slusho
    Let's not get crazy.
  13. harry501501
    Off topic, but thanks for introducing me to Amber Rubarth. You are dead right on this being a great test track artist, just given a good half hour listening to her music
  14. razzer001 Contributor
    Just a update on those waiting on the preorder, we are expecting them to be in stock by Nov 10th at this time and will start to ship within a few days from that date.
  15. Radec
    Thanks for the update. I placed a new order last week after the last one got delayed & I ended up cancelling. I'm really looking forward to receiving them.
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