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Brainwavz Audio B400 4-Way Quad Driver 3D Printed IEM

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  1. HiFiChris Contributor
    Oh snap! :frowning2: I just typed in a rather lengthy reply about some of the differences, but when I pressed "Post Reply", it didn't show up even though the beginning of my reply can be seen on my profile under "Recent Posts". To make it short, what I wrote was basically that the B200 is more laid-back between 3 and 5 kHz, whereas the B400 is more in the background around 11 kHz. No major difference on the technical side, just some things the B400 does a little better in direct comparison. The B400 has got a softer treble compared to the B200 despite being less laid-back, giving it what some people would probably refer to as "analogue" sound.
  2. metabaron
    Actually your answer did show up, and was pretty informative. I ended up going for the B200 plus an upgraded onyx cable. I think I will be satisfied with it's signature plus I get an extra cable with it. Thanks.
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2017
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  3. razzer001 Contributor
    Most probably not.
  4. jkjk123
    Are there any updates on when the remote+mic cable will be available? Will it be possible to order a B400 with it as the default option?

    Thank you
  5. razzer001 Contributor
    Its still on track for a November release.
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  6. razzer001 Contributor
    Preorder update:

    This is probably going to please some people. We're getting quite a few preorders but they've all been for the Stay Frosty version, which is great, but i also need my team to get more used to making colored versions, as such i've decided to offer the Black (formally called glossy black) at no additional up cost for this preorder period.

    Should you have already ordered the B400 during the preorder and want to change to black, no worries, our customer service team will contact each preorder buying informing them of this new choice they have. Should you not see anything in your email inbox by Friday please directly PM me with your order number and request to change to black, i will get it sorted.

    Also apologies if this mid change during the preorder causes any inconvenience to anyone.
  7. ChrisRPM12
    Apparently I received a full refund as the next batch of the Stay Frosty variant will be available between november 5-10 according to the emails I received. Nevertheless I shall reorder the default as I much prefer the semi transparent shells. :D
  8. jkjk123
    Does anyone know if the B400 will sound good/roughly the same when driven by a smartphone? (Samsung Galaxy S7) I believe its output impedance is 5.8 Ohms.

    Thank you
  9. leobigfield
    When the preorder will end? Hope it will stay until 29-30 oct. :frowning2:
  10. dweaver
    I do not have a Samsung phone but the B400 sounds very good from my LG V20 and my Pono so I think that you will be fine.
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  11. C_Lindbergh
    So 24h after using these IEMs all I can say is that I'm very pleased, they sound great from my LG G6 (quad dac version) using Tidal! Now I'm just waiting for the remote/mic cable :)

    Also kudos to the neat shipment packning with the very thick bubble wrap!
  12. Radec
    I apologize if it's already been asked, but what is the difference between the stock cable and the frosty/onyx upgrade cables?
  13. metabaron
    I just got the B200 with the upgraded cable, and I don't know if there are enough owners of the B200 with upgraded cables to ask in that forum, but my Onyx cable has very loose connections, to the point that they just swirl around. My two standard cables on the other hand are very firmly connected. Are they supposed to be this loose, or did I get a faulty cable?
  14. Slusho
    I got my pair super quick. Here are my first impressions:

    I love the color. I got crimson red and it's a bit darker red than it looks in their picture which I'm really happy about. The coating makes it a bit more reflective and less speckly unless you get really close. Very nice looking. I've attached a pic that's more accurate below.

    As for size, it's pretty low-profile and stays in that area of the ear as opposed to protruding out like my ATH-IM70. However, it's just a little too long going back and it presses up against my ear. I'll have to see if that causes any discomfort when worn for a long period. The seam between the two halves of the casing is very smooth on the left one except the back whereas it's much more pronounced and can be felt as an edge on the right one. It also looks like a small part of it got chipped under the coating.

    I am not a fan of the cable. I like how it uses a 45 degree angle and it has a nice strain relief. However, the slide to keep the two earphones together is so tight that you have to use so much force that I worry that I'll damage the cable. Also, at the top it isn't memory wire as I'm used to. You can't really change the shape of it. It just stays how it was made. No bending it to your ears. And the tubing isn't long enough. It's the exact length for the edge to touch my ear, causing the relatively sharp edge to rub against it. Also, I like how thick the one on my IM70s is because it keeps it pretty tangle-free. This one is thin so it tangles very easily. If the mic + remote cable is like this I might have to get the expensive UE one.

    The nozzles are little small for the SpinFit CP100 tips. They go on and don't come off in my ear, they're just a little looser than they would have to be for me to be totally comfortable.

    The sound is really good. Keep in mind I'm not an experienced audiophile and I don't go in for all the jargon. I tested them with a Pixel XL, Pixel 2 XL, iPad Pro, and my PC (gaming motherboard with isolated sound card through a keyboard) and I don't think I heard any significant difference. Didn't have to turn the volume up very high on any. Compared to my ATH-IM70, they are clearer, have a somewhat larger sound stage, and I think a bit less V-shaped with a bit less bass, though better defined bass like the rest. The sound signature isn't too different which I'm very happy about. The unnatural vocals I heard on the ATH-IM02 are not found here. I can breathe a sigh of relief. Not a monumental leap over the IM70 but definitely an upgrade that pleases me. I am hearing things I didn't before in my songs, that when I go back and listen with the IM70, they're present but not as defined, separated, and enjoyable.

    The accessories are nice. Extra tips, Comply tips and cleaning tools are very welcome and the case is nice and sturdy. A lot of IEMs come with stupidly big cases. This one's not too big, though I'd prefer it to be like half the size as I don't need to be carrying the accessories around with me and if it was thinner you might be able to get it in a jeans pocket.

    Last edited: Oct 25, 2017
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  15. DecentLevi
    Hey guys, I got my B400 yesterday, a review unit - thanks very much to @razzer001. Will be saving my impressions for the upcoming review, and I'll wait to answer any questions until then as well... but for now just a quick question:

    Is there a special way to connect / remove the MMXC type of of IEM cables? (the round coaxial type connection that these use). Removing the stock cable was such a challenge I had to resort to wedging the back of a knife to pry it off with brute force (which also easily scuffed up both IEMs a bit), but then when inserting the balanced cable it seemed as if there may be some groove that needs to be aligned if I'm not mistaken to properly connect it. Now the problem is that by the time I connected the balanced cable, seems the connection base inside the IEM could have been loosened, as the balanced cable just barely clicked when connecting, and now is slightly loose rocking back / forth and swirls around easily. I wanted to see how these 'babies scale with solid state amps, but now I'm afraid to remove the balanced cable ever again, for fear of deforming the connection base on the IEM which seems to perhaps be a somewhat pliable copper or brass material... so was I doing it wrong? And would you say it's safe to swap out cables a few more times or should I just leave the balanced cable on? Thanks...
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2017
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