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BQEYZ in-ear monitors Impressions Thread

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  1. DocHoliday
    Welcome to the BQEYZ impressions thread!

    New kid on the block BQEYZ (for simplicity I've dubbed them BK's) seems to be running on all cylinders and I believe they deserve their own thread. Hopefully, we'll see much more in the near future but in the meantime here are several of BQEYZ well-received models:

    BQEYZ KC2 (2DD+2BA)
    BQEYZ KC2 b.jpg

    BQEYZ K2 (2DD+2BA)
    BQEYZ K2 a.jpg

    BQEYZ BQ3 (2DD+3BA)
    BQEYZ BQ3.jpg

    BQEYZ KB1 (2DD+1BA)
    BQEYZ KB1 (2DD+1BA).jpg

    BQEYZ KB100 (2DD+1BA)
    BQEYZKB100 red-700x700.jpg

    I'll add more to this list but, apparently, these models deserve one's attention.

    Last edited: Feb 18, 2019
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  2. Slater
    Great idea for a thread Doc!

    BQEYZ is making some great products. I love my KB1 and K2.

    I have wanted some KC2 for a while now, but I’m wondering about the rumor that they are returning them.

    I don’t know if that’s going to be a good or bad thing.

    My understanding is that they’re the one of the more flat/neutral of the BQEYZ lineup (along with the KB100).

    I wonder why they felt the need to retune it, and what sound signature they are retuning it to?

    We all know what happened when KZ retuned the ZS5 v1. My fear is the retuned version will be worse, like the ZS5 v2.

    I wish I knew; then I could pick up one of the current KC2 while they’re still available.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2018
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  3. Theri0n
    KC2 is flat. It has tight bass, distinctive mids and comfortable treble. This is the only IEM I could listen for hours without raping my ears.

    I am looking for IEM with similar sound signature.
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  4. maxxevv
    Nice idea since they have been so well received for their product offerings.

    But I think this should be in the "portable-headphones-earphones-and-in-ear-monitors" forums though.
  5. exavolt
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  6. DocHoliday
    Thanks, Slater. Hopefully, BQEYZ won't make the same mistake KZ made with the ZS5. Funny thing.......I compared the BA10 to the ZS5(v1) and as good as the v1 is it got trounced by the BA10.

    BQEYZ is on a roll so I bet they'll give KZ some stiff competition.

    BQEYZ has released just these six IEMs in a very short period of time so I expect that we'll see more to come in the near future, hence the dedicated thread. The "KZ thread", "Chinese/Asian Brand" and "Best Sub-$100" threads do quite well with enough volume that the dedicated content doesn't get lost amidst a sea of other chatter. With BQEYZ determination and current trajectory this dedicated thread should keep things focused and easier to navigate for BQEYZ enthusiasts. At any rate, that's the goal. Time will tell.

    Thanks for the heads-up, I missed those two. I've added the links above.

    Thanks again.

    p.s. - the BQEYZ K1 is not posted because it was licensed and reissued as an unmentionable.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2018
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  7. Dobrescu George
    I have the BQEYZ KB1 Wireless IEM.

    I think it is okay... Okay-ish. Pretty sharp in the upper midrange / lower treble, after which it rolls off, I mean for the price you get a good deal, but when I say something is pretty sharp in the upper midrange / lower treble, I am quite sure it is quite.
  8. CoiL

    But I`m waiting BQEYZ to think&release more sophisticated and ergonomic design IEMs. Compared, KZ has nailed ZSN design, even though using plastic. Also ZSA is great universal-fitting design. KB100 & KB1 are similar though.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2018
  9. HungryPanda
    Thanks for creating the thread doc, My BQEYZ BQ3 really impressed me
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  10. Slater
    Do you happen to have the K2?
  11. Zerohour88
    Judging from how they've been releasing models, I don't think they even need to retune any existing model. They can just release another model with a vaguely similar shell with the tuning they want.

    Where did you hear the rumor though? I've only heard about the unmentionable V2 retune (which came direct from the guy being asked to retune them, so its kinda valid)
  12. HungryPanda
    No I only have the one BQEYZ iem..... at this moment in time
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  13. Slater
  14. Zerohour88
  15. Slater
    Well I thought that was odd as well. But in the post I linked, @exavolt was discussing the KC2 and said they were “retuning that model”.

    Perhaps I just read it wrong, and he was really talking about retuning the model in his links. But I don’t know why they would do that when it literally just came out and the impressions seem to be positive.

    I’ll just contact and clarify.
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