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    • Design: In-ear, worn up (behind ear)
    • Housing: Aluminum
    • Colors: Black, Grey
    • Nozzle size: 5.5mm
    • Drivers: 10mm single dynamic + 6mm single dynamic + 1 Balanced Armature
    • Frequency response: 7Hz–40kHz
    • Impedance: 15ohm
    • Sensitivity: 105dB
    • Cable: Bluetooth 4.2 (w/aptX and aptX-LL), with pre-formed ear guides
    • Removable cable: Yes
    • Connector Type: 2-pin, 0.78mm (compatible with 0.75mm)
    • Controls: 3-button Bluetooth controls w/microphone
    • Weight: 25g
    • Accessories: 3 pairs single-flange silicone ear tips (S/M/L), micro USB charge cable, user guide

Recent Reviews

  1. DallaPo
    BQEYZ KB1 | 1*DD & 2*BA | Rating: 8.7
    Written by DallaPo
    Published Feb 5, 2019
    Pros - cool, high-quality design
    balanced V-signature
    good bass response
    Cons - some mid-bass bleeding
    sometimes tiring highs
    BQEYZ is new on the Chi-Fi market, at least under this name. They currently have 4 models in their luggage, whereby the KB1 with its three drivers is the "smallest" model. The review is one and the same as that of the YINYOO NY-06 because they are exactly the same headphones. Both companies seem to have used an OEM version and only the outer plate is slightly different.

    Handling - 9.6
    As already mentioned, the quality, i.e. the materials, design, and workmanship is excellent.
    In the same breath the Revonext QT2/QT3, KZ ZS6/ZSA, TRN V80, YINYOO NY-06, as well as the other models of the BQEYZ series are mentioned.

    The included cable is similar to TRN's cable with preformed earhooks, but has a better positioning of the Y-Split. There's nothing negative to report here, it's simply a very good standard cable!

    The wearing comfort is comparable to the above-mentioned models, where you could notice that the in-ears are noticeable because of their metal construction, but this is not disturbing.
    The package content is limited to the most necessary, with silicone tips, cables, and the in-ears, but not everything has to be decorated with gold leaf, rhinestones or a vacuum cleaner. Better this way and good in-ears than the other way around.

    Sound - 8.3
    The sound is basically comparable to that of the Revonext QT2. That means the KB1 is very good! If you start from the same drivers, you may be able to explain the differences by the different construction methods.

    The bass is rather middle bass heavy, but can also go much deeper and with a lot of pressure. Because the bass is already preferred, we have a slightly unnatural warmth in the music. When it is demanded by individual tracks, it really rattles in a positive sense.

    The mids have great clarity, can also score with details and are simply round! Also here very close to the QT2, but I would describe them a bit cooler and more exhausting at high volume because then they already go quite a long way. Basically, we're talking about a classic V-signature. The voice reproduction is good for both sexes.

    The treble is clearly above the mid-range, especially in the lower region. This makes them stand out well on the one hand and also contributes to a wider stage, on the other hand, it is a bit tiring in the interaction with the mids at a higher volume. A little more brilliance at the top might not hurt either, but they are very well positioned for the price range. That's a really high level of complaining because the KB1s are great in-ears with bass head factor and also audiophile.

    The comparison with the REVONEXT QT2 is almost identical. I would prefer the KB1 for bass and stage, but the QT2 for treble and midrange. If you now add the TRN V80 or the KZ ED16, which are also convincing in all frequency ranges, the KB1 is at eye level. In addition to its sound, it also convinces with its quality. GOOD WORK BQEYZ!

    UPDATE: The Head-Fier Otto engine compared the frequency response of the NY-06 (KB1) and the QT2. These are almost the same if you consider the measuring tolerance. The minimal sonic differences can only be explained by the different construction and fit".


    More reviews: https://david-hahn.wixsite.com/chi-fiear
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CHIFIEAR/
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  2. Palash
    Solid Performer
    Written by Palash
    Published Jan 3, 2019
    Pros - Superb Built quality,
    Comfort for long listening,
    Price to performance ratio,
    Balanced Sound.
    Cons - Mids seems a bit recessed with stock cable*,
    No lip to hold the tips,
    No carry case.
    Technology – Hybrid IEM,
    Body - CNC Machined Aluminum,
    Colors - Black or Grey,
    Nozzle size - 5.5mm,
    Cable - Removable cable (Behind the ear) type,
    Controls -1 button control w/Mic.

    Driver unit - 10mm single dynamic + 6mm single dynamic + 1 Balanced Armature,
    Frequency response - 7-40KHZ,
    Impedance - 15Ω,
    Sensitivity - 105 dB / mW,
    Plug - 3.5mm,
    Connector - 2pin 0.78mm,
    Weight - 25±5g.

    What’s inside the Box ?
    BQEYZ KB1 earphone itself,
    3 pairs of Silicone eartips (Wide Bore) (S/M/L),
    User Manual.

    Buying Link - https://penonaudio.com/bqeyz-kb1.html

    Tracks/ Albums used to evaluate
    Daft Punk - Random Access Memories
    Ed Sheeran - ÷ (Deluxe)
    Fleetwood Mac – Rumours
    Fleetwood Mac - Tango In the Night (Deluxe)
    Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon (2011 - Remaster)
    Sia - This Is Acting (Deluxe Version)
    The Beatles - Abbey Road (Remastered)
    The Best Of Nina Simone - Nina Simone


    BQEYZ, yes you heard it right. This time BQEYZ KB1. What is the full form of BQEYZ, may be ‘Best Quality Earphones for Your ….’ Sorry I can do only that far. So its better appreciate their work not their name. I would like to thank Penon Audio for providing me this unit for review. I have tried to give my closest possible honest opinion on it, in this review. ‘Opening the box of a audio gear and giving impression’ sorry I am not that kind of person, may be people call me lazy but music and audio gears is like old wine for me and need good amount of time to evaluate . Before this review I have given KB1 approximately 50 hours of burn-in.


    It’s just a 3” X 3.5 “black box and everything packed well inside. BQEYZ branding on front of the box and specifications as well as manufacturer details clearly printed back of the box, so unboxing experience is simple. Good to see minimum paper wastage. No carry case or shirt clip included with the IEM , so I am going to use this tiny black box as a carry box while travelling .


    Build & Design
    Apple continued using their same iphone 6 design for 3 generations, why? , Because if something is good, it should be continued till better come off. Same as, few BQEYZ earphones share same kind of design but as the design and built is good, I don’t have any complaint against them. KB1 is completely made out of CNC machined Aluminum, yet very light weight. The surface is smooth and no sharp edges are there. No doubt it made to last long. BQEYZ branding and ‘L’, ‘R’ is present in the faceplates for easy identification. My KB1 unit is Black one and non shiny paint on it adding a touch of premium feeling. The half circular design is really great; they can fit in almost every ear. Very comfortable for long listening sessions too. Three air vents in each side maintaining the air pressure inside the IEM and dust grill also applied in front of the wide but short nozzles. No tip lip is there but don’t worry, tips not going to coming out accidentally because the nozzles are wide enough to hold them tight.

    Cable quality is good, 4 cores nicely woven till Y splitter. It is a detachable 2 pin 0.78 mm cable with L type 3.5 mm plug, soft and no sign of microphonics. A small chin slider, Velcro cable tie and memory foam used for ease of usage. This time my unit is equipped with a mic cable, and call quality of the mic is decent and all types of in line controls working fine with my phone and DAPs.


    Source, Comfort, Noise Isolation & Tip Selection

    BQEYZ KB1 is only 15Ω and very easy to drive , worked fine with almost all of my sources like Iphone SE, Hiby R3, Sony NW- A46, Cain N3, Fiio Q1 Mk2 & Audioquest Dragonfly .
    Comfort and noise isolation is too good once you choose perfect ear tips for you. Supplied tips are good enough. Surprisingly tip rolling also changing the sound of KB1 and most of the time I have used supplied wide bore tips for this review.


    Driver configuration of KB1 is 2 dynamic drivers and 1 balanced armature. 10 mm dynamic driver is used for low frequency, and 6 mm for mids & BA driver for highs. But whatever they are doing it’s pretty much enjoyable.


    As soon as I started listening, it was clear that Kb1 is a ‘V’ shaped sounding IEM. ‘V’ shape sound signature suggests emphasis in lower frequency and upper frequency. And yes the emphasis on lows can be noticed clearly. The bass is rather mid bass, sub - bass section is also pretty good in terms of quantity and extension. The bass is full bodied and you can feel the rumble easily in your favorite tracks. The whole lower frequency section is tight and punchy. The decay is fast and can go deep. Don’t uses narrow bore tips; it will reduce the bass section which is a sweet spot in KB1. The entire album ‘Daft Punk - Random Access Memories ‘is very much enjoyable with KB1. The song ‘Instant Crush’, with KB1 opens with a great slam and continues to deliver fast and tight bass, which is enough to satisfy any bass lover around.

    Mids have enough clarity but a bit recessed to me. Midrange is crisp but sound extremely natural without any coloration. We all know that in ‘V’ shaped sound signature vocals sits too far but KB1 is an exception here, vocals don't sound too distant like conventional v-shaped iems. For example the track ‘dive’ by Ed Sheeran sound pretty normal, no sense of holding back is there. The good thing is vocals sound extremely natural and refreshing. The song ‘I Put a Spell on You’ by Nina Simone is one of my favorite and with Kb1 I am missing the texture of her voice but still sound much more cleaner and fresh.


    The BA driver model is not mentioned in the box but for sure it is better than those used in KZ earphones. Another thing after trying few other BQEYZ Iems, I am pretty sure they using same BA drivers in all other Iems. With this BA driver BQEYZ played a safe game. Lower frequency is detailed, airy, and well balanced and sibilance nowhere near. Maybe those BA drivers have been chosen carefully to create Iems that suit most of the audience. Die heart treble lovers may miss the sparkle in tracks like ‘Special Kind of Love’ by Fleetwood Mac. Treble is much more relaxed and enough for treble sensitive listeners. This relaxed upper frequency also helps KB1 to be Ideal for hours of listening without any fatigue.


    Soundstage, Imaging & Instrument separation

    Both soundstage and Imaging is surprising for such an inexpensive IEM. Soundstage is not super wide but wide enough to entertain. Imaging is good and every instrument can be clearly identified within the tracks. The track ‘Here comes the Sun’ from the album Abbey Road, where both guitars and vocals going side by side… you can identify the vocals in your right ear and guitar on left side ear easily. So for such a low price BQEYZ KB1 performed really well without compromising the soundstage, Imaging and instrument separation.


    * Snake Oil is real
    Cables do improve sonic characters of an Iem and its quite noticeable with KB1 too, I have used an aftermarket 15$ silver cable from Penon audio and results are justifying the extra 15$. With this cables mids improved a lot. So a good after market cable is must for KB1.

    Chi-Fi Iems comes and goes but definitely BQEYZ going to hold its ground for long for its superb built quality and enjoyable sound. KB1 deserves those 40$ and in return delivers good amount of sub-bass, natural mids and relaxed trebles. Kb1 is especially ideal for long listening sessions without any fatigue, so thumbs up from me.
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  3. Slater
    Solid ChiFi Performer
    Written by Slater
    Published Nov 1, 2018
    Pros - -
    1. Quality construction
    2. Competent tuning
    3. Impressive value-to-performance ratio
    Cons - -
    1.Some mid-bass bleed is present
    2. A lack of a nozzle lip could allow tips to fall off


    • Price: $50
    • Design: In-ear, worn up (behind ear)
    • Housing: Aluminum
    • Colors: Black, Grey
    • Nozzle size: 5.5mm
    • Drivers: 10mm single dynamic + 6mm single dynamic + 1 Balanced Armature
    • Frequency response: 7Hz–40kHz
    • Impedance: 15ohm
    • Sensitivity: 105dB
    • Cable: Available with wired cable OR wireless Bluetooth cable
    • Removable cable: Yes
    • Connector Type: 2-pin, 0.78mm (compatible with 0.75mm)
    • Controls: 1 button control w/mic (wired cable) OR 3-button controls w/mic (Bluetooth cable)
    • Weight: 25g
    • Accessories: 3 pairs single-flange silicone ear tips (S/M/L), micro USB charge cable, user guide
    • Warranty: 12 months

    Where To Purchase:

    Thanks to Elle at BQEYZ, who provided the new KB1 model in exchange for an honest review. And when I say honest, I mean honest. If I don’t like something, I’m not going to candy coat it (I just won’t review it). This review is my own, and does not represent BQEYZ or any other entity.

    BQEYZ is a relatively new brand to many ChiFi enthusiasts. However, the reality is that they have been around since 2003 as an ODM for other companies. They only recently started marketing their own BQEYZ brand.

    The BQEYZ KB1 is a triple driver hybrid IEM. BQEYZ offers it in 2 different configurations - wired and wireless. I am reviewing the Bluetooth cable version.

    The box is a simple black cardboard box with BQEYZ branding on the front and product specs on the back. Inside is a foam tray, which holds the shells and the spare silicone ear tips. Under the tray is the Bluetooth cable, micro USB charging cable, and user manual. It is a compact and sparse presentation, but perfectly adequate (and typical for ChiFi offerings at this price point).

    Internal Design:


    The KB1 is a triple driver hybrid IEM, containing (2) separate single dynamic drivers, as well as (1) Balanced Armature. The 10mm dynamic driver handles the sub-bass and lower bass frequencies, the 6mm dynamic driver handles the midrange, and the BA driver handles the treble frequencies. The 2 dynamic drivers are arranged in a side-by-side configuration, with a tuned sound pipe running between them. The balanced armature is mounted in the nozzle (directly under the nozzle screen), and does not use any tubes or dampening resistors. BQEYZ uses unique balanced armatures in their IEMs, which I have not personally seen on any other ChiFi IEM. The output nozzle is copper, which helps control high frequency ringing. It is unknown what diaphragm material is used on the dynamics, nor if the IEM uses any passive crossover circuitry (although it is likely based on the coherency of the tuning).

    The KB1 shells are made from CNC machined aluminum, with a sand-blasted surface. The color is electro-anodized (black or grey), so it will not chip off like painted IEMs. Anodized finishes, while tougher than paint, can still scratch and wear off if abused. I recommend using a carry case (not provided) to store the IEM when not in use, to minimize wear to the finish and maintain their long-term appearance. Each shell has L and R engraved on the front, so it is easy to tell which side is which. The nozzles are angled, 5.5mm wide, and have no lip. I had no issues with ear tips falling off, however I always prefer lips on my IEM nozzles whenever possible. The shell halves are joined together tightly and evenly, with a clean seam and no noticeable gaps. The back is not removable (ie no screws).

    The KB1 has a kidney bean shape, with flat faces and sides. All edges have a 45 degree chamfer, eliminating any sharp edges. The fit is comfortable and sits flush with my ears. I experienced no hot spots while wearing the KB1. However, while the chamfered edges improve comfort, I prefer the totally smooth and rounded edges found on the BQEYZ K2 and KC2.

    The included Bluetooth cable is a braided cable (black color), using silver plated copper conductors. Bluetooth is version 4.2, and it also offers both aptX as well as aptX-LL (low latency). Many Bluetooth cables exclude aptX-LL, which is unfortunate because it allows an excellent low-latency experience when watching movies and videos.

    The cable is soft and resists tangles, with pre-formed ear guides at each 2-pin connector. The plastic Bluetooth control box (located on the right side), and has a microphone and 3 control buttons (power/volume/music control). The exact functionality of the buttons will depend on your source and/or apps.

    I had zero issues with disconnects or dropouts while using the KB1. The range is typical for these inline Bluetooth cable designs, which was about 10 feet of rock solid performance. This range is adequate when using a laptop/tablet, when your phone is in your pocket or by close by during a workout, sitting next to you on a bedside or kitchen counter/table, etc.

    This style of cable is not realistically designed to push the extreme boundaries of Bluetooth's range (10M=30ft). The manufacturers maximize battery life by keeping output power as low as possible. My environment is a typical residential house in a typical suburban neighborhood (w/wifi networking and numerous other wireless devices). If you live in a densely-packed urban environment with significant sources of radio interference, YMMV. As long as you understand Bluetooth's capabilities and have realistic expectations, you will be fine.

    Pairing was quick and easy, and all prompts are in English (ie "power on", "pairing", etc). There is a small LED that indicates power, charging, pairing, etc. The battery lasted between 3-4 hours between charges, but your results may vary depending on factors such as max volume and codec used.

    Additional note regarding the cable: The included cable can be swapped for any 0.75mm or 0.78mm 2-pin cable (including other BQEYZ cables, KZ/TRN cables, etc). With an impedance of 15ohm & 105dB sensitivity, the KB1 is easy to drive using a cell phone or laptop when used with a 3.5mm cable.

    Sub-Bass & Bass:
    The KB1 has a v-shape tuning, with a focus on bass but without being exaggerated. Sub-bass has deep extension, and the bass is tight and punchy. There is some mid-bass bleed, however it can be eliminated with EQ.

    Midrange is crisp and warm, and has a refreshingly natural sound with no coloration. The midrange is recessed, but this is expected for a v-shape tuning. Despite being recessed, vocals don't sound overly distant like you often get with some v-shaped gear. The mid-bass bleed is the only thing holding the KB1 back from having superb mids, and I hope BQEYZ works on eliminating that from future IEMs. This is not the only BQEYZ to suffer from mid-bass bleed.

    As with the BQEYZ K2, I really like the treble on the KB1. It is detailed, airy, and well balanced with the low end. Treble is bright without being harsh. I experienced no tiring or fatigue, even after long listening sessions. Clearly BQEYZ made an excellent choice with the unique copper nozzle Balanced Armature driver.

    Imaging & Soundstage:
    Imaging is good, allowing instruments to be clearly identified. The soundstage also surprised me - the large size makes this above average. A lot of IEMs have a compressed soundstage; not so with the KB1.

    The sound leakage and isolation is better than average. This is attributable to the aluminum shell, as well as to the vents (which are all located on the ear-facing side, vs facing outwards). Plastic IEMs and IEMs with side or rear vents usually have poorer sound leakage and isolation.

    If I could make any changes, it would be eliminating the mid-bass bleed, adding a lip to the nozzle, and rounding the shell edges (instead of chamfering). These are minor gripes though, and do not detract from enjoying the KB1.

    The BQEYZ KB1 offers an impressive value-to-performance ratio. It has a quality all-metal construction, comfortable fit, detachable cable, and solid Bluetooth performance (<10ft).

    Those that enjoy bass-intense musical genres will be rewarded. The bass hits deep and hard, with authoritative punch. The warm mids deliver natural vocals and pleasingly crisp guitars. The treble is bright, resolving, and balanced, without overpowering the signature (like the treble-forward KZ ZS6). While the isolation/leakage isn't as extreme as the KZ ZS3 or ZS4, you won't have any issues when listening around others (unless you crank the volume to ear-bleedingly high levels).

    Coming from the BQEYZ K2 (which I already owned), I was already thoroughly impressed with BQEYZ. They have (so far) consistently demonstrated a capability to make quality products with competent tuning.

    If you are looking for a solid option in the ~$40-$50 budget range, I recommend these.

    1. DocHoliday
      Great first review, Slater. I know I am not alone in suggesting that you do more if time permits. Looking forward to your next one (maybe the BQEYZ K2).
      DocHoliday, Nov 2, 2018
    2. Otto Motor
      21 likes? That must be the record.
      Otto Motor, Jan 4, 2019


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