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Bowers&Wilkins new flagship the P9!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by redogfizbal, Sep 6, 2016.
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  1. ray-dude
    We spent a LOT of time with these as part of a 12+ TOTL shootout (here is link to the full write up)
    Between the two, I would definitely lean toward the Elear.  It was just a little thin at the top end, but overall very very nice.  For commercial cans in that price range, the Elears were the winner for me (Utopias are next level, but so is the price, and not everyone is comfortable with aftermark mods like the Audio Zenith PMx2)
    I had the highest hopes and expectations for the P9's, but the P9's had a frustratingly confused tonal profile for me (I say this as someone that adores the B&W house sound).  The extra big caveat is that we found significant variability in what people were hearing, depending on the shape of their head and how they wore the headphones.  If you audition, they might be a goldilocks zone for you, but I unfortunately couldn't get them there for me.  I sincerely hope the P9 lightning adapter is able to take these to the next level.
  2. canali
    I've seldom come across a set of cans with so much division
  3. ray-dude
    Even with our small test group of 5 people (very different head sizes/shapes), we had radically different reactions to the P9.  With some physical fiddling (pressure, angle, positioning, etc), we were able to approximate the same subjective experience (at least the same zip code), but it took a lot of fiddling to get there.  Our default "put it on your head and listen" experience was radically different.
    That being said, the B&W has a world class fulfillment and satisfaction system in place.  My unit shipped within an hour or two of ordering, and returning it for full credit couldn't have been easier. Fantastic customer experience, and much appreciated (and yet another reason I'm a B&W customer for life for my speaker setup)
  4. canali

    Thanks...I don't feel weird as if I'm misreading....but why is the fit on this one so particular to the sound?...can't think of other cans and such fit to sound issues?

    Also anyone compare these to the Sennheiser hd650 or 700/800?
  5. Phoebus7
    I am looking for some comparison with Audioquest NightOwl since they are available did anyone got their hands on AQNO? and how do they compare to P9
  6. Jazz1
    Does anyone know if the future Lightening cable will be like the Audeze cable with an in-line DAC?
  7. Beagle
    Not since Yoko Ono on the cover of Two Virgins..
  8. Julien

    If Lightning then it MUST have a DAC to work. There is no analog out through Lightning.
  9. achristilaw Contributor
    Some cleavage is really cloven... like two continents with an ocean of space.
  10. nigel801
    Is there sound leakage from these , I mostly planing to use during travel in Train and office and dont want to bother my fellow passengers and colleagues, also how good is the isloation. thanks
  11. scarfacegt
    The norwegian hifi magazine "lyd og bilde" is testing these now,and are coming with an review later.But i read an comment from their journalist on their instagram account where he said: These are hard priced,but not overpriced.He also said that he wasnt used to this kind of sound at this price point.He was normally used to "neautral" sound at this price range.But he said that you should think of these as having speakers on you head.Couldnt agreed more :D Im looking forward to the review :)
  12. netdog
    I've had people complain in the car.
  13. Ringperm
    Good evening.

    Long time lurker here breaking my silence to ask a few questions, if I may.

    I am considering the P9 as a "companion" to the HD800. I would like a set of cans to use with the kind of music where the HD800 does not shine. A slightly more fun set of cans so to speak.
    For those of you that has heard both, would you consider the P9 as a candidate or are there any other alternatives you would recommend instead?

    Mobility is not an issue. I have the P5 s2 for that.
  14. DoctaCosmos
    Zmf dynamics @ringperm
  15. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Tell them to be quiet.
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