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Bluedio impressions thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Slater, Jul 18, 2018.
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  1. BadReligionPunk
    Out for delivery. Should be home when I get off work.
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  2. CardigdanWalk
    My tracking still says:

    “Information Received (This is not an acknowledgment of the physical receipt of the stated Registered Article)”

    And no movement from the 4th of August :frowning2:
  3. SuperLuigi
    I haven't really had a chance to properly test out my Bluedio TM but i've been using them sparingly over the last week. I paid $20 CAD for these and they sound amazing for $20 bluetooth headphones. They are way better than i could have expected. That being said, they are pretty blah. The sound is pretty blah. Muddy at times, bass focused. Sort of a boomy air to the bass. They are pretty great for listening to podcasts and spoken word so far. Nothing too taxing like that seems to be solid.

    Build quality is again great for $20, but overall, pretty meh. They dont look like they can take a beating or any roughness. I think you'll have to be pretty gentle with these guys and i still wouldn't be too surprised about the hinges breaking eventually.

    Overall, very impressive what $20 Canadian can get you. I mostly bought these out of curiousity, and they are pretty neat overall. I dont know that i'd use them movies, or listening to music while at home. But for when I am cleaning, or cooking and want to listen to a podcast or some music, these will be great for those moments. I was hoping I could get away with wearing them at the gym, but i'm not sure how well they would hold up. Than again, not a huge investments at $20.
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  4. Slater
    Yeah, that’s pretty much how to sum up Bluedio stuff - amazing for Bluetooth (battery life, etc), blah/average overall. When you add everything up, they provide very good value for what you get (assuming you buy when on sale).

    And again, the drivers are stupidly easy to tune with just a bit of tape over the magnet vents. It clears up the muddiness and makes them more balanced.
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2018
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  5. BadReligionPunk
    Got home opened up the bt tn earphones and we had to run out to dr office. First impressions is v shape with slightly veiled mids. Also has weird oval shaped tubes which make it fit kind of weird. Also seems tough to tip roll. Hmm...we will see.
  6. SuperLuigi
    Yeah i've probably already used them for like 10 hours and no signs of needing a recharge or anything. I think the battery life is going to be incredible on them.

    I know nothing about modding headhones and have never tried, nor own any tools. Is it pretty straight forward to "tape over the magnet vents" as you said?
  7. Slater
    Yes, it is very straightforward on every Bluedio model I have seen (R, T3, T4, Vinyl, and T5). I don’t expect the T6 to be any different either, although I will be checking it as soon as I take it out of the box (due to arrive in the next few days).

    Note I have not personally seen the TM, but I don’t expect it to be any different. All Bluedios come apart easily. The pads are almost always are held on with plastic clips, and the cups are held together with plain philips screws. Then to tune the driver, you simply follow the my instructions on the 1st page of this thread.
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  8. BadReligionPunk
    ANC on the TN's are actually decent. Was easy to eq the veil out of the mids and Im going to put them through the paces over the next 2 weeks.

    The T6's first impressions...Medium/tight clamp force, decently lightweight. Shallow earcups. Ears gonna rub. Sound sig is really really nice, but cant really give any thoughts about it as my units volume is very low. Like very very low. Need to figure that one out. Heard there is an easy fix for it. T6 ANC is completely unusable while listening to music and not really that great. When my cable comes in I will see what amping and eq will do to these things. will also see what slater does mod wise too.

    Nice that both the t6 and the TN's ANC are useable with the units powered down.
  9. Slater
    Glad to hear that your experience with the ANC on the TN is the same as mine. The big question is what voodoo magic is Bluedio doing with the TN’s ANC that wouldn’t directly transfer to their full size headphones? It should be the same identical ANC software code, same microphones, etc.

    BTW, is the T6 cable you are referring to the 3.5mm audio cable? Where did you find the cable for the T6? I’ve tried a few 3rd party cables, and none of them have worked. I’ve read the same complaints on Amazon as well as the Bluedio Tech Support forum.

    I’m waiting to see if/when Bluedio comes out with their own before I decide if I need to just build my own or not.
  10. BadReligionPunk
    Which cables have you used? Was just going to order from amazon.

    I actually have a pair of Marley ANC Legend headphones that use mini usb to 3.5mm, so I wonder if they will work with a mini to usb c adapter, which I have?

    I will try them tomorrow and see if they work.

    Nope. Tried them and don't work. Very faint crackly music comes from right side but that's it. Remote and mic work but no music. If the Marley cables don't work, I don't see how its possible for any cable to work, let alone one from bludio. My guess is that these phones can never be used wired.
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2018
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  11. Slater
    The cable from the T4 and T4s works perfectly, as reported by numerous people on the Bluedio Support Forum are using that cable (however no one is pleased with that fact though, because everyone universally agrees that Bluedio should have included the cable with the T6).

    I believe the reason why no 3rd party cables work is because they all contain a DAC chip inside of the usb-c end. A lot of the marketing photos for those cables shows the DAC chip in either an exploded diagram form or an “x-ray” looking photo (ie to show you how it has a chip inside). It is my belief that the Bluedio cable is a “dumb” cable, with absolutely no chip inside. In other words, just the R+, L+, and Gnd pins going from the USB-C end to the 3.5mm end (literally a dumb plug format conversion from USB-C to 3.5mm). Does that make sense?

    Assuming that is the case, then it should be an easy and simple affair to build a Bluedio cable. All you’d need is a USB-C male plug and a standard TRS AUX cable - just cut off (1) 3.5mm end from the AUX cable and solder the appropriate pins to the male USB-C plug and you’re done.

    That’s why I say I am waiting to see if Bluedio listens to feedback and comes out with a cable (and if so, how much $). Because the yet-to-be-developed Bluedio cable may cost less than that sum of buying the individual parts (from Aliexpress etc).
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2018
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  12. BadReligionPunk
    Ok. But what would be the reason the marley cables dont work? They are usb to 3.5 dummy cables. No dacs. Just asking because no reason these cables should not work, but they dont. Only differance is they have an inline remote/mic.
  13. Hardik
    I have been using T6 for some time and biggest complaint i have is the shallow earcups(i know i can be in the minority here). after use of half hour it gets really painful as inner surfaces pushes on earlobes. can anybody point me in the direction where I could get thicker pads that can fit T6?
  14. CardigdanWalk
    This is what I found on AliExpress, no idea if it works

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  15. Slater
    Not saying it wouldn't work. I've never personally tried a Marley cable, nor read any info from anyone who has specifically tried a Marley cable. I would be great if you could try it though, and report back.

    The facts as I know them so far:
    • (3) 3rd party cables (with DAC chip inside) that I personally tried did NOT work (all 3 from Aliexpress).
    • At least 1 Amazon review of 3rd party "USB-C to 3.5mm MALE" AUX cables mention it NOT working. I avoided trying any of those particular AUX cables myself, so as to not waste more $.
    • At least 1 Amazon review of 3rd party "USB-C to 3.5mm FEMALE" short pigtail adapters NOT working. I avoided trying any of those particular pigtail adapters myself, so as to not waste more $.
    • A few mentions on the Bluedio support forums of people trying different 3rd party AUX cables, and having them NOT work. No specific brands or links were mentioned, so I have no clue if the Marley cable was tested or not.
    • A couple mentions on the Bluedio support forums that the T4/T4S cables WORKING.
    • No one that I know of yet has tried to make their own cable (I would be the 1st). I would reverse engineer the pins on the Bluedio T4S cable to ensure the same pinouts are used.
    • It is unknown if the Bluedio T4S cable uses a DAC chip or not. I would have to do destructive disassembly of my Bluedio T4S cable to find that out, and I am not prepared to do that since I only have 1 cable to share between 2 headphones. However, if the Bluedio cable DOES use a DAC chip, building my own custom "dummy" style cable would not work.
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2018
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