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Bluedio impressions thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Slater, Jul 18, 2018.
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  1. Hardik
    I have T6(just got delivered) and iPhone and Windows PC, how can i check if it uses AAC? right now I think it is using SBC
  2. CardigdanWalk
    Thanks for volunteering and helping clarify.

    Unfortunately them only instructions I’ve found online are for Mac OS or Android :frowning2:
  3. base08
    On the iPhone itself I don't know where to see it, but connected with a cable to a macOS device, its easy to check with the console app. Anyway seeing from some feedback on the T6 ELJEFE video review, I think it's also not supporting AAC.

    As for the codec indeed its not made by Apple, but they were the ones popularizing it with their wireless stuff. As for the licensing fees I think they don't exist for an open format, but the bluetooth chips supporting it are still not so common, which makes the ones supporting it more expensive, increasing the price of bluedio gear...

    In all fairness I came to the conclusion that with a good connection, SBC codec usage is not so bad... Either from some research https://www.rtings.com/headphones/learn/sbc-aptx-which-bluetooth-codec-is-the-best or by listening to them.

    From what I can tell it does introduce some small artifacts in the higher frequencies, which is noticeable with some songs sounding a little more raspy, the rest is okay.
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  4. CardigdanWalk
    So none of my products have even shipped yet, but it looks like I’ll be opening disputes as soon as they do then!

    T6 for falsely claiming AAC support
    B6 for falsely claiming to have a USB C to 3.5mm cable.
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  5. Roderick
    Mine finally shipped today. :)
  6. Majin
    Would the Bluedio TN be one of the better budget ANC ear/headphones? or would you recommend some other pair?
  7. Slater
    It's the only ANC IEMs I own. So I can't compare them to any other ANC IEMs.
  8. Hardik
    They also told me that T6 has AAC support. I have limited experience with this but T6 with my iPhone sound significantly better than paired with my windows PC so i think this might be true. I hope you get yours soon!
  9. maxxevv
    20180806_234141~3.jpg 20180806_234048_Burst01~2.jpg

    Just got my T6 a few hours ago. But haven't had any burn in time on them yet.

    First impressions:
    They don't look as nice as the T5. But are definitely lighter and easier on the fit side due to the elongated pads.

    Sound wise, they are a lot bassier than the T5. But theres that sparkle at the top end that makes it sound fun.
    Played around with the EQ on the Hiby Player on my phone. Glad to say it responds pretty well to tweaking and sounds pretty sweet when tuned to my prefered signature.

    Bummer is the lack of a physical volume button. But its plenty loud for my purposes.
    On the Hiby Player EQ, there's a volume gain adjustment. Surprisingly it works to ramp up the volume a notch without obvious issues.

    Letting burn-in on frequency sweep and pink noise for day. See if things evolve after that.

    For what I paid, think its a pretty good deal. Afterall, it was US$28/- all in.

    Edit and Addendum:
    These cannot play and charge at the same time. I was looping the frequency sweep and then plugged in the USB power cord. It stopped playing. Its a bad implementation IMO.
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2018
  10. CardigdanWalk
    Thanks for sharing your impressions and comparison to previous Bluedio products too.

    Cheeky to ask, but do you know what codec it was streaming under?
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  11. CardigdanWalk
    Someone has posted a fix for those with low audio problems on android and old Bluetooth versions, no idea if it works but thought worth publicising

    6FFC1194-E167-4C98-B9D1-A02D11DA836A.png 906B0970-A368-4653-A85A-0C1C376CDF75.png E7A014A9-70CD-4D55-995C-64BC18CF2357.png
  12. CardigdanWalk
    Also on the topic of AAC, a bluedio after care rep said no AAC support for the T6 or TM on their forum recently. Which means:
    - Bluedio staff don’t know the specs or their own product
    - Bluedio Betty lied about AAC support to get the sale
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  13. SuperLuigi
    Ordered the bluedio TM 2018's during the pre-order for $20 CAD. Order showed up today which is impressively fast. Less than 3 weeks. Looking forward to trying these out tonight and posting some first impressions. I very much ordered on a whim so i dont really know what to expect. I'm hoping the build quality is good enough for the gym even if the sound isn't the best.
  14. Slater
    My T6 bought during the sale were released from customs at JFK airport today. That means should have them in hand early next week.

    So anyone who ordered during the sale and have been waiting and waiting, don’t fret.

    I will provide an update once I’ve received them and had a chance to evaluate.
  15. BadReligionPunk
    Same here. Bet mine are on the same truck/plane now. Your like a few hours east so i might get em day after you get yours
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