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Bluedio impressions thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Slater, Jul 18, 2018.
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  1. ftoss
    Thanks anyway. It seems that mode you’ve using as main sound a bit V-shaped. Am I right? I think it’s not the best option for me. Actually I’m looking for something similar to your description of Status audio sound (a bit bassy but detailed and not bright)…

    By the way what other two mode sound like?
  2. base08
    Yep that's the question... I had the same deal for paying an amount directly over PayPal to them, but till now I didn't take it as I still have another cable from the t4s... But I can say it's totally worth it, you really get a better experience on the TM.

    You can really hear the difference in terms of clarity and less distortion... Specially the on sub-bass over Bluetooth I get a tiny shrill noise noticeable on audiocheck tests, but over the audio cable I get a clean deep bass.

    As for the TM, already mentioned in the thread, it's a good deal, and you get something for €17 or around that price that's comparable to headphones for €150 with a slight recessed mid-range.
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  3. BadReligionPunk
    Kind of interested in the Victory 2. Anybody that gets thiers please post impressions. the 12 driver thing has always peaked my interest. Those OG Victorys were uber huge and corny looking, and these look a lot better.
  4. trellus
    I took the plunge on the Bluedio TM since they were $26.99 or thereabouts on NewEgg (might still be) and according to the listing on there will be shipped from within the US.

    I’m contemplating getting a T4 or T4S from eBay so I can get that hard-to-get magic Bluedio USB-C to 3.5mm cable that works on the TM. :)

    I’ve had one previous Bluedio, going back a couple of years, a much older model that I can’t recall the exact model name, might have been the T2 or something like that, it was loud, bassy and had some terrible EQ settings but it was cheap and a nice throw around pair that I didn’t mind using in situations I might be afraid to use more expensive pairs (questionable weather or gym for example).

    I gave it to a friend who really liked it so I don’t have that pair anymore, though.
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  5. Slater
    Yikes, I wouldn't buy the T4 just for the cable. Bluedio sells the cable for $5 shipped.
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  6. trellus
    Is that so? I read through this entire thread and read at least two people who claimed to have paid $5 to get a cable but I only read them saying they hadn’t received it yet, did I miss it?
  7. Slater
    Ah, so no one has received their cables yet? STILL??!
  8. base08
    I've got the deal but I didn't take as I have the cable from the T4S but if properly shipped I would say it's a good deal considering the refinement you get in sound quality on the TM, specially in the sub-bass region with no shrill sound to be heard (though mostly only audible when testing subbass tones separately). Also considering Bluetooth SBC codec is being used, the overall sound quality is highly dependent on the signal and interference, which means you get sometimes low quality/low bitrate sound wirelessly. With the wire all of that is solved and you get the maximum performance you can squeeze over these moderately nice 57mm drivers.

    Also I saw that the phonograph (not the most scientific perspective) did a review on the TMs praising them...

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  9. Slater
    I found this quote concerning:

    "Testing the Bluedio TM in wired mode showed no sound difference, except for a noticeable lower volume output."

    Either the wireless output is that good, or the wired output is that bad.

    I would mainly be getting this to use wired. So if there is no sound difference with wired vs wireless, I may just pass on it.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2018
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  10. base08
    I also saw that comment but I disagree... That's why I mentioned that I feel their reviews are a bit superficial and not so in depth...

    That sub-bass metallic noise over Bluetooth is very apparent, when doing analytical listening, but once connected over the cable it becomes pure clean with no overtone... It's probably some weird distortion on the included amp... I agree on them regarding the volume, as with 100% volume on my iPhone over cable I get less loud than over bluetooth.

    The biggest contribution to the higher quality of sound over cable is the fact they included probably not the best DAC/amp on their bluetooth circuitry and also the fact you rely on SBC codec with their wildly varying bitrates handshakes, lowering the sound quality.

    I did several A/B tests (over BT high bitrate settings and over cable) and though they come close it's still a bit less defined, more harsh here and there on the mids and a touch more v-shaped, plus the obvious tiny distortion, before mentioned, on the sub-bass region.

    Anyway I only recommend the TM for newcomers or someone wanting something for €20 that sounds like around €150 range.
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  11. trellus
    The "noticeable lower volume output" on "wired mode" is the giveaway that they were comparing the Bluetooth sound to wired output from a weak source -- most likely a phone and I'd bet not a LG V30 or V20, so a mobile phone level DAC and headphone amp -- so I would thus put little to no stock in their "no sound difference" because of that huge asterisk. :D
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  12. base08
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2018
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  13. trellus
    That's great news, thanks for sharing! But that link on my phone just takes me to the AliExpress app which then opens up a random page. Maybe that link is geo-sensitive and doesn't work where I live?

  14. trellus
    After poking around and viewing every product on the Bluedio official store, I found this and used this -- but I can't confirm it will work particularly since it reads "Just for postage", just an FYI -- I put a message in order to please send USB-C audio cable for TM headphones. I'll update when whatever comes comes, if anything ever arrives. :)

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  15. base08
    Ups damn should've checked the link before posting! Yes that's the correct link! Thank you!
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