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Bluedio impressions thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Slater, Jul 18, 2018.
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  1. Slater
    Got it.

    Well, I did buy some USB-C ends to make my own cable, but I have not had a chance to do anything with them yet.

    The cable project got moved to the back burner when my T6 got lost in the mail and Bluedio gave me a refund. Once that happened, I had little reason to make my own cables (other than simply for the benefit of the community). I do own the T4S, which uses the same cable, but that cable is still good (for now anyways).

    Anyways, I’m still happy to provide the pin outs for those that want to make their own USB-C audio cables though. If anyone is interested, just lemme know.

    A pack of (10) ends is only $10 on Aliexpress, so it is very economical to make your own cables assuming you have the soldering skills and other parts required. Other than a soldering iron, all someone would need is an aux cable. Even one that has a bad plug on 1 end would work, as the bad plug can be cut off and the USB-C soldered to that end. I always keep ‘bad cables’ for reasons like that; I can always find some use for the good part of a bad cable haha
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2018
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  2. base08
    Yep for the sake of the community should be helpful, I have access to one cable of the oficial cables from them but I'm not sure how to check the pin outs...

    I've already tried with a normal usb-c cable soldering some of the connections on the other normal usb end to a 3,5mm jack plug, but seems the signal doesn't go through to the drivers... I would suspect that on the usb-c there is some sort of jumper (two connectors shortening), so the bluetooth/dac/amp circuit knows it should stay off...

    I think that an hardware-detective job needs to be done in order to make it work... :p
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  3. Slater
    The problem with “normal” usb-c cables is that they contain chips, like DACs or other SMD chips.

    The ends I bought are dumb as a rock; direct paths with no components. That’s what I’m pretty sure is needed, which is why everyone who bought various 3rd party cables and adapters failed.

    I am 90% positive Bluedio is just doing a simple pinout mapping between 3 pins on the USB-C side to 3 poles of the 3.5mm TRS cable side. I think the 4th pin is absent in the audio cable, but is used for + charging voltage and is how the USB-C port can be used for both audio and charging.

    I will know for sure as soon as I do my testing.

    I’ll provide an update when I have some answers.
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2018
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  4. base08
    Yep also regarding the USB-C to audio 3,5mm, I know having the DAC's inside the USB-C end is not going to work. What we need is actually a normal analog straight-connection end to end cable 3,5mm to usb-c.

    So with this in mind I kinda tried already a bit with the method I described on my previous post, using the charging cable, where one end is a regular USB-C and the other side is a USB-A. So I connected the USB-C to the headphones and with the other USB-A end, I tried several combinations on the pins with the connections from 3,5mm audio cable connected to some music player. Never heard any faint sound or static...

    The best thing to do is check voltage (with a machine i don't have) on each pins of the USB-C end while connected to some music player, which actually pretty brave considering the number of pins that exist on the USB-C.

    The headphones can actually sound pretty good with just the audio cable, a bit less shrill with more detail. It's very stupid the company didn't include them in the package...

    Anyway I hope you succeed for the sake of science! :D
  5. Slater
    Most of those charge cables have data pins shorted or components like resistors etc. Therefore, my plan was to just reverse engineer the audio cable from the 4S.

    I prefer not to have to cut the USB-C to audio plug’s shell apart to check for electronic components or pin shorts (as it’s the only one I have, and the only way I listen to the 4S is wired), but I will cut apart the cable for you guys if I need to :)
  6. base08
    Yep you are probably right... The charging cable is probably the one with some shorted pins...

    Also regarding other mods to these Bluedio models you @Slater seem to be the pioneer, as the only mod I found around the internet, was yours with the hole covering technique!
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  7. menuki
    Temporarily disabling my post due to problems with the headphones. Update will follow.
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2018
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  8. ftoss
    Hi guys. Thanks for useful thread. 11.11 is coming so I’m thinking about a new pair of Bluedio headphones. I have T3+ and generally I’m satisfied with these headphones. Due to several “wonderful” reviews on more expensive Bluedio headphones (Victory, UFO and Vinyl series) I’ve watched/read recently I’m thinking about T3+ replacement. Is it worth doing?

    Some additional comments. I prefer rock music especially heavy metal. I own couple of Superlux and Takstar monitors so I’m a bit aware about neutral and analytical sound. My preferences are somewhere between neutral and T3 default sound. That’s why I applied EQ setting for T3. I significantly decreased bass level and a bit increased mids comparing with trebles. As a result I still have punchy bass but the rest of FR becomes quite detailed. And I like that sound signature. Would you help me with comparison?
  9. menuki
    I don't know what is real anymore. I just gave a listen to the T6 again, and out of the sudden, I really liked their sound. Previously I even thought they had a defect or something because they sounded so muffled and bassy (hence why I disabled my post above, praising them a lot), but now everything feels a lot more balanced again.

    I've also received the Bluedio TM yesterday, and while the other 2 EQ modes are useless IMO, they also sound very decent. In direct comparison yesterday, the Bluedio TM sounded great and the T6 not so - just too bassy. Now, today I listen to the same damn songs and the T6 sounds great as hell out of the sudden while the TM just sounds overly bright and piercing at times...

    What is happening?! Did this happen to anyone here before with another pair of headphones maybe? It's just really strange.

    Also, I took the earpads off of the TM and the T6, and the T6 definitely have coated drivers which is pretty cool! :) The TM just look like normal transparent drivers instead.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2018
  10. mavk
    Based on good reviews and comments of cheap bluedio TM headphones i ordered one pair and it should arrive today.

    I was planning to buy TN earphones but few days ago I saw that TN v.2 is out so can someone help to pick the right ones. Should I wait for the TN v2 reviews or TN is way to go in any way?
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  11. base08
    Maybe it's related to the Bitrate being used from time to time over Bluetooth... With the cable they are always good sounding headphones... I really recommend for everyone owning a pair of these bluedio's to use them with the cable....
  12. mavk
    But where to get the working cable?
  13. menuki
    Just contact them they will sell you one. I asked why they don't sell them, and the support more or less said "I don't know" lol.. She also said that they will become officially available soon. But I don't know how soon.
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  14. SuperLuigi
    I have the Bludio TM and wow is the low battery warning ridiculously annoying. So i turn on my headphones and it says 30% battery life. After about 10 minutes, i start getting warning for low battery. And the warning happen like every 20 seconds and just keep going. There is no way to mute them. So after about 15-20 minutes of "low battery warnings" driving me crazy, the headphones turn off. Totally dead.

    So there is no real warning for low battery. It went from low battery warning(most annoying thing i've expierened in a long time) to totally dead in about 20 minutes. I tried turning them back on once they died, and they pretty much instnatly turn back off right away.
  15. menuki
    I have listened to the TM again after a lot of switching between the T6 and Hisenior iem 12 BSs flaship.

    I am really satisfied with the sound of them. They sound extremely more balanced than the T6. The T6 feel like fun canons, but the TMs are a lot more audiophile headphones.

    the T6 are already very comfortable, but to my surprise, the TM are even more so. They are really light and the pads are thicker, so they drivers don't touch the ear like on T6. Also, they isolate very well, combareable almost to the anc of the t6.

    For the price you can get them, pure crazy town stuff. I pad 25€ which is unbelieve to me, as only 100€ would give me 4 of them more to share arround.

    Especially for the price there is no big risk involved.

    The 57 mm are to me the cherry on top because I have always been a fan of big drivers in headphones. I don't know, they just make the sound bigger, and the TM are very welled tuned so the size was no problem to them.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2018
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