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Bluedio impressions thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Slater, Jul 18, 2018.
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  1. Slater
    Good call. Better to get something now that’s proven vs waiting for something that may not be any better.

    The TN is A-OK in my book, and I’m sure you’ll be pleased as long as you don’t have unrealistic expectations (both with ANC and with the sound).

    The ANC is miles better than their full size headphone implementation, but it’s no Bose ANC. The sound is better than other Bluetooth IEMs I’ve heard, but it’s no CA Andromeda. They’ll be more than good enough for the gym IMO.
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  2. trellus
    I've never heard the CA Andromeda so I'm thankfully ignorant of how good that IEM is, although I've read about it and its astounding quality. :) Definitely not going to grade it by that standard, nor even expect it to have as good SQ as my KEF M100 -- which I do use at the gym occasionally along with the Earstudio ES100 Bluetooth receiver, just wanting a wireless IEM that can get loud enough (louder than my Sony WI-600SPN, which don't seal well enough for me) and if they have ANC that's decent enough, along with seal and volume, to drown out the gym, I'll be happy! :)

    And the price is right.
  3. Slater
    Yes, the price is right for sure. The Meizu EP52 has better sound (once you remove the foam from the nozzle), and it has better build quality. But it is 3-4xs the price (and has no ANC).

    Remember to tip roll to get a good seal on the Bluedio. They needed to make the nozzle much longer (and stay in better during exercise).

    I’m willing to bet that’s one reason why they redesigned the shell for the TN2. I can tell from the TN2 photos that the nozzle is much longer.
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2018
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  4. trellus
    I received the Bluedio TM 'phones today, a day earlier than expected... they are superb for the $26.99 I paid for them on NewEgg. They get much louder than I need, and on flat EQ they sound much better than the old T2 I had a couple of years ago, not as boomy and much clearer, but still elevated in the upper bass giving it, to my ears, a pleasant "thick", full sound. Detail monsters they are not, but pleasing with pop music.

    The acoustic guitars on Charlie Puth's acoustic version of "The Way I Am" sound fairly nature and very pleasant connected via Bluetooth to my iPhone XS. I don't have the cable yet (since it had to be ordered separately via Bluedio's official store on AliExpress) to test wired sound, but I'm happy with wireless so far.

    As for fit, they definitely have clamp, so there is some pressure on my ears as I listen right now, but I like that they feel very secure on my head. Ear pads are comfy. I suspect I would likely sweat if it was warm and I had them on for more than hour, but I've only had them on for about 20 minutes and they feel fine so far.

    I detected no perceptible audio when watching videos on iPhone XS through YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix. My brain detected no disturbing lag between audio and video -- so superb there as well.

    I couldn't figure out how to trigger the "artificial intelligence" through the Bluedio app even though I did, with the Bluedio app on the iPhone, successfully set it to Alexa since the Amazon app did ask me to grant the Bluedio app permission to connect to Alexa, and I granted it permission. That's ok, I didn't get it for that reason, anyway, but was just curious about how well it would or wouldn't work. Seems it doesn't or I don't know what I'm doing on that count.

    Overall, a big thumbs up for the Bluedio T Monitor aka Bluedio TM. :) Pics expandable in the "spoiler."

    WYk2C4BMTHmgpdAan%Pzkg.jpg das4jCRMR72OLnB+BEcVnw.jpg Zitv3XTeQK6N1q0g8D9zag.jpg Cn6DQR3GRSKpWB9SqxYEWA.jpg fuO7wpwbSAuHVXMOlke0yQ.jpg
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  5. Slater
    You should be able to adjust the clamp force by bending the headband outwards in strategic spots along the headband.

    I remember all of my Bluedios have had high clamping force, and all needed adjustment.
  6. menuki
    I just received the Audeze Mobius and I have to say, I am not that impressed by the sound quality and 3D functionally. Admittedly, my expectations were kinda high, but I prefer the output of the TM so far. The Mobius sound just a tad sibilant to me, no matter which EQ mode I am in, while the TM does not. S’es in vocals really make this sibilance audible on a few tracks. Yes, the TM have boosted Bass, but the Mobius seem to lack a bit IMO in the sub Bass area. The TM definitely does not.

    Now, the soundstage (which is impressive for a closed back) and microdetail are definitely better on the Mobius, but man, in direct comparison the TM just sound more suited to my taste. Weight is okay, but I wouldn’t ride on my bike with them or generally walk around, but, they are also not designed for that so it’s okay. Still, comfort is also better on the TM due to their lightweight nature.

    Overall, the 3D mode is cool to try, but it adds too much reverb to the Music IMO and I read quite often that it’s better suited for Games or Movies compared to music.

    Well, I have to see if I keep em. Still have to try them on my PC and mixing my Music in Ableton. But now I am even more impressed by the TMs. Maybe a direct comparison between these two is not fair, but when it comes to using them for music, I think it’s fair and for music, I’ll keep using the TMs. :) They may be THE one in a hundred when it comes to a cheap headphone sounding this good..

    Don’t let my opinion keep you from trying the Mobius if you plan to, because I may add, that I am just probably a bit too impressed by the overall package of sound quality/balance, big bold Bass, comfort, weight and price of the TMs. To me, especially the Bass is addicting so I may be biased. Also, I won’t use the Mobius for gaming or movies. If you plan to, go ahead and give em a shot, but you may want to have the ability to return them if you dont like them.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2018
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  7. trellus
    I know you wrote not to let your opinion keep others from trying the Mobius, but I'm going to let it help me delay for even longer since that's good for my wallet, thanks. :p

    Ironically, being a bit of a treble head myself, I think I would prefer the sound of the Mobius to the TM, but I'm honestly not a big fan of the look of the Mobius on top of the obviously large gulf in price between the TM and Mobius.
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  8. menuki
    Sorry @trellus , I shared more impressions in the dedicated Audeze thread. I would love to just copy it into this thread for you, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do so haha. Sorry, because my impressions are a lot more positive now and I think I judged them far too early. Now, this was mostly due to the fact that I was a bit disappointed first because the 3D Mode added some unwanted reverb, but you can turn this reverb off completely through the desktop app and now it sounds really great.. like speakers playing in front of you rather than headphones. 3D Mode also adds some Bass response which I was missing in non-3D Mode..

    BUT, I have a slight pan to the left which is not that noticeable in 3D Mode, but it is when it's deactivated I can clearly hear it, so that is still a major gripe and I'll have to replace them probably. :frowning2: IF I decide to keep them of course, but I'm currently having a lot of fun just listening to all my favorite tracks on them. Also, sorry again but, if you're Treble head you may really like the signature of them.. to be honest, the hugeness of the sound and eveness of the frequency response makes me like them more and more with each track. When I run a frequency sweep (found here) from 10hz to 10khz, they don't seem to have any major spikes or cavets, where as the TM clearly has lowered lower-Mids. So Mids sound great, Bass sounds great, Treble sounds great, although still a bit piercing if the track has boosted Treble (might not even be the fault of Mobius).

    In any case, before getting too off-topic, check out my impressions in the thread if you like to. :) The Bluedio TM is, of course, no match when it comes to comparing the 3D Mode with the normal "headphone output" they provide hehe.
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  9. Markolav
    Im getting interested about these newer Bluedios. I own original Victories and they are probably one of the worst things ive ever put on my head. Would be nice to hear first half decent sounding Bluedio.
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  10. Slater
    I usually put zero interest in YouTube reviews, but there are a couple of decent people I do pay attention to. Of those people, the UFO (and UFO2) seems to be the best sounding out of all Bluedios. And when reading through the comment section of many of their videos, a lot of people seem to agree.

    I have avoided the UFO in the past, because:
    1. They are expensive (for a Bluedio, or at least a Bluetooth headphone in general). I would never spend over $100 on a Bluedio. I primarily use and follow Bluedio for my daughter's sake, so she can have decent bluetooth headphones with robust build and non-Beats prices. I don't consider Bluedio audiophile grade, so I personally use them more as a fun toy - modding, donor shells, etc.
    2. The "many drivers" thing seem gimmicky to me. If it was the holy grail of full size headphones, you would see every big name manufacturer doing it - Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, Sony, Philips, etc. Sure, there are a FEW that had ONE headphone with a dynamic plus tweeter (original Beats Solo and 1More H1707 to name a few). But none of them were 6+ individual dynamics like Bluedio did.
    3. The #1 reason I have avoided it is reports of WORSE sound when wired. This means that the electronics portion of the UFO is doing all of the required magic on the multi-driver headphones - sound tuning, amplification, etc. Who knows if there is even a crossover inside? And when the circuit board dies (as happened with my T3+), you are screwed.
    Anyways, if I ever see a UFO or UFO2 on sale for really cheap ($50-$60 max), I might give them a try.
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  11. Markolav
    I dont understand the Victory-hype, theyre not anything special even for a bluetooth can, just very generic and cheap v-shape sound. Boomy and bloated bass, heavily recessed grainy midrange and shrill piercing treble. Victory is supposedly "improved" version of UFO Plus but if thats really the case i dont want to hear how bad they sound. :confounded:Cant believe that some people actually paid the original retail price (250$). Got mine for 75€.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2018
  12. Slater
    $250? Wow, that's nuts.

    I was also interested in the Vinyl Plus at one point, only because of it's massive 70mm driver. But it too has a price tag that is just not worth the risk IMO.

    There are a number of legit audiophile headphones you can get for $150-$250. Plug them into a bluetooth adapter, and now you have something that puts any and every Bluedio to shame.

    THAT is why I have a self-imposed price limit on what I am willing to spend on any Bluedio.
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  13. Marmite

    Yes, anything more than $30 is too much for any Bluedio product.
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  14. menuki
    Well, the TM are more less priced at 30$, but I’d be willing to spend up to 80$ for their sound quality, but the T6 don’t sound good imo and they are priced at about 40$ :D

    I am mostly confused by the profoundly good ratings on Aliexpress for the T6 - seems like almost noone really listened to audiophile quality or atleast balanced headphones before they rated them 5*.. the T6 just sound so muffled.. and that is exactly how two other friends described them when I let them try em on. BUT you can get used to this signature and with some brighter mixed tracks they can sound decent to even good, which is why I think they got these ratings.

    The TM though, well, I fancy them a lot.. and they have the same amazing ratings like the T6, even though their sound is like night and day in difference. Just strange. :xf_eek:
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2018
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  15. BadReligionPunk
    So its been 56 days since I ordered the cable from bludio. 4 days ago I msg them on AE, And while they have replied back everytime usually the next morning I am still without a cable, or an acknowledgment of me even ordering a cable. I have sent them screenshots of emails, paypal transaction number ect, and still no closer to having a cable. Anyway that joke about rich Bludio customer support employee retiring early is a distict possibility.
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