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Blon in ear monitors impressions thread

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  1. al2813
    I asked this in another post, and I know that insisting on the mic beats the purpose, but is there a cable that will give this easier fit, and has microphone and can be recommended? After a lot of experiments on the source side, I am now using my iPhone as my music player connected through a DAC/AMP. This means I need from time to time to answer calls when listening to music....
  2. TimeSnow
    Blon Makes IEMs Great Again.
  3. njam
    Can't tell you that, sorry...
    I think most here buy their cables without a mic, myself included.

    Soon to be impeached by Blon BL03 MKII if the rumors are true
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  4. FastAndClean
    the BL03 is tuned by the same person who tuned Oxygen
    the second generation will be tuned by Otto (head fi er) and Kopi (TRN tuner)
    so don't be so optimistic for the new version
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  5. mbwilson111
    I know that one difference will be the addition of longer nozzles. I do not want or need longer nozzles. The regular BL03 fits me perfectly... a nice snug fit, worn cable down (although over ear with the stock cable was good as well), Symbio Peel tips. I have no desire to "upgrade"
  6. FastAndClean
    it may not be an upgrade with new people involved with the tuning
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  7. mbwilson111
    I never automatically think of revisions as an upgrade.

    I think they are trying to please those who had certain complaints or issues with the original. It is not like the "new people" are physically building the iems. I am under the impression that they are just passing along the suggestions. Am I wrong? Anyway, I don't care... I am happy with mine.... and other iems that I have. I do not need a retuned version of this one with longer nozzles.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
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  8. baskingshark
    Yeah, seems they want to fix the short nozzle and prominent midbass, the 2 chief complaints from most users. Though for the midbass issue, this is complex. Most people are using different eartips and different sources with the BL-03 Mk 1, so I have a feeling the midbass complaint may not totally disappear even with the Mk 2.

    Hopefully they do a good job, but if they do tune it anew, there's of course a chance the Mk 2's tuning might be quite different from what we expect and love of the current BLON BL-03. Anyway, Otto has more news in his blog about the BL-03 MK 2: https://www.audioreviews.org/kbear-diamond-and-blon-bl-03-mkii/
    It will probably be out by year's end, sub $100 according to him.

    If anyone wants to preserve the BL-03 Mk 1's tuning with some slight upgrades in technicalities and soundstage/fit/isolation, then why not just go for the BL-03's current big brother, the BLON Cardinal/Bluejay? I saw it @ $65 - 69ish on AE after 11/11, if u do add some aftermarket tips/cables to the BL-03 Mk 1, it is almost thereabouts to get the Cardinal/Bluejay. The bass has some slight differences between the BL-03 Mk 1 and Cardinal/Bluejay (increased subbass and decreased midbass in the latter), but the rest of the tuning is quite similar to my ears (and @Hisma 's). It may turn out cheaper than the BL-03 Mk 2 even (since Otto is saying the Mk 2 is sub $100 for now).

    Though I personally would recommend folks who have no issues with getting a fit with the original BL-03 to just stick to the BL-03 as it is not that cost effective to jump to the Cardinal. Maybe for folks who need isolation or still cannot get a good fit despite tiprolling, or newbies who don't know how to tiproll and haven't gotten the BL-03 yet, then maybe Cardinal/Bluejay is worth a punt.

    But I do wish Otto and KopioKaya well for their Mk2, I can see they have a good heart to help the masses achieve audio nirvana at low costs, hopefully they succeed, and this might be a gamechanger in the CHIFI and audio industry if Mk 2 turns out well.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
  9. TimeSnow
    I still have the following incoming to me:

    - Blon MKI (Linsoul via Amazon via China)
    - Accidentally purchased Yinyoo upgrade cable (eBay US)
    - Deliberately purchased AZLA tips (Amazon - Japan)
    - Cardinal (Aliexpress China)

    Oh and
    - Sony Mh755s (eBay UK)

    One day something will arrive. One day.
  10. dharmasteve
    I'm not sure that if they play with graphs, that will be the way to go to upgrade the sound. The particular shell and it's acoustics may actually play a major part so maybe they shouldn't play with that. Driver material may be one way to go with the Blon 03. I would keep the same tuning and shell (except nozzle) and try different drivers. When you have gold why make silver. It would be so easy to make it worse. Go and be better but don't re-design the apple.
  11. mbwilson111
    I forgot about the obsession with graphs. I don't "hear" graphs. When I find a magical sound by using the correct tips for me and the iem, the posted graph remains the same.

    Changing the driver would change everything. What's the point then... just make a new IEM...
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  12. SilverEars
    First thing came to mind was Otto's crappy measurement rig. It's not accurate and he's been using it to analyze iems in his reviews. IEC711 coupler would be a start.

    They should get a real knowledgeable person like Yuriv to tune it. I'm sure Otto takes ideas from Yuriv, who's been posting his tuning methods for years. Same for RinChoi before him.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
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  13. FastAndClean
    why trying different drivers?
    the drivers are high quality
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  14. FastAndClean
    yes, if they are tuning the response to that rig it will be a mess
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  15. dharmasteve

    Different drivers have different rhymic, timbre and tonal qualities. There's nothing wrong with the driver. I'm a supporter of the Blon 03.
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