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Blon in ear monitors impressions thread

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  1. TimeSnow
    I've got a cream for that.
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  2. kingcro
    If I only knew what does it mean to let music burn. To push to Blons to maximum possible volume before distorting?
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
  3. njam
    I thought it was TFZ, since the packaging was almost identical (except the engrish is better on TFZ one)

    Companies in China probably have a dartboard with english words printed on it, for choosing packaging text.
    And sometime words get hit too often and become not so easily readable. That's how you end up with OPPOTY.

    And when choosing company or IEM model names they probably do a blind slam on a keyboard:
    BQEYZ, BLON, TRN & etc.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
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  4. TimeSnow
    Blon is an acronym.

    Though maybe Blon came first and what it stood for after.

    And god knows what Chinese westerners come up with... Probably at least as bad as the English the Chinese come up with. Lol.
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  5. al2813
    I got my Blons today. Was waiting for the 11/11 promos but ended up ordering with Amazon as it was 32 EUR with a coupon and getting them in a couple of days instead of 24 EUR to which I would have had to add whatever the Belgian duty would be plus receiving them in one month.

    First result is that my TIN T3s are back in the box. Cruel but the jump in quality is just phenomenal. For now I only popped in a pair of Comply T-400 I had around. The cable is still the stock one which I ordered with a mic. Fitting is not easy but once done it's pretty good. I am not sure about ordering a new cable, because I do want the mic and the replacement cables do not have one. Now I am waiting for the T4 early bird which will arrive god knows when....
  6. Monkey Puzzle
    When you first get them any oppoty you get.
  7. piji
    I'll look forward to your BL-03/T4 comparisons. Apparently T4s should have tracking numbers within 48 hours.
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  8. mbwilson111
    No... don't risk damage. Just play music at your normal listening level and let it play even when you are not listening... like overnight for several nights.

    Or just let it happen when you are listening. To me they sounded good out of the box.
  9. Slater
  10. dharmasteve
    Like you I was using the Tin T3....good IEM, nice cable, but the Blon 03s are a big jump up. Like you my second one was from Amazon Prime, paid (a little) more but got them in two days. I do use an aftermarket straight edge cable (a little more expensive but good) and use JVC Spiral Dot L Tips. Well I was a HiFi dreamer looking for the perfect sound and to me the BLONs are my holy grail of musical, perfectly timed, rhythmic, unveiled sound. Sooner or later someone had to hit the perfect tuning/driver and lady luck made it the Blon 03, a cheap set rather than some ridiculously expensive pair of IEMs. So Blon have blown the market apart in favour of us the people. The Blon 03 is a peoples IEM. THE peoples IEM.
  11. FastAndClean
    the peoples champ, well done
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  12. kingcro
    A TWS with that sound would sell like nothing.
  13. njam
    Just got the replacement cable for my Blon: Tripowin C8 0.78 3.5 from Linsoul.
    While I cant tell any difference sound-wise, Its impressive how much difference its makes on the fit and the seal. Earpieces are no longer get pulled out my ears like it the case with original cable.
  14. mroneto
    It's also probably one of the better braids I've seen from such an inexpensive cable.
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  15. logiatype
    I find that the connection isn't as tight as the original cable. It slips off after a while. I do like the cable overall as it's super comfortable.
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