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Beyerdynamic Xelento!

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  1. Victorfabius
    So, the Andromeda S was one IEM that hit the sound I wanted with a level of comfort I couldn't stand (literal tears were shed. I can admit this now.). I know the Xelento will not have that negative, based on my T8ie II experience.

    You had my interest, now you have my attention.
  2. szore
    Comfit in terms of the fit? When I first got them the screw poked into my ear, until I realized I had them turned counterclockwise too much, and I roted them back, and now it's perfectly comfortable.
  3. Victorfabius
    No, it was more that. No matter how I placed the Andromeda S in my ear, my antitragus would hurt.
  4. szore
    Ah, that's tough one...Well, the Xelentos are super comfortable, better than Shure's... (the Sure's are more snug, tho...)
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2019
  5. Victorfabius
    It's ok. No one's fault, really. Campfire did an amazing job with the tuning on the Andromeda S and it really hit my tastes better than the Zeus XRA. Xelento looks like it will hit a lot of my taste, and provide better future options than the Flares Gold, which I think had an extremely similar signature to the T8ie II.

    The question, for me at least, is would you pay US $1199 or as I saw on Amazon yesterday, US $829 for the Xelento Wireless? I'm trying to figure that out. Naturally, I expect Amazon to be out of stock on the $829 one by the time I decide (and sell enough other iems, fwiw).
  6. Chessblitzer2017
    Badguygoodaudio put a video out today saying this fearless audio s6 is > then the andro ss and thats only 400 bucks, so im curious too what he says about the s10 which he says is coming in soon so im very interested in that review.
  7. szore
    Well, wireless will never beat wired sound quality, plus im using it with 1000M, so it sounds phenomena.
  8. szore
    That's an impressive statement...
  9. szore
    What about distortion? Do cross-overs add to distortion?
  10. szore
    The EAM-t's are 4 X's the price...
  11. Snowball0906
    I’m planning to get a used xelento.. but before that, does it really have mmcx connector issue?
  12. Dobrescu George
    I haven't seen any issues with the connectors (?)
    Peter Hyatt and Snowball0906 like this.
  13. csglinux
    Any headphone that uses mmcx connectors can potentially have an mmcx connector issue :wink: mmcx just isn't as standard as some assume - there can be variations in the cable plugs. If you do have an issue, there's likely an easy fix though, by carefully taking some fine-grit sandpaper to your cable plugs (NOT to the Xelento itself). More details and a figure to explain this in my review:

    kms108, Snowball0906 and szore like this.
  14. szore
    Nope, I switch between LITZ balanced and unbalanced and never had an issue...
    Snowball0906 likes this.
  15. Snowball0906
    Thank you so much for the assurance guys. Seems like it’s a green light to go!
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