Beyerdynamic Xelento!

  1. kms108
    The ex1000 tips are identical to those of the ex600 hybrids tip and hybrids isolation tips.

    The hybrids isolation tips are very similar to those of the symbol's, but have sponge inside instead of memory foam.
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  2. Syracuse
    Yes, I've read about those. Definitely interesting to compare.
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  3. GoSUV
    Anyone have any experience with the Xelento Wireless and although this version seems to be available a while now, but I can't seem to find any reviews mentioning these, only the wired/remote version? If you have experience with the wireless version, what device do you use with them and how do they compare with the wired performance, i.e. what is the performance hit in rough percentage?
  4. scarfacegt
    Anyone used the xelentos outside in cold temperatures?
  5. Syracuse
    Yep, no issues at all with the Symbio tips.
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  6. Dobrescu George
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  7. Syracuse
    Good and detailed review George, I wholeheartedly agree. :)
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  8. Dobrescu George
    Thank you!

    I'm sure Xelento will make a few vinyl lovers fall in love with its analogue and romantic sound! :darthsmile:
  9. bifeo001
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  10. shanej66
    Although Beyerdynamic announced the Xelento Wireless in May and I ordered a pair in June they are not available. Last update I managed to get out of Beyerdynamic Germany was that they are not yet in production and there is no ETA.

    As the difference to the remote version is the cable with Bluetooth receiver I am guessing there are problems on that front
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  11. kms108
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  12. GoSUV
    Thanks. I don't doubt your experience, but yesterday I just dropped by the "usual suspects" like DMA and Kingsound in the Wan Chai computer mall and only found the remote version available. The wireless version were nowhere to be found. The salesman were all busy with other customers so I didn't ask, but all I saw in the glass displays were the wired/remote version. Which shop did you see the wireless version?
  13. shanej66

    I can only repeat what I said earlier. Beyerdynamic HQ in Germany has formally responded to my query on Xelento Wireless availability with the statement that it is not yet in production and could not provide an ETA on when it would be available.

    Agreed there is marketing collateral available, it appears in trade shows etc, but it is not publicly available for purchase.

    Extremely annoying as I need a pair of quality wireless headphones and I had my heart set on these. I would have brought the wired if I had got confirmation that the wireless cable could be purchased later, but I can't even get that.
  14. csglinux
    Then you just need to wait about 20 years :wink:

    I shouldn't even use a smiley. It's not a joke.
    IMHO, it's nuts to take an IEM as good as the Xelento and cripple it with Bluetooth. If you have to have the convenience of today's BT, then save yourself about a thousand dollars, and buy yourself a pair of BT earbuds. If you have to cripple some Xelento buds, you can always buy a BT mmcx cable (Westone make one), which will do the job. These BT units are.all using the same off-the-shelf chips. The Beyer unit isn't going to save you from the added noise floor, distortions, drop-outs, empty headset battery issues, etc., - you're going to enjoy those experiences with any BT headset.
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  15. kms108
    You have the right to doubt me, I too am looking for them, as you say DMA is probably the best place to look, digipower the sole agent for BD in HK, stated that they can only distribute flyers once the items are available on the market, thats how I got the flyer, but they never did say they have them in Hong Kong, So I asume it's available in other market.

    But BD has always had a bad track record of customer service and stock distributions, as you can see with the Xelento, the wired version was only available in China and Hong Kong, whiles the remote stated to be available in Feburary, but took april to reach the market, and Hong Kong it took after August.

    But if you are after a good quality IEM, it's a shame to have the BT downgrade the SQ, wired will always be the best.

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