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Beyerdynamic Xelento!

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  1. musicday
    Bine, mersi :)
    I would like to know about the soundstage, micro details and how they handle the bass and sub bass on music and movies.
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  2. Dobrescu George
    I have high hopes for both actually! :darthsmile:

    Xelento is an amazing IEM, truly one of the best out there for musicality and organic sounds!
  3. Scorpion667
    I keep them in big loops similar to the one in your left pic. My stock Shure SE846 cable is stick straight once I run it through my hand once (after being looped in the Shure case for a week). I can confirm being able to straighten the Xelento cable somewhat with a little heat. Counter bend the kink, put it under heat until just before it hurts your hand, remove heat source, keep the counter bend until it cools off. Here is my cable after completing the procedure below the Y split ONLY - see the comparison to above the Y split which has not been done yet:


    Heat source was a Likewise Fan Heater, nothing special. You don't really need a lot of heat, and this is not a complete fix as it's still a little wavy.

    As others noted in this thread, I too found the best seal to be with the bigger ear tips (XL) where as for other IEMs I typically use medium sized tips. Worth a shot for those that haven't found the right fit.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2017
  4. musicday
    Any more impressions on Xelento? Can they be used for watching movies, with great results?
  5. Dobrescu George
    Very good musicality and large soundstage, I'd totally use them for movies, especially with their rather large and good-impact bearing bass. You get a lot of natural tones for voices and such, so Xelento makes an excellent IEM for movies, although at their price, I'd recommend using them for music as well :darthsmile:
  6. musicday
    Thank you, much appreciated your feedback. Xelento seem to be best in ear dynamic driver for me now from what i am reading, and that includes Vega,IE800s.
    Have you heard new ATH-E70?
    They are balanced armatures but have a very attractive price.
    I am looking for discount code of best price to purchase the Xelento.
  7. Dobrescu George
    Well, they are one of the TOTL Dynamic IEMs out there!

    I cannot speak abotu Vega at all since I haven't heard it, but compared to ie800, Xelento is much more linear in its response, with less bass and treble emphasis, and a more natural tone. Xelento is like a musical and sweet brother of ie800, both being quite good in their resolution and detail retrieval abilities.

    One thing I think should be talked about more is also the technoology, Xelento relies on the Tesla tech of their bigger brothers, so it will have some signature parts similar to it.
  8. Syracuse
    On the eartip topic. I've ordered the Symbio Mandarin eartips from Csaba in Hungary and I must say that after comparing them with Spinfits and the Original Xelento tips they are superior. The best seal I've had with Xelento thus far (by a mile) and as added bonus improved sound quality especially in resolution and tightness of soundstage. Highly recommended.
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  9. phiemon
    So, others opinions about comparing the Xelento with the Andromeda or Vega? Which IEM likes you more? And why?
    This would help very much!
  10. musicday
    Also i would like to know how they compare with Tralucent 1plus2 and Ref 1 Too if possible, thank you.
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  11. csglinux
    Can you please remind me what that cable is (left and bottom) in your post? It looks really nicely made - I like the job they did with the thin mmcx connectors.
  12. kms108
    This is not a custom cable, its a replacement cable for Final Audio Lab II, the model number is C081, they have this with angled or straight MMCX or with balanced 2.5mm.

    Silver coated high purity OFC.


    Probably the best looking cable for the Xelento, easily match the design.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2017
  13. csglinux
    Thanks @kms108!
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  14. kms108
    About USD 240.
  15. scarfacegt
    Hi.Where can i buy the symbio mandarin eartips? And what size of bore? :)
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