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Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO - Beyer's open-back mastering headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Jul 19, 2016.
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  1. WildStyle-R11
    What do you guys think about the DT 1990 VS HD 660S? If anyone has had the chance?
  2. phunkfarm
    Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 8.52.31 AM.png I think I just bought a pair of new DT1990's from Walmart yesterday for $499 free shipping. I made the purchase and the transaction went through with a confirmation code issued with an estimated delivery date provided. This is $100 cheaper than any price I've seen other than Sweetwater sound that had them on sale recently for $539 for used ones. Seems to be back to $599 for new along with the other price fixers. I was trying to post the link for you guys but today it looks like the price was adjusted back to $599 on Walmarts site although the link to the site still says $499 as you can see here. Now I question as to whether this order will be fulfilled or will they just refund me back saying they are sold out. I'm going to raise holy hell if this was a loss leader scam by Walmart.

    If that happens, what's the best legit pricing you guys have procured on these phones?
    Last edited: May 14, 2018
  3. LiranV
    I really don't think that they will cancel your order. The sale was probably just for few units.
    I've order mine yesterday with a good deal also:
    DT 1990 + Fiio A5 + Extra hard case + 32GB microSD for 599$ (Amazon.com)
    I will probably keep the headphones and sell the rest of the stuff.
  4. Slim1970
    I got mine from Seeetwater at the $539 price for a demo. I read a couple of posts in this thread were some headfiers got a better deal.
  5. phunkfarm
    Yeah I saw that deal and almost jumped on it. I'm 100% sure you can easily get the $100 back selling the extras as the a5 sells for $129 alone. Amazon charges tax ($45) as well. If these come through @ $499 I'll be thrilled as you never find these used. Thats a great sign that people buy and keep.

    I sold my Audeze Sines for these and I hope I'll like the upgrade - cross grade. I decided I didn't need portability after all and for studio use, the on ear design of the Sines got irritating after an hour or so. I did like the sound sig of the Sines.
  6. LiranV
    Actually I didn't have to pay sales tax. So only 599$.

    Anyway, can't wait to get them!
  7. headphonedreams
    Just another tip, the Beyerdyanamic Amiron Home is said to be very close in audio quality and about the same price. Somewhat "easier" to listen to but still very revealing and very, very good.
  8. phunkfarm

    I would love more than anything to see a friend swap cables while you listen on video blindfolded and crisply point out which cable is currently being used at the moment. You should want to know if you can tell as well. I can't think of a scenario more prone to bias than a guy who says he felt a better sound from a previous cable he built, then proceeds to build the same cable for another set of phones. I am not saying you are trying to sell your "better" cables to us as I have no clue as to if you even make these for the public. I'm just saying you, sir, more than anyone, would want to like the new cable. More so than say if you paid $100 for the same cable and was trying to justify whether your purchase was worth what you paid, and felt a responsibility to a public forum as to an expensive cables perceived value. Lets see if you can identify the cables blindfolded. If so, that would go a long way as final proof that there is actually an appreciative difference that one can perceive without the need to sociologically justify the modification publicly. This holds true for burn-in as well. If you are looking at a brand new cable you just took the time crafting - going on your cans there is a 95% chance your mind will tell you "OK, please find a way to sound better than stock". These cables sound wider, more bass, better imaging, more soundstage, etc are definite attributes any listener such as yourself would be able to easily identify in a blind swap. I'm not going to even get into the dynamic changes that occur during a musical performance that can easily influence your choice. I would suggest a 4 bar looping sequence so you ears are hearing the exact same material at any point in time.

    Not badgering you, just hoping someone eventually has the guts to do a blind scientific audio test the leaves no room for conjecture. Please take this rebuttal in the spirit I meant it. I do realize that there are esoteric $500 cables out there that test better than oem cables on a scope, but the query remains - can a human being pick out your cable vs OEM, let alone this $500 cable vs OEM 10 out of 10 times, just the very same way a human being can certainly identify the difference between Lindt and Hershey chocolate 10 out of 10 times.

    I can't be the only one that wonders. There is another dynamic that keeps coming to mind called "The law of diminishing returns". I remember when I used to wire up stereo systems in my car whether $99 rca cables are worth it when $9 rca's are everywhere. Same holds true for speaker wire. We always ended up with a nice thick gauge wire to carry current. Say a $29 rca for instance and we were always fine. I assure you no one on planet earth would be able to differentiate between $29 and $99, where as the $9 rca would break, had cheap ends, short etc. This leaves me to ask, "Is there a big audible difference between a cheap Chinese or say Hosa cable and a $500 interconnect? Oh 100%. "Is there a audible difference between a good German OEM cable and a good custom <$100 cable that one can identify?". Thats where I start asking questions.
    Last edited: May 14, 2018
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  9. zazex

    Ah, one of the persistent debates in audio > the SQ of cables.

    Many such comparisons have been done, reported, and discussed.

    Here's one which you might find of interest:
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  10. sandy1010
    After testing both pads I prefer the analytical set, with the bass boost on my ifi black label. Nice contrast to my Audeze.

    Still a great headphone with the balanced pads, just not quite what I was looking for.

    If it was my only headphone I’d keep the balanced ones on. Just wanted something a little clearer in the mids & highs. Bass bled in a bit on balanced pads.

    Amazing the difference pads can make. It’s quite stark.
    Last edited: May 15, 2018
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  11. Mad Max
    How is the durability of those plastic headband end blocks? Better than T70 and T90?

    2534 is more popular among DIY'ers here for its size, along with the smaller 2893. I prefer 2549 as well when i want a more durable but cheap upgrade cable, but its extra thickness versus 2534 and 2893 can make it unusable or rather troublesome for some headphones and situations. Also, 2549 is slightly more work to strip of its shielding and outer jacket for building cables with versus the other two, and in some cases, you might be able to assemble a new cable rapidly by simply taking a length of 2534 or 2893 and attaching plugs, and done, new cable in 5min for us lazier folks, heh heh.
  12. dev0lver
    hi everyone
    can someone help me with some info maybe ??

    the situation is like this
    i own dt770 for quite some time now, and i started to mod them
    this is my current situation which i have briefly described in a thread - https://www.head-fi.org/threads/beyerdynamic-dt-series-comfort-strap-mod-and-dt770-sound-mod.879265/
    i am posting this here because, the parts for which i am looking info, are fitted on newer beyers, and dt1770 / dt1990 are one of them

    now, i i would be grateful if someone can help me with 2 questions:

    1. is it possible to get the this fixing ring (https://europe.beyerdynamic.com/catalog/product/view/id/3929/) fitted on the dt770 ?
    as far as i can see on the pictures from link (which don't help that much), it should be the same with the clips like the one on dt770, only to have extra lip for fixing earpads
    if someone has both headphones, can you please try to do that ??
    or at least post a picture of front and back side of the ring, so that i can at least compare from the picture with the ones that are on dt770
    i would like to try it out because my ears touch the inside foam just a tiny bit, and that extra lip which that ring provides, could be enough to push the cup away from the head and my ears, and maybe my ears would not touch the inside foam

    2. would this slider kit (https://europe.beyerdynamic.com/catalog/product/view/id/3978/) fit on the dt770 headband, or not ?
    since i added leather strap to my beyers, i would aslo like to replace stock sliders, for some nicer ones
    recently i had found the ones from the link, and i am quite interested in them, specially because they are new design with metal parts and metal ball, so it is for sure better and more durable / sturdy then the stock plastic adjuster (the part which is inside and clicks)
    originally i planned to get dt880/990 premium sliders with metal fins, but they are same as current ones, all plastic with add on metal fins, so if i will buy new sliders, i might as well buy this new version from the link
    as far as i can see, it should fit normally on the dt770 headband, unless if the newer headbands are different from the new ones
    i guess that the metal headband is the same design across the dt range (except for the clap force), and that they only refined the sliders part
    leather strap would be fitted to the new sliders of course, for me it's a must mod because the comfort is greatly improved with it

    the store where i bought my beyers, is official seller for the brand in my country, and also near me, so i can order the parts from them if they don't have them in stock
    i would just need the info for the fitment, before i order the parts
    i would like to try this fixing ring and new sliders on my dt770, but would like to know if it fits before buying, so that i don't end up buying it just to find out that it does not fit...

    that's all info i need i think
    so if someone can help me, i would be grateful
  13. dlmorgan999
    I also got in on this deal and received the headphones on 5/17. They were being sold by a third-party, and before ordering I confirmed that they were indeed an authorized dealer. The listing was tagged as being discounted (I forget the exact wording). I'm glad you got in on the deal. These headphones are quite amazing!
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  14. phunkfarm
    Over the last three months I went from the Audeze Sine, to the K701. I thought the AKG's were my endgame phones. Something told me the 1990's may be another level. After recently receiving the BD's, and listening to them side by side with the K701's, I've come to the conclusion that they both share a very similar sound sig that I love. The difference being that the 1990's are far more articulate. The detail reminds me of any $1000+ headphone on the market. @ $599, they go on any "value" list anyone can responsibly generate. @$499, they are a downright steal.

    This search has informed me that I'm not a planar guy. My ears are very sensitive to the presence of mids that planners exaggerate. I like my phones to have those whooshy mids that allow you to turn up the sound pressure without grimacing. I love these phones.
    Last edited: May 20, 2018
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  15. Nothatso
    Well I just bought my first pair of Beyers :beyersmile:. $505 USD brand new on Amazon at present (no tax via third party seller, fulfilled by Amazon). I've wanted DT1990s for a while and finally went through with it. Seems like they don't go down in price very much, or very often? Or at least that's how I'm going to rationalize it for myself.
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