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Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO - Beyer's open-back mastering headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Jul 19, 2016.
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  1. Armando Cruz
    I'm looking for an upgrade cable , has anyone tried Moon audio cables with the 1990 ? ( Blue , Black or Silver). I'm tempted to try the blue dragon, the website describe the cable as neutral( I like the idea of not having any coloration on it ). Much appreciated for any suggestions .
  2. Scutey
    Nice pic!.
  3. LiranV
    Any active deals for these? I want them!
  4. Slim1970
    I have yet to see any deals or discounts on these headphones. I bought mine as a dealer demo and it was still a little over $500 dollars.
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  5. kman1211
    I haven't seen any real deals on them for like a year, I did get my DT 1990 as well as my Amiron Home each for $400 new with warranty but that close to the time the Amiron Home was released.
  6. cardeli22
    Last September Amazon.it (Italy's Amazon webpage) had them at 436 Euros vs 599 Euros. When I linked the deal here some people from Canada were even able to get that deal. For Europeans I recommend the price comparing site, Idealo (the domain can be co.uk, fr, es, it, etc..). That was how I found the deal. If you are okay with used, Amazon warhouse has them for 454$ as used-good condition. Adorama and Buydig tend to have sales on audio products from time to time as well.
  7. LiranV
    Where did you find them for 400$ (back then)?!
  8. kman1211
  9. Armando Cruz
    I have the impression , that upgrade cable hasn't been the route for most of the people in here. I mean the 1990 sound gorgeous, with the regular cable already, perfectly understandable! I myself do not know if I am going to have any benefits from it . I have risked with an audioquest usb cable( even with all the talk about 010101, with people swearing that it's impossible to have any benefit from it), and I don't regret not even a little bit... Stunning improvement with chord mojo! From now on I am cable believer:). Will see if I have the same lucky with the moon audio cable on the headphones. I will leave my impressions after if anyone will be interested.

    ps: sorry for any incomprehensive English, it's not my native language
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  10. Arniesb
    I dont understand why Beyerdynamic cant make 1990 with double sided cables? Lot of people have balanced amps that sounds best on balanced output. Is it hard to make 1990 special edition with double sided detachable cables? I miss some of Dt990 magic whitout highs peak and this seems good upgrade, but...
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  11. headphonedreams
    You can also get new headphones. The Amiron Home is said to be very similar to the dt1990 but more relaxed, softer.
  12. DW75
  13. DW75
    I don't mean to go off topic either, but for anyone in Canada, the seller called "Deals In A Snap", which has all orders fulfilled by Amazon, has the Final Audio Design Sonorous IV for a shocking 300 Canadian plus tax. This headphone cost 500 US, which is over 600 Canadian !!!! They had two in stock for that price. I bought one, and it showed up today. I am upgrading from a Focal Listen. I sent them a message asking if it was a pricing error, but received no response. They only have one left !!! Someone else in Canada should jump in and buy the other one. This price has never been seen on this headphone. I will put up my impressions later. I just took mine out of the box. This puppy is built like a tank.

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  14. klepto
    I bought these as an upgrade to my old 880 Premiums. There is a big difference between the two, though I didn't think it would be. I love my 880's but the sound is airy and flat. With the 1990's and the balanced pads I get the crispy highs with a richer bass. I haven't listened to much to bring out the mids yet but I'll get there. I use the oldschool telephone cord cable with my Pioneer XDP-300R. I heard reviewers saying that it wasn't comfortable, and it is slightly less comfortable than the 880's. The detail in the music that I'm hearing is really great, I don't know anything about soundstage or imaging to speak on it. I've been listening to Thundercat, dvsn, and Sabrina Claudio at the moment. Those crispy highs can be a bit fatiguing but it brings out the clearest details in the music. I danced between buying these or the MrSpeaker's Aeon Flow Open. I may buy those anyway down the line. These cans were well worth the investment.
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  15. ndleyton
    I'd recommend the iSine 10 instead of the Aeon Flow Open, I found them to separate quite badly, but it may have been the enviroment
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