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Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO - Beyer's open-back mastering headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Jul 19, 2016.
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  1. tracyca
    The DT1990 pro sound glorious out of the feliks Audio esprissivo mk2 tube amp, just wonderful pairing!
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  2. imran27
    Good going @L0rdGwyn

    Now I too am tempted to make one my own.

    I am thinking of DIY, getting some Sulver plated OCC Cu cables. DO you recommend 4-core or 8-core?
    I will source connectors, already have a decent quality solder to use for this purpose.

    I'm thinking something like this: https://www.lazada.com.my/-i317857690-s435768974.html
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2018
  3. Cobold
    My experience is.
    Poor heights many times have the cause on the digital side. Please consider that as well.
    A great amp would be a used V200 Violectric.

    A really wonderful all in one is the RME ADI2-DAC. But this is very new and far out of your budget.
    I could listen to the DT1990 on this DAC-AMP on CanJam.

    DT1990 is very resolving and can show the quality of the source.
  4. Schlurm
    I can believe this. Crappy Youtube videos are REALLY sibilant (can't even bear listening to YouTube videos with these headphoens) yet well-mastered, FLAC, classical recordings from any year above the 1940s are luscious.
    Those amps + dacs are a bit out of my league right now. Maybe someday. Thanks for the suggestions.
    But can amps really make that much of a difference in controlling the treble peak in the 1990s? Is my receiver that inadequate for driving these headphones? I read that the headphone output impedance in my Yamaha receiver has a rated output of 470 ohms (0.4V/470 ohms)
  5. DavidA
    If you can DIY then a BH Crack is within your budget to start but with the expense of tubes it will probably go a bit higher over time but I've found that its a great amp for my T1gen1, HD800, HD700, HD650 and DT-990 premium. Another suggestion would be a Garage 1217 Ember since you can adjust the output impedance to match the headphone which gives you a simple way of tuning the sound to your liking and since it only has one tube its a cheaper way to start. If you don't want to deal with tubes then Project Polaris, Magni3, or headphone output of Teac UD-301 might work out for you.
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  6. MelonHead
    I am on the fence to acquire the Beyerdynamic DT-1990 Pro or the Amiron Home in the near future and own the DT-990 Pro right now, so my answers should be taken with a grain of salt, but I have some ideas.
    How long have you been using the DT-1990 Pro? I don't know whether my ears got accustomed to my DT-990 Pro or the headphones broke-in but after a few hundred hours the piercing highs went away almost completely.
    As I listen to many classical music as well, and my budget was the same, after a few months of evaluating the possibilities I decided to get the Audio GD R2R-11 dac/amp and I'm completely satisfied with my decision. Check the dedicated thread if you are interested.
    From this April the new version of R2R-11 is free of the (not so) annoying popping sound, when the bitrate is changed as a new firmware has arrived.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2018
  7. Rinsushi
    How’s the soundstage compared to the 990 and lcd2c? I’m thinking about getting these to compliment the classics. I’m a bit of a soundstage nut
  8. Schlurm
    Admittedly I've only had the 1990 for a few days. Maybe my head/ears just need to get used to the incredibly revealing signature of the 1990s. I can afford the R2R-11. Thanks for the suggestion.
    Part of me can't help but think that the dt 1990 were supposed to be a direct upgrade from the DT 990s which naturally had a V-shaped signature, making me skeptical about my purchase from my 880s. But whenever I put on my 880s again, the clarity just isn't there compared to the 1990s.
  9. Genoa1893
    Here is another classical fan, with 1990s you can easily discern between a good recording and a poor one. The same on pop, yesterday evening I took an old "the very best of..." and the difference in quality of different recordings was really straightforward. I can't completely understand who wishes to tame the harsh sounds of poor recordings, by masking them and then get duller sounds on good recordings.

    I feel that the weakest part of my system is now somewhere else, and not in the headphones.
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  10. Chris1975
    I'm sure somebody has already said this, but I found that the DAC was crucial. Via my PC, the headphones could sound harsh, but that was because of the way my crappy PC DAC managed the digital data. Through my Chord Mojo there is no harshness whatsoever. So I would suggest your issues has to do with the DAC rather than the headphones.
  11. imran27
    Mojo doesn't really sound harsh even when it should. It is very smooth and sweet sounding device. Pairs well with DT 1990.

    DACs that are more focused on transparency and resolution like say Burson Play or XD-05 or even X7ii (it's a DAP technically), they will sound harsh sometimes based on recordings.
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  12. Mal Waldron
    I'm using now the XD-05 with opa2209 and the result is amazing. I was using Cayin C5 amp and even though it offered surplus volume, even on low gain, I wasn't very happy with overall SQ. Now the sibilance on voices and harsh highs have been tamed, making them shine in all their heyday. Today I've recieved the amp/dac Aune t1 SE Mk3 but until sunday afternoon I won't be able to prove it. Have a good day, friends!
  13. LiranV
    I'm currently rocking the DT880 600ohm and really love them, I'm considering an upgrade lately.
    For the price range of the DT1990 should I consider something else or just go for them?
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  14. MelonHead
    Take a test with the Amiron Home if possible, and decide by yourself which one fits the bill for you. :)
  15. Schlurm
    I was in the same position as you. I bit the bullet and got the DT 1990s and it is a clear upgrade. I thought the DT 880s were clear, but hearing the DT 1990s blew me away. Soundstage is wider, bass is smoother and clearer, mids are more detailed and the highs are crispier. DT 880s sounded muddy to me compared to the DT 1990. But the treble with bad recordings can get fatiguing I found. I would say the DT 880s are warmer than the DT 1990. The DT 1990s are brighter but not metallic sounding.

    EDIT: I advise you to try them out first though to see if you prefer the treble signature of these cans though. I think the highs on the DT 1990s are more forward which can be interpreted as sibilant and harsh depending on the music and person.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018
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