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Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO - Beyer's open-back mastering headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Jul 19, 2016.
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  1. FND_UA
  2. Scutey
    Thanks for the info @L0rdGwyn, I did get a cable from ebay a few weeks ago but wasn't overly impressed, it did affect the sound but not in a good way, as is usually the way, you get what you pay for!, think I'll have to do some more research, once again thanks for your input!.
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  3. Mal Waldron
    Hi guys! I wanna ask you if someone has experienced sibilance on vocals and some distortion on intense highs. I'm using the Dt 1990 with a Shanling M2s or a iBasso Dx50 and a Cayin C5 amp. I'm an absolute noob and I'm trying to find out why it happens. Maybe I need dedicated dac & amp?

    Thank you in advance. Have a great day!
  4. Ian88
    Hey anyone here have any experience with the hifiman edition x v2? I have a chance to get either at a decent price from their rrp and im lost as to which one to choose :frowning2: i own the dt990 250ohm and use them with a centrance hifim8. I eq down the treble and turn up the bass. I find the dt990 mids a tad far away but for electronic music like vaporwave and stuff they sound amazing!! Hope yoy guys can help :)
  5. natto lover
    They're pretty dissimilar. HexV2 is fairly laid back, really easy going. DT1990 is an all-rounder with a slight sparkle at the top. I personally didn't like it as much as it sounded a bit unnatural, thought most of what I listen to (classical, jazz) isn't really its strong suit. Also take into consideration that a planar will sound inherently different to a dynamic
  6. Mal Waldron
  7. Darksoul
    Lately I got the Topping A30 amp to use with the DT-1990. Man, do these cans benefit from more juice. Everything improved, more details, better high end, better low end, perfect mids to my taste. I don't know if it's the Topping A30 amp or these cans are so great but I'm loving so much this combination. I'm waiting for my finances to recover a bit and I'll get the Topping D30 to complete the stack.
  8. blastomorpha
    This weekend I tried the 1990s with a first generation Fiio E17 Alpen.
    I didn't know if it was powerful enough to drive these cans but it worked perfectly, I just had to raise the volume a bit from what I use with my AKGs.
    They sounded a bit different in comparison with the Xonar E1, the high were more rounded too, but still very good.
  9. cirodts
    Someone has compared the sound of the 1990 dt with the sundara?
  10. carlosgab
    Ahmm I tried both in Canjam SG with both same tracks and what is noticeable is the lively treble of the 1990s. Sundara for their price is good. Not bassy but just decent amount, proper mids that is not shouty nor too forward and treble that isnt piercing. Makes me wonder how other Hifiman models can be too much more expensive eventhough this sounds quite as good as those albeit the design which Im not really a fan of (esp that black chicken mesh/wire). There was even a guy who told me that Sundaras sound better than what I was auditioning - the LCD2Cs which was a spoiler haha. Meanwhile the built on the dt1990s looks quite good. Its just that when I listened, with pads Im not sure which (analytical or balanced), the sounstage was small, everything was quite on your ear with the treble being very noticeable. Nevertheless, they sound good but they seem to be really for monitoring, so if you want a bit more relaxed just for enjoying music, and have the option to go balanced, then Sundara it is! Try both if you have the chance. Cheers!
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  11. FND_UA
    Many, many things affect the sound. Soundstage can be improved with good IC cables plus different DACs, AMPs, tubes, headphone cables, power distributors etc give different sound. It's always that complicated. Sometimes it's heaven and hell to pick up the right parts.
  12. cirodts
    thanks carlos
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  13. Schlurm
    I bought the dt 1990s as an upgrade from my dt 880 pros. The sound stage and detail is a huge leap compared to the 880s. But the treble can get really harsh at times, much harsher than my dt 880s. My dt 880s were driven by a home theater receiver (Yamaha HTR 6230. I know I know, it's pretty amateur but I'm currently in the process of building up my gear) powering the headphones and am wondering if the treble can be a bit more controlled with a proper dedicated amp? Any suggestions on a warm amp that's under $400? I mainly listen to classical music.
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  14. Darksoul
    I noticed the same thing. Before getting a new amp, I tried several things. First, I tried new earpads, what ended up working for me were the Brainwavz round velour earpads after I cut out the mesh inside. Then I used Electri-Q, to dial down the frequency peaks according to the frequency response graph I found at DIY-Audio-Heaven. I also bumped up the low end a tad and then used a fixed gain setting to bring everything down a bit. What I ended up with was this:


    Tamed the highs, without losing clarity. After this I noticed that my headphones were sounding somewhat...asthmatic. The Fiio K5 just wasn't giving them enough power. I pored over several amps and narrowed my decision down to the Aune X1S and the A30-D30 topping stack. I only managed to audition the Topping stack and I got the A30 right away, I left the D30 for later. The A30 gives all that extra mph the DT-1990 were calling for, the D30 brought back the harsh treble, but amazing deep rich low end, since I was feeding the audio from the coax out of my Fiio X3-II and the time I had with the thing was short, I didn't play with the EQ settings so I didn't bring the D30 home.

    TL:DR, try the topping A30, wonderful little thing.
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  15. Schlurm
    Asthmatic is the perfect word to describe the 1990s when I lowered the 8 khz frequencies -3db or so using the built in receiver EQ. The 1990 lost its sound stage (also if anyone is wondering about how the DT 880's sound stage compares to the DT 1990, the perfect word is, you guessed it, asthmatic.The DT 1990's presentation is THAT good). So the Topping A30 eh? I'll take a look. Where did you buy those?
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