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Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO - Beyer's open-back mastering headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Jul 19, 2016.
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  1. nicknack40
    Thank you that be very much appreciated
  2. nicknack40
    Trying to find my perfect late night headphone and i can only go by reviews only. There is only 2 Hi Fi stores where i live and 1 of them does not sell many cans and the other only really deals in
    Sennheiser and Audeze. I don't really want Senn's not my type of sound and i tried the Audeze closed EL8's today and wasn't that impressed with them for there price
  3. nicknack40
    Anybody in the uk who has a tube amp recommend a tube amp with tubes for around the £320. That sound great with the 1990 pro's love oldskool house music from the 90's and Disco and Funk with a bit of Soul thrown in so vocals and bass is a must, i have a DAC so its an amp that is needed any uk links would be appreciated thanks
  4. L0rdGwyn
    Just had a quick listen to the 1990's with the rHead. The rHead is a nice amp, detailed, great clarity, slightly relaxed sound. Sound stage is moderate, isn't as large as my Bottlehead Crack, but it's a bit unfair, I'm using a Western Electric 421A which improves the sound stage of the Crack significantly, but is a $200+ USD tube.

    The rHead, IMO, is a bargain. Has great, solid build quality, even channel matching at low volumes. Listening volume for me with the 1990's was a 1-2 o'clock. Here is the cheapest place to buy it, from what I've seen:


    Hope that helps!
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  5. ninetylol
    The arcam rhead is the bargain of the century imo, really a steal for that price! I really would like to listen to the 1990 again but i sold them months ago sadly.
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  6. nicknack40
    From what ive seen on this thread that the 1990's sound better with a tube Amp, Relaxed sound may not be good for my genre of music, I can get the Arcam for £199 uk pounds
  7. nicknack40
    Where i am in the uk there is only 2 Hi Fi stores and both don't stock many headphones one of the shops sells the oppo PM3 and Shure1540 and going by reviews there not very good for House music. So im very very temped to pull the trigger on the 1990's without Audition but £460 is a price to pay if not happy. So im going by peoples reviews via this forum and youtube. Thanks for reviews by the way L0rd much appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to giving an Audition
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2018
  8. Scutey
    I have/had the same problem as you, of course if buy from somewhere like Amazon, you can always send them back if you don't like them, I bought my first pair from them but they were dead on arrival, but had no problem getting my money back, and ended up finding them a bit cheaper on another site.
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  9. nicknack40
  10. DavidA
    Nice display stand but I don't care for stands that keep a constant pressure on the ear pads since I feel that even memory foam will compress over time and the side of your head is not flat so after awhile the seal might not be as good, just my opinion. I think this is why the ear pads of my HD700 only lasted 2 years while most of the other ear pads have lasted 4 years plus and still look new for some.
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  11. Scutey
    Congratulations on your acquisitions nicknack!, you should get a cracking sound from that combo!.

    That's a nice looking headstand, like everything this subjective, and also depends on the design, that looks like it has a nice shape but personally i've stopped using them as I feel it mimics the wear a tear you would get from actual use, now I just leave mine resting on my desk, or put them back in their case.
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  12. nicknack40
    Thanks for the Advice Chaps and thank you Scutey. Im looking forward to getting them i think ill do the Same and put them back in the case. At least now i won't be bothering the Neighbours now on a night. Cant be having me Dali kubic one on full blast at a weekend lol
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  13. Scutey
    Too right @nicknack40 , nothing should get in the way of bangin' tunes! :L3000:.

    Hope you enjoy you're new combo!.
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  14. nicknack40
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  15. oldmate
    318.33 if you order from OS - great price indeed. That's 620.00 AUD Delivered - 180.00 less that what I paid here in AU.:sob:
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