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Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO - Beyer's open-back mastering headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Jul 19, 2016.
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  1. EDMlord
    Edm is also my favorite genere (obviously..), and to my ears there is much better options for cheaper than amiron and dt 1990 pro. I own both, and a fidelio x2. X2 are undoubtably the better option for edm, especally when using a impactful solid state amp. The thing I feel many doesn’t care about when it comes to edm, is how forgiving the headphone are in terms of recording quality. I have alot, ALOT of edm tracks i enjoy. 10% of them sounds insanley amazing on my dt 1990 pro, and maybe 10 other % with softer edm, sounds fantastic on amiron. Because of this, people keep praising them to be good choices for edm. For the rest of my edm library, x2 eats them alive. Because there is alot of good edm tracks that isn’t too good recording quality, they sound too sharp, lacking impact and soul to the music on the beyers. A proper edm can needs the right coloration, not neutrality. My sony z7 also does a much better job than the beyers for edm, but that one sucks for everything else. The best I have heard for edm in your price range is the overlooked denon ad7200, witch made every song i threw at it sound just right. This is all based on my opinion, take it with a grain of salt. Cheers :)
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  2. Mal Waldron
    I listen a lot of IDM and X2 are toy headphones compared to 1990. Yes, I was another victim of that over hyped hp...
  3. FND_UA
    Name these tracks, please. I'll gladly check them out. I'm yet to hear something from EDM that 1990 cannot play properly.
    I've listened to a ton of dub techno and tech house recently and it was simply perfect. To name a couple: Fabric 97, Balance 029, Slapback 01, Telrae vol. 2 and 5, Renaissance The Mix Collection - Tale Of Us, Global Underground. Select 2 etc, etc.
    Never heard x2, dunno what they are capable of. But I can guarantee that 1990 are amazing if amped properly, especially for EDM.
    I can agree, tho, that the tracks that are of bad quality, like crappy made D'n'b or something crazy sibilant, may sound harsh. Have not encountered many of these thankfully.

    Something not very cheap, or something that's DIY stuff made with deep knowledge, because the headphones shine with better equipment. I can tell you from my experience. At first I used Daart Canary's amp. I liked it at first, then I switched to tube amp (DIY), and it changed everything. Canary's amp felt lifeless, flat and boring after that. I added better tubes - it became even better sounding pair of headphones. I added DIY IC cables - guess what? It became even better, with much more detail, and with different bass delivery, even the sound stage widened a bit (not vertically, tho, shame). I don't have much time, sorry, just wanted to tell you that 1990 react very well to upgrades. They have much hidden potential in them.
  4. EDMlord
    Different headphones for different tastes m8, x2 have a very special ability. They have super expansive, impactful low end, combined with a very wide soundstage. This makes for an incredibly fun, satisfying listening experience. Dt 1990 pro has some insanely good technicalities in compairson yes, but it doesn’t do what the x2 does. In fact, I have yet to find a direct superior upgrade from x2, that does everything the x2 does but better.

    @FND_UA Anything trance (Genix - run, for example). It lacks inner bass body (in lack of a better description), especally compared to x2. The same goes for tracks like «Husman - E.D.M». So many of my favorite edm tracks share this problem on dt 1990.
    Other tracks like «auvic - future mornings», just sound way to sharp, and need a darker coloration to shine.
  5. Scutey
    Having owned the X2 and still own and love the 1990, the X2 is a very decent hp, however imo, the 1990 is the superior hp, and a brilliant all rounder.
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  6. EDMlord
    I own both, they are very different headphones for different purposes. 1990 is a much better all arounder, with many technicalities the x2 doesnt have, but spesific generes like movie soundtracks, trance etc. undoubtably sound better on x2. Different is the right word imo, not superior.
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  7. Slim1970
    I just sold my X2HR's in favor of DT1990's. I have the B pads on my DT1990's at the moment. When comparing the two the DT1990's has much tighter and punchier bass. The bass on the X2HR's seems boomy by comparison. They both have good bass extension but the bass on the DT1990's is more linear and defined. The DT1990's is the more detailed headphone with excellent mids and treble clarity. It seems edgy compared to the smoother X2HR's. The X2HR's is a great entry level headphones to me. The DT1990's is more mid-fi but competes very well with headphones in the up to the $1000 range. I think the sound signatures are different enough to have both but if I had to pick one, as I did, it's the DT1990's. It's a great all arounder!
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  8. blastomorpha
    I'm sure it's been asked or discussed already but did anyone try different pads than those that come with the headphones?
    As now I'm happy with the A pads (yesterday I listened to some Autechre... oh man, I'm more and more convinced that the 1990s give the best with electronic stuff... damn that bass!), but I'd curious after watching a couple of videos on YouTube.
  9. cardeli22
    I know Dekoni audio does pads for all Beyerdynamic DT headphones. Don't remember if I have seen anyone give their impressions of the Denon pads and the 1990s.
  10. FND_UA
    Mr. EDMlord, with all due respect, but these tracks sound absolutely fine on my setup. It's either your setup is a little bit on a bright side or your 1990 need to warm up a little more. I don't want to argue about this, just my honest opinion. Once again I use a lot of DIY stuff, even the 1990's cable is custom made, which improved bass, and reduced sibilance, btw.

  11. Mal Waldron
  12. imran27
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  13. Mal Waldron
    After two intense days of listening with balance pads, I'm trying the analytical pair. It provides enough amount of bass for me and overall clarity and detail has increased. I'm now with some records from Thelonious Monk on Columbia, greatly produced, and they sound awesome.
  14. nicknack40
    Anybody tried the the 1990 pros with the Arcam r Head
  15. L0rdGwyn
    I own both, rHead is in my gf's office, I use the 1990's with muh tubez, I'll try it out and let you know.
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